Things Pop Culture Will Romanticize About The 2010s (Part II)

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So, in the part I of this post, I listed some of the things and phenomena of 2010s, that pop culture is for sure to romanticize just as we romanticize some things that set the different decades apart.

It has been an interesting thought process to do this, because it has allowed me to realize how culture evolves decade after decade and how we are evolving as a society as we progress further into this technology infused world.

Anyways, I have a list of four more of such things today that teenagers of today would say, “they are sooo 2010s”, rolling their eyes while doing so.

Popularity of Comic-Book Movies


2010s has been the golden decade of comic-book movies. An entirely new age, vastly different from anything in the history of comic-book movies with new trends and standards. In this current decade, superheroes have made their way into the spotlight of pop culture further than they have ever before.

The massive popularity of comic-book movies can be attributed to huge visual and technological advancements in this decade. From motion-capture to IMAX cameras to CGI, advancements in technology have made comic-book movies more stunning than ever.

Comic-book movies provide a kind of excitement like no other genre does. While these used to be made in the last decade also, what really separates the new ones from the previous generation movies is that the makers deliberately ensure that the characters stay true to their roots so as to appeal to the new generation.

Superheroes in this generation movies display an astonishing level of humanity, they undergo life-altering experiences, usually trauma, that everyone can related to and they also instill this inspiration in us that characters are formed in crisis.

Rise of Post-Cable Networks


2010s has been the breakthrough decade for post-cable networks. Post-cable networks are channels distributed via over-the-top streaming platforms rather than through traditional pay cable.

One of the reasons for the immense popularity of post-cable networks is that they target specific audiences with their programming rather than a homogenous mass audience. Viewers in this current decade like to watch television content on their tablets and smartphones at their own luxury of time.

With advertising becoming integrated into shows itself, viewers are also freed of ad-breaks and are therefore no longer tied to traditional broadcast cycles providing a massive shot in popularity of post-cable networks.

Post-cable networks speak to the young generation who like to interact with on-demand videos through social media platforms. Whether sport broadcasts or television shows or infotainment or anime, everything is available on-demand over the internet today.



2010s were the beginning of the end of privacy though not a total end. By signing up for social media and other internet platforms in this decade, we have literally signed away the keys to our personalities in the process as the recent Facebook controversy stands proof of that.

Things on the internet are becoming more and more connected with each other than ever before. And every social network knows something or the other about us, often more than what even we know about ourselves.

And it is very creepy and shocking to say the least. There are eyes and ears everywhere thanks to smartphones. Our location is being tracked almost instantly. Websites and apps have intricate data on our tastes, likes, dislikes and behavior.

In return for convenience of the small form factor of smartphones, we literally give away everything about us, including our deepest of secrets.

When Humans Did All The Work


This current decade is perhaps the final decade where the sum total of human work exceeds the work done by robots. Day by day industrial robots are taking over and are doing things that would normally be done by human workers.

From boring, repetitive work to complex, non-repetitive work, robots are taking over at an alarming pace, especially in the developed world. There are robot surgeons, robot painters, robot musicians, robot baristas, robot care-takers and pretty much robot everything already.

Their numbers and the complexity of their skills is only going to increase in the coming decade with most experts predicting them to take over a substantial number of human jobs.

It is pretty much a surety that when our future generations will look-back at this decade, they will remember a world where most things, from the most trivial to the most complex, were built, made or done by human labour.

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success is always hopefully we visit each other visit @sauravrungta

@sauravrungta pls when are you sharing the part 3 of this article. More please. Evolution is so rapid and we fail to remember how things were. Nice one brother


Soon enough :D

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Such having a turning back moment to read your writing, especially in the third point, where in 2010 people started losing their privacy.
The netizen without any hesitation and brave will share anything on facebook. The good and the bad thing of their life.
I couldn't imagine what would life will be in the next 10 or 20 years from now🤔


It's always difficult to imagine what the future is gonna be like. We can only make educated guesses.

Very interesting post to enjoy! You write with great ability. Very inspiring about pop culture. Thank you for sharing @sauravrungta 👍


Thank you for the kind words :)

Haha, wow, i must say you gat me nodding my head. What an article. Your views re so intact, and i believe your views, though life has been moving and changing from generations to generations. But there is a clear different since that 2010, things have change in technology vastly leading to human following the trend and abandoning some old lives. Haha. Nice


Thank you so much for the kind words :)

I am grateful that we no longer have to pay for the expensive cable packages of that time period. Netflix is my go to for television entertainment now and sometimes I use my friends Hulu account to switch things up a little bit.

As far as romanticizing comic book era movies, I agree wholeheartedly. We go to anime conventions here in the US and those items are always popular at the vendor booths and sell quickly. Because of the demand, vendors are able to charge a pretty penny for the memorabilia.

Thanks for sharing!


Yeah, technological advancements tend to make all our lives more convenient and in many cases even cheaper!


Technology has improved our lives in so many ways, especially over the last decade or so. We have had massive advancements in technology and huge strides forward thanks to companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.


Yeah, the future is going to be amazing thanks to technology and I can't wait for it :D

This is all very interesting! 8 years seems like a lifetime ago! It will be so interesting to look back on 2018 8-10 years in the future. We as a society are evolving at a rapid rate.

Great post! :)


Yeah, it is difficult to believe, psychologically, that the 2010s are now 18 to 8 years ago! That is a long time.

Nice article, always thought facebook is creepy, so are many mainstream social media sites. I was talking with friends about a hat I like, the next day the ads were shown on fb.


The same creepy things are happening to me. Even things I haven't searched on my laptop and just talked about with my friends are starting to show up on fb!


They are so into such shady business. Now ever since they took over Instagram, it also becomes like this. What a pity.


Yeah, they sure are! And you're right. They own instagram AND whatsapp too. They basically own the world's social interactions!

good post,


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thank you

True as you said, this revolution will continue to change, in 2005, the smartphone has not appeared and the android was not, and by now in 2018 has a lot of smartphones that are very sophisticated with a different phone first used with the button, and now can be used only touch the screen only..
Thank you @sauravrungta for sharing...


Yeah, each decade brings A LOT of changes and advancements.