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Where we left off

The previous post in this series left us just after the first of her surgeries, at this point...a very low point for me, since mom was still recovering two floors away, and it was just me with her after a very long day.


But this was our beginning. Our reality.

She recovered from surgery, but further scoping of her throat showed that her vocal cords were paralyzed on one side and weak on the other. And because of that, it wasn't safe to feed orally. So she was then fed by NG tube.


Mom was finally able to make it later that night, but in wheelchair. And we still were unable to hold her because of her surgeries, making this time that much more difficult.


Coming up

In Part 3, more recovery and siblings visit...things start getting better.

Where Evanna's story is being told

Facebook Community Page: http://fb.com/EvannasJoy
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IG: mostly on mine, http://instagram.com/scotters2k1 though she has her own at http://instagram.com/evannasjoy

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