Fog Over Blackpool - A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

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I'm really excited to share this here. I don't know how many of my followers are interested in Dungeons & Dragons, or any tabletop RPGs, but given the success of my recent post about fantasy map making, I bet there are at least a few of you here that will appreciate my work.

If you don't want to read my post, jump down to the bottom where you'll find a download link for the adventure.


This is the first adventure I ever wrote. I used this awesome homebrewery tool which helps Dungeon Masters create amazing looking adventure documents. 

I designed the game for first-time players. I really wanted to create a game that captured everything that's great about D&D. I've tried to fill this story with many different elements to please all manner of adventurers. There is plenty of action, for those who like a good hack-and-slash, and a rich variety of developed NPCs who are crucial to the plot for those who enjoy roleplaying. 

It is my hope that Blackpool can serve a purpose beyond this first adventure. One might say that I've "overdeveloped" the village, but this was done intentionally. I think Blackpool could very well become a home base for these new PCs to venture out into new quests and then return to a familiar place that they've invested in.

I've tried to give as many characters and locations in Blackpool enough detail for a DM to make use of each one and tie them into stories beyond Fog Over Blackpool. 

Fog Over Blackpool

The adventure takes place in the village of Blackpool and its surrounding area. Though a small village, Blackpool was able to establish itself as an important producer of natural resources that it exported all over the kingdom. The village's prosperity lay in its rich farmland and mines. 

Blackpool is a small village with a population of little more than one hundred citizens in the town proper. Less than a decade ago, its population was closer to one hundred fifty. Blackpool of the past was a very different place. Because of its valuable exports, Blackpool became quite rich for such a small laborers' village. But all that changed seven years ago.

A fog descended from the mountains and covered Blackpool. Unknown to the villagers, an ancient and powerful vampire named Martumal had taken a new lair. He had moved into the abandoned military outpost, Fowlsfield Keep, which sits on the edge of the mountains about ten miles to the east of Blackpool.

This is just a tease. For more details, you can read the adventure!

Thoughts After My First Playthrough

Having played this adventure with my party, I found a few changes that I wanted to make. Some were simple, like altering the stats on some of the NPCs, particularily the vampire and vampire spawn. I made those adjustments. Other changes were more difficult...

The main dungeon of this adventure is Fowslfield Keep. Unfortunately, I don't think I designed a very fun dungeon. It was a generic crawl. Players would clear one room and move on to the next. There are no interesting twists or turns through the dungeon. I didn't change this, but I would invite any DM using this adventure to make whatever changes they see fit.

I also realized that it was totally unnecessary for me to list the inventory and prices for every shop in Blackpool...

And now, just to toot my own horn, check out these awesome props I made!

Download Links

Fog Over Blackpool
Fog Over Blackpool (printer friendly)


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Again, your drawing skills are really good. Yes, overdoing it is helpful getting started as a module creator. Even better knowing it could stand as a home base.

Adding traps or other challenges based on the original owner or a mysterious intermediate might be as surprising as "improvements" made by the current owner.


I think overpreparing is a classic beginners mistake. But now that I've run a few adventures, I'm much more confident in my abilities as a DM. Now I just prepare the broad strokes of an adventure and plan out a few encounters. If there's a dungeon or important location I'll still map it out (but maybe not as nicely as these maps!)

Fowslfield Keep great adventure :) cool post :D


dont you think its too low upvote :P :P afterall its first comment ? :D

Fantastic stuff - Love to see a DM creatively committed to his or her game. Cheers!

Cool. I played a lot of AD&D in my teens. Have some great memories of that time. The "dungeon" - my friends basement, candles, weird music, and just hanging out with good friends going on fun adventures. I wasn't the typical nerd, but my nerdy friends got me into it.

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