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I've read many posts on why people are here on Steemit, and what some have used the earnings for...so thought I'd share my own thoughts and plans.


is meeting real people on a platform that is more positive and far less superficial than other social media, where we own and control our own content. There's a lot to digest in that, no?


is the ability, by owning that content, to generate revenue. For me, this isn't a small thing.

Here's why: I've been sharing, and will continue to share, my youngest's journey. She was born with spina bifida and several related diagnoses. Despite all she's been through, she's an absolute joy. But...in the aftermath of her birth, and with the 5.5 weeks in NICU, then 7 weeks of treatment in Iowa, and then another 2 weeks in PICU...it's disrupted our lives a bit. I'm self-employed. I've got fantastic clients, and they've almost completely stuck with me, several even making major donations during our NICU stay...but even with all that, money is tight. Additional revenue like what Steemit can bring is a substantial help, and I plan on using to fill the gaps and to pay off debts incurred.

At the end of this posts are other places we're sharing her journey, but Steemit will be a primary source now. Whether here or any of the others, we'd love to have you on the journey with us!

The future...

aside from telling more of Evanna's story, there will be other posts regarding family, faith, and technology. And in the near future, something I've thought about in the past, but thanks to some inspiration from @jaynie (go listen to her podcasts!), I'm going to be launching a podcast called Go Rogue: Live Life on Your Terms (the working title...depends on how the logo turns out!), where I aim to challenge listeners to, as the old-fashioned hippies used to say, question everything. [Not in a vast conspiracy or paranoid sort of way, but challenging what you believe and why you believe it, in a vast variety of subjects.]

Part 1 of Evanna's Story

Part 2 of Evanna's Story

Where Evanna's story is being told

Facebook Community Page: http://fb.com/EvannasJoy
Her website: http://evannasjoy.com
IG: mostly on mine, http://instagram.com/scotters2k1 though she has her own at http://instagram.com/evannasjoy

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