Practicing Gratitude- A way of Mindful Life!

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Gratitude is one of the human virtue we should follow. But we have to approve that in today's world, we almost forget to be thankful for what we have. This capitalist, consumerist world is forcing us to want more and more everyday. And we can not get the time to focus on what we actually have. You can see this almost every where.

The more we become thankful for our life the more humble, more human we will be. The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. It passively helps us to feel more alive, feel stress free, more kind and even have stronger immune systems. It may sound over rated to you. But if you can practice to be more thankful you will understand the difference. You may wonder how can you achieve Gratitude. Don't worry, here is some easy tips.

We can start by noticing the things we are grateful for. Actually we should be grateful for everything, I think. We should look around how blessed we are that we are living this life. There are so many people who can not afford to live what we are living. But that was not my point. The more you understand what makes you grateful the more you will be down to the earth.

The second thing is start to show your respect, gratefulness, kindness and gratitude to those which makes you feel thankful. Don't feel ashamed for your life. Give a little thanks to everyone, everything who makes you what you are today. Okay, may be not loudly but show your respect and set your mind to be thankful to those. That's all. You will be more humble in this way.

And last but not the least believe it. Say to your inner self you are actually thankful for what you have. We may not get all these or may loose it any time. Like any relationship, any friend, any family member or any material thing like our job, our home and many more. So not only to just show other people our respect and thankfulness, it's very necessary to let yourself believe that we really are blessed to get what we have.

This will bring peace, happiness and will help to calm our soul. And surely it's a great way to live a mindful life.

I hope it helps a bit!

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Some strive to get by the fact that life is hard and tries to stay strong by practicing gratitude, but many are those who forgets it because of unprecedented events they never know would come.

Thanks for your comment buddy .

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