Annoying Little Things That Make You Want To Pull Out Your Hair (Part II)

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This is the part II of my post from yesterday about the annoying little things in life that make you want to pull out your hair. If you haven't checked out the first part yet, you can do so here.

If you thought I was done ranting yesterday, you are in for a shocker. I plan to do many more parts of this series in the future because guess what, there are hundreds of annoying things out there and talking about just three ain't gonna cut it!

So, today, I would like to talk (rant) about three more of those pesky little things that murder the sanity of your mind and steal away its peace! I am sure you must have dealt with these quite often too.

Bad Customer Service


When a company sells you something, that is not the end of the story as far as your relation with that company goes. There can be any number of defects in the product or it might stop working or face some other problems in the future.

For such purposes, almost every company has a cusomer service department that handle situations after a sale has been completed. But most companies really don't know how to do this job properly.

I know you too must have faced this in your life where you are calling the customer care number and on the other side, someone picks up and from the moment he or she says "hello", you are sure that they must be the most unenthusiastic human being on the planet and don't care in the slightest about you or your problem in any manner whatsoever.

You are often put on hold for an ungodly amount of time or transferred to a million other 'representatives', in the hopes that you simply give up and "look elsewhere" for the solution. Well, unless we can become an expert in that particular product in a matter of minutes, that will not happen! Bad customer service is also one of the main reasons why customers move on to a different company.



These days no matter where you go, you simply can't escape advertisements. You are online and they are there, you watch TV and they are there, you are flying 30,000 feet above the ground and they are still there, right in front of you.

The problem is that there are a ton of companies offering similar products and they have to compete with each other to grab your attention (and your money of course) and so they bombard you with messages telling you that they exist and they provide "the best product in the world"

Funny how every company provides "the best". How is that even possible? Anyways, advertisements these days are really coming in the way of our lives and it seems like we are already living in some sort of a dystopian world run by corporations!

The other day I was in a cab listening to a radio station and I kid you not, in the 30 minutes that I was in the cab, the radio station played actual music for only about 10 minutes and the rest 20 minutes were all ads! It was like one song and bam! advertisement for 10 minutes. Highly frustrating.



Ahh, politicians. We all love to hate them, don't we? And that is for good reason. These seemingly "servers of the public" are some of the most evil people out there wearing the masks of saints and deceiving millions of people with their fake smiles and acting like they have never even killed a mosquito in their lives.

We all know the fake promises about 'change' and 'making things better' and 'making lives easier' for the people that these politicians spew out of their mouths shamelessly while they have no intentions of doing squat!

It is so frustrating that millions of people fall for their tactics and go out and actually support and vote for some of the most crooked people in politics. No wonder things never seem to change.

I don't know about other countries of the world, but where I live, no matter who rules the country, things are always seemingly the same. It can get really very frustrating to see other countries adopt and change with time and the politicians in your country just can't get out of their freaking comfort bubble!

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Thank you.

Nothing worse than poor customer service... in my opinion, everyone should work in the customer service industry at least once to see it from both sides! Advertisements drive me nuts too. Facebook recently added interrupting ads in the middle of videos.. so annoying!


Yeah, that is what I meant when I said that advertisements are now coming in the way of life of us. Very annoying!

Very truth! Thank you for explain this interesting point that give us a demostration of the that is a important problem in our community global about of the attention public. Just hope that can better with the time. Regards!


Thank you for reading :)


Is all a pleasure! Thank you to you for this instructive content! :)