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We the British Pakistani
British Pakistani …an identity a class or may be a unique combination of two immensely different realms, societies and thoughts.
The words said together but echo different set of value, beliefs and perceptions.
For us Pakistanis who either came here for study, job or any unsaid reason, OR the ones who were born here and brought up here, each day is new chapter of an interesting book.
At start of new life in England, we find it intimidating, the people, the society, the life style and not to forget the un-predictable English weather.
We try very hard to become part of it all, some of us succeed. Some of us accept that reality is too harsh. The life we have dreamt before setting foot on this very soil is not within our reach.
We enjoy the life to its fullest here, as some of our boundaries, fades away in English society. We cherish every achievement cry on every little loss. And carry on living every day as it is the last we will breathe.
Then there are those who find it impossible to live here, as the struggle to be someone or to be independent becomes un-bearable. We start losing our identity, our personality.
Regardless who we are the successful individual or the fading shadow, the most significant part of our life in England is the transition period.
It is the time when we are either becoming someone or on the down road of being no on.
This time period leaves it mark in our lives and remains forever in our memories. As we learn life every day in that time. We fight; we struggle, survive and sometimes bow down in front of hard ships of life.
We hold on to our values and try to mingle in this new world, where we are either by choice, or by destiny. We find little things fascinating, the houses, the roads, the buses the serene atmosphere. The language which is different from what we have learned all our school life. We also find the accent funny and more clipped and difficult. And that is purely because we have grown up watching hollywood movies. Above all this systemic flow of life feels like a robotic routine to us.
As we have lived a rebellious and free life on homeland.
At times we also get scared, scared of the thought that a piece of news gets circulating among people, the eyes who watch us with vengeance in them. The attitude which estranges us from others.

If I was to sum up the life of British Pakistani in one sentence than I would write it as “ A book filled with stories of love , laughter and sorrow”.


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