Last week's rainy days.

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Hey my friends,

So last Wednesday I wake up at 3:55 cuz of a weird knocking on my window (while I live in the first floor, it's more than weird). I found out that it was the wind knocking. It was so strong it could open loose windows and doors.

Five minutes later, it started to rain so hard it was like no drops but lines and currents of rain. I haven't seen a more powerful rain. The lightening was going on non-stop like the sky was lit, it was bright like daylight.

And although I closed my window, in 5 minutes, I had a small pool in the room as I was rushing to clear the floor from anything that might be ruined by water. Luckily it was just a small pool. Not like this poor guy's room.


It rained for about three hours, two of which were incredibly heavy. And since most of the streets here aren't paved, nor do they have a proper sewer system (it's only the capital, so no need, I guess) the streets started to look like this.







Then in a while, major bus stops looked like this.

And the people/students going to their jobs/schools looked like this.

Some school kids were unfortunate cuz it rained while they were crossing the Nile to go to school, and their boat sank cuz the engine stopped working and it was filled with water then flipped. 22 kids drowned...
Luckily, our school's principal quickly cancelled school and called all the parents to keep their kids at home.
Cuz Even streets were not safe.

& garages, cuz they're closed areas, had it worse.

Don't even ask about tunnels.

It only rains like this EVERY YEAR, btw. It is actually the rain season here. BUT the government boldly announced that they were surprised by the rain this season, and they didn't have the time to prepare for it!!!

Very old houses can't survive such heavy rain...

Somebody claimed to have seen fish in our neighborhood, but lots of people didn't believe that. Yet everything is possible in this crazy place. Welcome to Khartoum, Sudan. :P
Check the video. ;)

It rained a lot for the rest of Wednesday and Thursday, but we went to work on Thursday, without the kids, only the teachers. Oh and I fell in a mud hole and it started to pull me in like quicksand but I jumped out of there as fast as I could.

Now some streets are completely dry while others are still flooded like you wouldn't believe.


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This is unbelievable. I cant even being to say.... Work should be cancelled for all those people. And those poor kids!

What a disaster. I am glad you are safe. So much damage done :(


Yeah. I don't know how people don't cancel work in such days.

Thank you.

I'm sad hearing about the people who drowned. Terrible about the state of things there, no pavement or sewer systems in the so-called 'Capital' oh wow...

I'm glad nothing of yours was destroyed @scorpii! Thanks for sharing these images. What a day!


Yeah, travelling to live here is like travelling back in time!! It's so awkward.
I'm lucky about my apartment, it's better than many.

It was actually two days, and I did go to work the second day!

Oh my gosh!

I'm so glad you woke up in time to get the windows closed! Was there much damage? Do the locals say if the rain typically continues much longer?


Stay safe!!!


No, no damage in my room. Thank you for asking.
The locals say we're still in the rain season so it's still expected to rain again. But they say that the worst is over.


Thank you.

Thanks @scorpii for taking the time to vlog a personal account of your monsoon experience.

Seeing the people showing up for work and school....defines DEDICATION.

Here's a tip! to say thank you for giving us a perspective of what we've been hearing on the radio for the past few days regarding the rainy season in your part of the world.

Prayers that things will dry out and return to normal soon.


Wow! That is just incredible. Glad to see you are doing well though! Hopefully the rainy season passes quickly.


Thank you. <3


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