Going with the flow or Making own choices?

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What would you use? What you usually choose? What makes you choose so?
Did you ever confront these questions to others or to yourself? Did you ever feel the necessity of it? Okay! Let's not talk about all this questions. Let's see the reasoning and choose the better option.
So what I mean by going with the flow is move along with the prevailing forces. What affects us and we just keep accepting the prevailing trend. Rather than striking out in new directions. It's okay. We are human. It's not always possible to fight with everyone or everything. But taking our own decision or choose our life option is also very necessary.


Let me give a simple tip. Choose the 'Go with the flow' option in your daily regular life options like choosing the clothing. But for life choices it's better to go with your gut feeling. Make your own decision like what you want to be an engineer or a musician. We only get one life to live. If we choose to life what other's demand from us or choose to be what other's also choosing without listening our gut feeling, then there is no meaning of life. We will live a different life which we may gonna not love for our entire life or we will pretend to be okay, to love.

There is a flow, a current of energy in our life. But just going with that flow is not going to take us where we want to go. If we can practice to be spiritual, or meditate deeply, there is a chance to feel the mind-body flow and we will feel this flow begin to use us and move through us. I think that is a more healthy practice to listen to you, to learn what we want. Rather choosing what other's are doing is not a healthy solution.

And remember, self-help is shelf help - you have everything you need already!

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