Annoying Little Things That Make You Want To Pull Out Your Hair

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Has it ever happened to you that you are just strutting along the way, just... living life and bam! You get hit in the face by a brick! Well, I am not talking literally here, but I am sure even that may have happened to someone out there.

What I am talking about is the little annoying things that seem to crop up at every corner just waiting to make us miserable in any way possible! I think you are getting the hint where I am going with this.

It is so shocking that life, something that is so beautiful, can be riddled with moments of pure frustration that make you want to pull out your hair. Just like how that sleek looking Samsung phone can be riddled with so many lags. ;)

Anyways, let me talk about some of those annoying little things in particular that have been the bane of my existence for the longest time now.

Flies & Mosquitoes Singing In Your Ear


First of all, how do flies and mosquitoes know where our ears are and what function they serve? This is life's greatest mystery, I am telling you! Why they feel the need to sing in our ears is definitely the second greatest mystery.

So, there I am just trying to go to bed after a good day's work and all I want is a peaceful night of sleep. But the sadistic mosquito has another plans. It is plotting in the corner with a devious smile on its face and flies to my ear really strategically to sing aloud!

The absolute rage and frustration I feel at that exact moment cannot be expressed in words. So, I won't even try. What I will tell you is that if I had Superman's power of being able to shoot lasers from my eyes, I would have probably killed thousands of mosquitoes till now. Maybe even more!

Their singing is not the only annoying thing you know. Sometimes in the process of waving them away, you end up slapping yourself, while the damn mosquito has a hearty laugh flying away like a troll.

Slow Internet Connections


For the next minute or so, I am going to really sound like a millennial, so bare with me. We all know and love the internet and over time the speed and reliability has definitely improved beyond our wildest dreams.

All good till here. But what pisses me off the most is that even in a world where we are a mere couple years away from 5G internet, we have to face slow internet connections regularly! This is the 21st century. How is that still happening?

Sometimes I wonder how a fine working internet connection can suddenly decide to become painstakingly slow. Maybe it just can't bear to 'see' the happiness on our faces and wants to teach us some life lessons. The lesson being that 'you shouldn't take things for granted'.

haha! I went all philosophical there, didn't I? Anyways, you get my point right? Slow internet can be one of the most annoying things, especially when you are doing something really important and it decides to stop working at that exact very moment. How does it even know that we're in the middle of something important? Another one of life's greatest mysteries!

Airlines' Excessive Baggage Fees


Most people these days love to travel and why not. We get to see all sorts of new places, meet new people, eat new food and much more. And one of the primary ways that people use, especially to travel abroad, is planes.

In fact, in many cases, it is the only medium that can be used and this is exactly this compulsion that airline companies use against us to charge exorbitant fees for excess luggage.

The person at the counter giving their absolute best fake smile then say, "Sir, you have an excess baggage and will be charged 'only' $10000 per kg". I kid. Of course they don't charge ten thousand dollars but you get my point. The fees are just too high!

Once I saw someone pay excess baggage fees equalling the cost of their ticket! Now that is just plain wrong. And the really, really frustrating thing is that they are more than happy to make you carry your luggage for free. I mean isn't that thing going in the same plane though?

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Thanks for this.

don't even get me started on slow internet connections....... :(


I know right!!! :(

Slow Internet Connections

The worst part is it happens exactly when you need it the most. It seems like the Internet does it on purpose to troll us lol.


yeah, that's what I said! It somehow "knows". How? We will never know!!!

Mosquitos know a good music at night is soothing and help in good sleep😉 slow internet connection...dont stopping from using @dtube and dlive.
Why to carry more baggage in airlines ..😕

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Lol, the mosquitoes need to realise that their music is not good music. It doesn't give a good sleep but gives nightmares!! lol


Lol.....ans the bites as well...

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LOL yeah!!! :D

"Why they feel the need to sing in our ears is definitely the second greatest mystery."

I've never thought about this :D


LOL, it's time to think then hehe

Mosquito sucks. So does slow internet connection. :-)


They sure do! Really annoying things in life.

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