The Fine Line Between Genius & Insanity: Dancing Through Genetic Dimensions Of Hyperspace... PART THREE

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And the saga continues...

If you haven't yet read PART ONE and PART TWO, that'd probably be the best place to start.

And if you have, let's carry on...

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is far more wisdom in this quote than meets the eye.

Genius is not expressed through duplication of what has already taken form. It is the expansion into and bridging with the innovative. It is the bridge to rewriting the present from the future, to granting others access to the leading edge of culture's evolution.

Without the capacity to hold two contrasting ideas in mind, access is denied.

One perspective = one fixed vibration.

Add a conflicting perspective = CHOICE.

Stick to the one perspective. Or embrace the second to integrate its value - and open up an entire spectrum of possibilities in between.

More often than not, people stick to the one perspective, judging what conflicts. This decreases intelligence by severing connection to the neural networks accessible through the second - literally making a person stupider by choosing ignorance over upgrading the wisdom of discernment.

Yet, the access level of genius requires open-mindedness - for it is through the capability to encounter new information without immediately shutting it down that perception can even remain open. And without question, such explorations are bound to reveal much that conflicts with primary outlooks.

So there, the explorer is posed with their trial: embrace the what-seems-at-first like chaos and surrender to the process with its temporary contradictions and confusions, or panic for some sense of control and engage cognitive bias to simplify the experience into a digestable label like "crazy."

Granted, this isn't to undermine or disregard the potential torture of anyone's experience undergoing the "crazy" phase. There are depths on the path to genius that absolutely feel like the culturally-agreed-upon definition of "crazy."

However, for the most potent of genius to emerge, it might even be essential to push the boundaries to such a degree that the tipover into crazy is inevitable at some point or another - at least once, in order to gain direct experience in the dynamic.

Perhaps sometimes, no one can be totally equipped for what comes when pushing further and further past the boundaries - and in testing how far beyond preset limits one can go, there may always come some point where a breakdown of old ideas and preconceptions occurs and sanity is questioned in this unfamiliar space of the yet-to-be-understood new.

Yet, perhaps sometimes the "crazy" phase - a stage of transition in which information in the new states is yet to be integrated successfully to bridge the old with the new - is essential to evolution.

For genius to extract its fruits, the depths of what lies in rarely-chartered states must be probed. Limits must be pushed to break into new territory. And, the old must be broken down to clear way for the new.

For those pushing harder, deeper, farther, and faster, there might be an element of what might consider "crazy" - some almost sadistic, self-destructive quality - a willingness and anticipation for abolishing self-identity in favor of discovery. It might seem a little mad to intentionally seek the obliteration of one's own, and society's, constructs of reality - yet only in a limited context void of the knowledge of this larger evolutionary process in which such 'destruction' is a critical step in ushering in a new, higher order.

(And, lest not forget that another form of the genius' "crazy" might also manifest in the frustrations in coming back to the here & now with all its shortcomings, comparable to the potentialities experienced and creative possibilities seen in other states - or the backed-up energies unable to be constructively output at the rate which he/she might receive. Though again, this may be just a stage of the process in developing the capabilities to ground what's been accessed in alternate states back into this shared one.)

Why is all this applicable to all of us?

Because whether we know it or not, we all might be walking that fine line, whether we know it or not.

And maybe, alot of us have opted to stick on the side of crazy.

Crazy not in the sense as our society has taught us to understand the word as a disorderly person. But perhaps crazy to remain in the comfort zone of outdated cultural programs in which our own genius has been suppressed in order to preserve the status quo - even if those are subcultural status quos of rebellion against authority, pursuing "spiritual" truths at the cost of distorted prejudices, or whatnot.

Perhaps crazy is continuing to play old, predictable roles in a societally-constructed model of the world that has outlived its time and is about to break down.

Yes, there may be some individuals whose stars were aligned or got blessed with good genetics that were born into a destiny of rare genius. Though, it may also be that everyone has similar potentials of access to unlocking innate forms of genius within themselves - which may often get shut down due to fear and self-judgements that the emergence of the premature senses & abilities too closely resemble "craziness."

Yet, the universe continues it programmed evolution.

And whether we like it or not, embrace it or resist, we will each be challenged by life as it presents opportunities to die clinging to old cultural paradigms or exercise blossoming abilities to contribute in establishing new ones.

