Lose what you cling to

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We’re all somewhat somehow obsessed with one thing or another in our life. The obsession could either be good for our health such as for books; yet it could prove us wrong as reading until late at night, or too much, will weaken your eyesight. Nearly everything in this world has a culmination, but have you thought that there might be some obsessions you’re well aware of, but you can’t get rid of? Even though they don’t prove much to be obliged for your mental and physical health?!


It could be that you’re obsessed with watching your favorite TV show which is only available on Netflix. And we all know what that means, you will watch one season in two to three days because you get obsessed with it.

Or it could be that you are slightly obsessed with one personality whether live; around you; like your best friend that you cling to all day, or a celebrity. So much so, that you spend either your whole night talking to your friend, texting them the whole day about factually everything going on, you only take a bathroom break (or not even that because that’s one room in your house that reminds you of all the possible things you should do and talk about to your friend so you take your cellphone there, too) or you have posters of your favorite celebrity hung around in your room. You specifically watch their movies/songs and make them your ideal; try to adapt their lifestyle.

In both cases, your obsession is actually leading you to an ending. Because everything that reaches an extreme mark, has a spontaneous termination.
The truth is no longer hidden as Psychology has proved that there is actually a name for any type of obsession you have. It is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There are several types included in OCD in terms of Psychology. Let’s find that out to help you guys cure it.

Meddling thoughts (about a person or a thing)


Intrusive thoughts are typically disturbing for the person being affected by them. These include the thought of having doubts on your partner and not just the easy way, but taking your thoughts to such a level that you assume their next love life). There’s a thing called ‘magical thinking’ in OCD where people are obsessed (not voluntarily) with events and actions that haven’t happened but they think that if they put a thought in it, those actions will actually take place.

Checking Something Over and Over
Overlooking things to see if it’s there or cleanliness of your hands is also a part of OSD. It also includes the symmetry or alignment of certain things which if moved even a little, disturbs the peace of mind of an individual.

As bogus as it may seem, there’s a 50% chance of losing your obsessions. Since facts related to Psychology, may be a little too difficult to get over with. But the little things you do every day, need to be gotten rid of as soon as possible as it gives nothing but headaches and future long term effects.

How to get rid of OCD?
Visit your nearby psychologist. There could be two treatments for your condition. Psychotherapy and medication. Your doctor will tell you what you need, don’t hesitate to visit if you’re somewhat worried about your OCD.

What You Should Know


The universe doesn’t accept obsession with one thing. It gives applaud to moderation. Moderation in every form and way is the best way. Even God has taught moderation in every field and aspects of life. The only way to success, to achieve your goals, is this. All other ways lead to unproductiveness, hopelessness, futility and desperation.
Every religion, every book, every wise man to ever come to this planet earth has taught restraint, self-control, reasonableness. All qualities opposite to obsession. Now the million dollar question raises, how do we get rid of this clingy self of ours?

How to lose what you cling to

Below are some points that you might find useful to get rid of your non-Psychology related obsessions.

1- If you’re obsessed with watching TV, try going out to some place you like at the time you’re free to watch your favorite shows. Now, we’re not saying don’t watch at all, but to be moderate! Keep your health in your mind, your mind and your body need fresh air as much as your heart needs TV shows.

2- Do not think of achieving something big when you’re already getting what most people don’t have. Don’t be obsessed with the ‘coming’, the future. Stay in present, make it a present; a gift; for yourself. Now again, we don’t mean to not dream big, or not to aim high. Rather, ‘Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.’

3- Don’t be self-absorbed to an extent that you become prejudiced. Force your opinions only when you think you’re 100% right, otherwise, let yourself humble a bit and agree with other people, too.

Regardless of what sort of thing you are sticky with, remember that being over-sensitive for something will only result in destruction of the self. No wonder Buddha said, you only lose what you cling to.


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