The Fine Line Between Genius & Insanity: Dancing Through Genetic Dimensions Of Hyperspace... PART TWO

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Picking up from PART ONE...

What does the genius access that most people do not...?

The "newest" of discoveries awaiting in the realms of genius do not lie within the domain of established culture. That which the genius has the capabilities of bringing into the culture to upgrade it first exist outside of it - and to dare venture beyond the boundaries of the culture's comfort zones is a bold move.

Without the safety of a culture's foundational contexts for translating and making sense of its realities, venturing into unchartered territory can be highly confusing, overwhelming, and challenging to make sense of. Before all the new information gathered from outside the boundaries is processed and organized efficiently into existing the organizational structures of existing neural networks, it might all seem a bit "crazy."

The dimensions from which genius extracts and brings back its fruits are incredibly complex. Diving into a sea of creative energies, the limited knowledge base we've inhereted culturally is inadequate as a foundation from which to interpret the laws of physics governing the new territories of senses and abilities.

Though wait...

It's time for another distinction.
This is essential to further clarify the context in which this exploration unfolds.

*What "realms" am I referring to? What do I mean by "dimensions?" With talks of genius "venturing into" different "territories" and "spaces," what the fuck is this actually beyond some cliche new age "energy" fluff talk that has often got thrown around loosely before?

Essentially, states.

At one level, states within the genetic memory system.

*Quantum physics... holographic universe... there is a unified system through which we are extracting all of this through the genetic memory component.

Our brains may yet to be understood as the most powerfully mind-blowing super-quantum-computer there ever will be. And its easy to overlook the sheer amount of programs running on/through it - the genetic component comparable to the storage cloud in which these programs are coded, rewritten into, and extracted from to produce this shared holographic reality we find ourselves in - *(and which more & more are considering to be some sort of "simulation", which in a sense is correct in the context of understanding how our bio-mechanical bodies are a material projection of the programs playing out through genetic code, each of 8 billion people simultaneously running their own "simulations" from the projection of the genetic code through their unique lens, filters, and character expressed through the program's playing out.

You might want to reread that paragraph a few times.

Another level of the states... Brainwaves.

Think of how a satellite TV signal is merely data compressed into a wave, extracted through the receiver and TV out into images and sound.

Comparably, think of neural impulses & brainwaves as that signal - data within the genetic memory system compressed into those waves, for your brain to receive, processes, and extract out into the content of your conscious mind.

See it?

Remember the famous Tesla quote:

Man has barely begun to scratch the surface of what realities are possible to be accessed and created.

The cultures we've been raised in, the realities we've created for ourselves through limited belief systems... merely programs in the genetic memory system. A tiny sliver of a quantum sea of brainwaves in which information is encoded, a filtered shard of an infinitely-broad spectrum extracted out through our biological mechanisms onto the screen of our conscious experience.

What lies outside the spectrums let in through the lenses of cultural programming?

To a culture in a survival state, "crazy."
All that which rightfully threatens its destruction.

To a culture valuing innovation and exploration of creative potential, "genius." That which proves itself essential to the state's advancement - to the degree it isn't too threatening.

The genius is the bridge to broadening culture's scope into unchartered territory - celebrated for the victories society prides itself in identifying itself with for its own "evolution."

The "crazy" is the misunderstood - condemned for the discomfort it creates in the cultural programs unable to evolve at the rate they would if integrating the wealth of information accessible upon ceasing the judgement preserving the boundaries justifying the culture's inability to adapt to that not fitting its survival-based ideals.

Both "genius" and "crazy" are states outside the conventional.

What swings the weight of judgement from one label to another is merely the degree to which one understands the processes of how these dynamics work and is open-minded to what comes through these unconventional states, versus remaining fearful of reactive to the unknown as it introduced into view.

When it's manageable and pleasant, it becomes genius through our approval. When too challenging or confusing, crazy.

Objectively, it is neither.
Merely a sense or ability to access states not yet commonly known.

Annnnd that brings us to a conclusion of Part TWO.

However, if you've enjoyed any of this so far, click ahead HERE for PART THREE...

