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There are certain sets of body image created by the society over time and everyone forces to believe in that. If you are wondering what I am talking about, just look around any advertisement. You will get to see some slim, beautiful, fair skinned woman and man in the bill boards. They does not reflects the real body image but they are significant in number and enough to set a beauty standard.

Is not it negatively impact on our mind? You may notice how many times we all wants to be on one of the 'perfect look.' You may not find any popular brand to use any real body image on their advertisement. Why should they? Coz if they do so, we will be the first person to point on their sense of beauty. We have to change first.

So where should we start? Obviously from ourselves, from our home, our family, friends. There is no perfect body, should not be any beauty standard. Yeah, we all love beauty but that doesn't mean we all should be as beautiful as we think we should be or bully others if they not meet our beauty standard. We can be respectful to every body size, skin color and race. It may sounds like I'm encouraging 'unhealthy body' or lifestyle. But don't take it that way.

We should be careful to influence a kids life also. We should not make them stereotype about the body size. Our society is responsible for making this stereotype body image. That means we are also included in this list. There are few changes in advertisement now a days. Some popular brands like Nike also included 'plus size' in their ad. It seems like many more positive changes are coming. We should also change our way of thinking and behavior towards others regarding 'Stereotype Body Image'.

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This is one of the reason why I do not watch TV pretty much. I probably watch less than 2 hours if tv a year if that. I stopped watching movies too. I didn't realise how much all these TV and movies affect you when it comes to body image issues and many other attributes if a human until I stopped watching it.

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Yeah you are absolutely right , Thanks for your comment .

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