That is nothing "special" or exclusive. It is an aspect of life we shall each face, consciously or unconsciously, time and time again at each intersection of that we've held to be true and contrasting perspectives that test our adaptability to embracing new information to upgrade our wisdom of how to integrate each piece of the puzzle into its appropriate place rather than discard it out of unwillingness to have our beliefs challenged.

And as the rate of transformation in our societies, technologies, and universe keep accelerating, it is more important than ever how we choose to respond.

Increasing numbers of people have been experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and all kinds of mental-emotional-spiritual dis-eases - dipping their toes into the crazy pool. And perhaps, it's not at all a matter of anything "being wrong" with us - but a mere matter of us not understanding who and what we are and how to adapt to the states these life journeys are leading us through so as to flow through them harmoniously to extract what information awaits, integrate, and upgrade our own capacities for successfully transmutating what lies within those genetic memory states into the fruits of what is often considered "genius."

We are in changing times.

And, we are at a tipping point of discovering new dimensions of life, the universe, and ourselves that are bound to shake up alot of the ideas we've inhereted from our cultures and societies.

And, we on the verge of crossing many thresholds.

How we respond at these crossroads is critical.

Those unable to adapt may predictably slide into their own experiences of "crazy," as the world becomes to complex for them to deal with. Conversely, those who answer the evolutionary calls to upgrade themselves through the continual rebirthing process of rewriting our genetic codes, one choice at a time, shall activate new forms of genius within themselves - even in spite of the occasional dip into the "crazy."

Within these perspectives, lies power.

We can continue feeding old storylines, keeping ourselves trapped in outcomes falling short of our potential, dancing with our own forms of "crazy" and condemning those who rock the boat, while it's sinking anyways. Or we can access our genius, collaboratively rewrite new stories, and upgrade the whole fuckin' system to bring about possibilities beyond imagination.

The choice is each of ours...

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Is it possible just like there is Light and dark, day and night, negative attraction to positive and vice versa there exists Universal Harmonics. Could there be forces some would call natural which control these same deviations others would label "crazy"? I'll be back on steemit ♨


Absolutely. ;-)


Posted an overall response under prt 2, since delayed returning to this engagement. TY for stimulating thoughts @rok-sivante and everyone else who contributed on steemit ♨


your welcome.

"The choice is each of ours..."
Nice words!
Good post!
There is something to think about


I just responded differently but on your point! Not as disagreement nor as a Devils Advocate which is a point I picked up from this third part of overall. Love those words actually and what a great concept that any choice is ours! Always believer in positive mindset ideas. Nonetheless my reply intended to bring thoughts of possibility that forces exist Universally outside our individual control that can influence human brain waves and human behavior. We also are very comfortable in thought that we will always evolve for the better. History seems to indicate this wasn't always true in past. How about the current? Could devolution forces also exist? Could these polar opposites be cyclical?

Are they truly boundaries is it is a self imposed limit and by who's definition? We don't know what we are capable of until we are faced with the task of accomplishing it. This is true in both the mental and physical aspects. Cognitive dissidence causing a paradigm shift. This was a very engaging first read of the day. Thank you for feeding my mind.

@rok-sivante Have you read information about the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children? If you have yet to, I think that you will find it to be an interesting read as it runs alongs the same lines as this series. I think that we are scratching the surface where mankind's potiential is concerned and I wonder how much further we could be along in the process if we had not lost so much of the knowledge along the way.


On my list for today @boodles17 TY for recommending on steemit ♨
Why wouldn't I research it?

I saved part 3 to savour for today! Resteemed as promised :)


Nice move, Why wouldn't you 👍

nice post, I follow you

Great post, as always. In some ways, it sounds like you are making a comparison similar to how people experience the world in psychedelic states of consciousness. I guess the issue with that is, how little one seems to be able to "bring back" after such experiences.

Maybe one of the elements of the changing times is the willingness of people who have had those kinds of experiences, through substances or otherwise, to try to relate them to people around them.


indeed, there are comparable similarities, as very similar if not the same dynamics at play. challenge with the "bringing back" is mostly a matter that our bodies/brains haven't yet developed the capabilities to process the larger amounts of information accessible through the rocket-launches into psychedelic states. the time is approaching, however... ;-)

Excellent exploration. So where do you land? What's your choice?

Nice post
I upvoted you, please lock up my post too and dont forget to upvote me @iqbalmaulana

Well written, if only we could perceive oitside of what we already know!


we can... ;-)


That is true, we can but we need to keep raising awareness on this subject. We should have an awareness awareness day just like we have a cancer awareness day.