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Right on! Neuron networking, YES and the human brain imho capable of so much more than a Watson or Deep Blue. Tesla reference perfect also for me for many reasons. First I'll ask this? What do they call the medical procedures for measuring activity in the brain as well as the heart? There's a good reason for this thought and question before I expose what some see as radical thoughts to critique....I'll Be Back ♨

Curious about your upcoming expose... please do check back in with a link to it when posted... :-)

Sorry for late response. Big bad storm blew everything over. Lost power. Internet finally back up. I get on with it. Of course I referred to EKG & EEG, which share common first word 'Electro'. There is much we don't know today about our Universe many theories regarding Electricity and Magnetism but conclusive knowledge very incomplete. Tesla may have understood and tested his hypotheses more than anyone and perhaps could harness the electricity present around all of us on our planet. Getting on with it, I participate with group who forward the Electric Universe Theory, which basically observes and documents electrical activities throughout with special attention to our Star the Sun. Solar activity which can be measured reveals electrical discharges present during filament releases akin to Coronal Mass Ejecta. These currents spew outward to outer reaches of Universe. Beyond? The EKG, with a differential amplifier registers the difference between two electrodes attached to the skin, this galvanic skin response measures electrical resistance and results picture the status of a healthy heart, Hopefully? The EEG, measures the magnetic field induced by electrical currents (electroencephalogram) of the brain. Now lets return to Harmonic Universal events and those effects on Human health. Our planet is protected from harmful emmisions whether from our Sun or from Gamma Rays which basically very similar but theory states they come from outer regions back towards Earth. Either direction our planet is protected by Geomagnetic shields, however these shields can be pushed aside hopefully only temporary damage and then bounce back thankfully to protect humanity. Even a glancing blow from ejecta can be accompanied by Solar wind speeds impossible to imagine by peoplekind. Our modern research indicates almost everything on our planet is actually effected by these forces more than any other. Not wanting to argue against settled scientist's climate heresy but there is no doubt to those familiar with the Electric Universe theories that ALL weather events including; Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornadic Storms, Snow, Volcanic and Earthquake activity are directly correlated.

Volcanic Electricity.jpg

No doubt that if these Universal electrical and magnetic discharges can trigger an Earthquake or Volcanic eruption, then effects upon human body, especially heart and brain waves, should be expected. Those conducting this research have very conclusive data documenting these factors and over last few years this study gaining acceptance from Medical community. Basically when Earth is in potential harmful condition it is not just satellite damage, radio and electrical power disruption but increases in heart attack and instability for those who suffer mental illness and anxiety.
By the way, Earth did indeed sustain Geoshield disturbances recently so not a surprise in hindsight that big bad storm blew through. If interested further, check out my recent blog posts and you'll find these Sun to Earth spot alerts as well as interesting correlations between some major tectonic events. I have nothing to add to the psychedelic discussion other than there is same electrical disturbance to brain while tripping out. Anyone care to discuss?

whoa, very cool.

was contemplating during the part about the dynamics in space - how those effects could potentially be at work in the realm of astrology and all the alchemy around that.

so much yet to discover, and to piece together the different findings from various fields...

More we know, the more we know we don't ♨ much to discover Eyes Open No Fear ❣

Interesting post, inspiring story, I learned from him. If only many geniuses, ... who repaired civilization, and brought peace to the world endures forever .. thanks for sharing.

The infinite spectrum of frequencies, of which we only tune into a slice... that's some trippy stuff.

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

absolute cracker !!

Many people through the ages have hypothesised about a 'collective universal conciousness' out there in the ether waiting to be downloaded by the human brain at a certain point of development. All knowledge that has ever existed, every thought, every action and deed right there to be accessed if you have the 'software' enacted in your brain. To me this is a given as many of the visionaries throughout history who have taken the giant steps that changed mankind such as Tesla and Di Vinci would appear to have been able to access information that even today seems incredible.
It would be nice to know that in the time I have left we'll know definitively but sadly I doubt that will be the case.
A thought provoking post dude.

Might not be a definite "we" know as an entire population, in a way that can be put into textbooks - but rather increasing numbers come to know through direct experience, each at their own pace.

Fairly likely such knowledge may come in your lifetime. And some proper psychedelic journeys might surely fastrack parts of the discovery... ;-)

An excellent peer into the fringe of the fringe root of genius @rok-sivante. Two very classy articles back to back that I thoroughly enjoyed! Both resteemed!! A DOUBLE RESTEEM (never done that before!) :))

cheers mate. ;-)

and be sure to finish with Part THREE...

No problem with that @rok-sivante - I want that 71 reputation too! ... it was the year I was born :)

We will collectively push you to 71


I need to read these again during the day. There are a few writers that warrant re-reads, and you fall squarely into that category. Thx!

Your welcome. 🙏

Hi @rok-sivante,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on another amazing edition of "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding so much value to the Steemit community. Steem on!

I absolutely loved this. Intelligent, well-written and eye-opening! Please keep them coming!


I think you might find this article very interesting, on exclusion of high IQ individual (inappropriately) from society, and why it happens, culturally:

Curious to go back and do another IQ test now. Lol. :-)

TY @lexiconical for link, folowing you on steemit ♨