Annoying Little Things That Make You Want To Pull Out Your Hair (Part III)

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This is the part III of my post from day before yesterday about annoying little things in life that make you want to pull out your hair. If you haven't checked out the previous two parts, you can check them out here and here.

So, like in the previous two posts, I am going to talk about three more annoying things in life that we all have faced and continue to face from time to time. The real painful thing is that these can't be avoided even if you really wanted to.

Life can be unfair like that sometimes but hey, what can you do about it right? You could either cry in the corner or vent out your frustration in the form of an article like I'm doing! haha.

Being Stuck In Traffic


We've all been there. Endless lines of vehicles sometimes hours on end with the continuous honking of the horns, air contaminated with all that smoke from the cars, stress level reaching all time highs, and you pondering about the purpose of life.

Laugh all you want but we've all done it! Somehow, we've managed to send humans to the moon and still haven't managed to solve the problem of traffic jams. I guess we will have to just wait for the driving to get in the hands (or steering wheel) of driverless cars to solve this mess.

Until then we will just have to waste 30-50 hours a year (depending on where you live) in traffic jams moving inches at a time excruciatingly testing our patience levels and suppressing the urge to go on a rampage.

Hitting Your Toe Against Something


We humans mastered the art of walking running and navigating through spaces during our childhood itself but sometimes the brain decides to make that error and the price is paid by that innocent little pinky toe of ours.

Whether it is the corner of the bed or a leg of a chair, what hurts more than the actual pain of hitting the toe against something is the realisation that even as an adult, you can't navigate through these spaces properly.

And of course there is that age old question, "Why only me?" that comes across like a million times in the immediate moments following the massacre of your little toe. Such little things. A lot of pain!



I think it is safe to say that no one likes to do their taxes (as we weren't really taught this essential thing in school AT ALL) or even the idea of the government taking away a considerable portion of your income.

Sometimes when I think about the system of taxes, I always come to the conclusion that it is basically a fee that you are paying to be the citizen of a country. I mean, if we are born in a country, it should be our birth right to be able to live in that country right? Why do we need to pay a price in terms of taxes to do so?

And yeah, I get the concept of taxation, it's that very money that helps in the development of the country which of course needs funds, but when a majority of that fund is going towards warfare or in the case of some countries, in the pockets of politicians only, then you really start to question the very concept itself. It becomes really annoying when you think about it.

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Those items are really annoying.. But we just have to endure them and move forward. Awesome post👏


Yeah! That's right :)


Very interesting! Thank you for other very relevant points of our life. Regards!


Thank you for reading :)


Is all pleasure! :)