The Fine Line Between Genius & Insanity: Dancing Through Genetic Dimensions Of Hyperspace... PART ONE

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We've all surely heard that saying before:

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity."

I'm not sure who it was that added on, "I am that line." But what if this were true for us all?

Some scientists have gone so far as to try find the genetic link between the two - isolating some predictable chemical component to help explain this dynamic. But what if there were other dimensions to this crazy-genius phenomenon that no one has talked or thought about yet, wherein might lie tremendous opportunity for unlocking entirely new potentials of human senses, abilities, and capabilities...?

Now first of all, there is an important distinction here to be made, summed up in another recent post:

Recontextualing Crazy: Enlightenment Beyond The Borders Of Judgement...

Namely, "crazy" is merely a label our society and cultures have used as a cop-out for not understanding complex psychological dynamics.

Or rather, what is often labelled as "crazy" is merely an outcome which most do not possess the capacity to understand the full range of causal effects behind what they see on the surface.

People tend not to like to admit their own ignorance. And when faced with behavior out of the norm which they do not understand, it is far easier to label it as "crazy" rather than admit they're fucking clueless as to the complex behavior patterns predictably producing the behavior threatening their sense of control and understanding. People don't generally like feeling powerless, and will go to great lengths exercising powerful control mechanisms to avoid that feeling. Thus, when confronted with 'disorderly' behavior - as seen as from the surface, unable to comprehend the motivating factors underneath, wherein perfect order exists in precise cause-and-effect laws - resorting to the lazy cognitive bias of boxing something in as "crazy" generates a false sense of control, in contrast to the powerless of admitting we don't know what the fuck we're facing.

Keep this as the context for the use of the word "crazy" or "insane" as reading through this.

So... why this intricate interconnection between genius and insanity?

And why would I possibly suggest this dynamic is something inherent in everyone, not exclusive to some rare individuals in our society confined to straightjackets in nuthouses or legendary status in the pages of history books for their ingenius contributions?

The Truth in full-spectrum perspectives.

We've all been well-conditioned into believing the world is a certain way. That we are a certain way. That things are a certain way.

We've grown up with societal & cultural rulesets forming very-convincing conceptual frameworks for defining the structures and limits of this world we live in. The reality our consciousness projects as an extraction of the genetic codes we've been programmed into/with takes the form it does as a consequence of the extent & limitations of the perspectives we've accessed to-date.

What makes a genius a genius?


He/she has an activated ability to perceive what not all others can. And/or an activated capability to translate what not everyone can.

Tesla, Einstein, DaVinci, Pythagoras... they didn't invent or create new laws of mathematics & physics. They merely perceived what was already inherent in the fabric of reality. They served as mediums through which hidden orders within the universe could be translated, expressed, and extracted out in form.

Now consider...

If we have believed so concretely that the world is the way we've been told, that our senses are inherently limited to sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, that the realm of genius is exclusive to a rare few selected by God or special genes, and we possess no capability to exponentially evolve beyond this construct of "limited human beings" - how likely would we be to open to realms, spectrums, and dimensions outside of "the norm?"

Or, if we were to begin perceiving outside what is commonly-accepted in the conventional worldview - how quickly would most resort to exercise control mechanism to shut down the different senses, out of fear of the unknown and appearing "crazy" in the context of a society who failed to understand such phenomena and thus deemed it crazy?

How many would trust what they have no way of understanding or explaining, given their lack of education in the dynamics of the senses and systems? How many would have the courage to continue exploring, when everything they'd find would completely threaten their preexisting cultural belief systems and security as an accepted member of the culture held together by those prehistoric belief systems their newfound discoveries would obliterate?

By society's limited definitions, genius and crazy are inseparable.

It is genius because of the capability to innovate, bridging gaps to new heights of understanding and function in our shared reality.

And it is "crazy," because until that point of proof where society accepts the benefit of such innovation, it will be misunderstood. The culture's abilities and capabilities are not enough to comprehend the broadened context the genius has unlocked. And thus in purpose of its self-preservation, the challenge to its foundational coding - belief systems - is attacked as "crazy."

And of course, this dynamic doesn't play out merely as society turning against the genius pushing its limits - but in the individual himself, who at some level, is still playing out parts of the cultural coding he evolved from. The conflict is not just externalized in society or the individual's psyche - it is inherent in the contrasting programming expressing itself through genetic extraction into the conscious holographic experience, simultaneously in the microcosm and macrocosm.

If your mind isn't blown yet, we'll get there...

And perhaps it is the blowing open of a mind, the flabbergasting of one's preconceived notions of themselves and reality, the dissolution of beliefs, that is needed to bring down the gates that have withheld information required to upgrade our consciousness.

Continue we shall, with Part TWO here...

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There's a street called Pine Street here in Atlanta where there is a large homeless shelter and where you can find many mentally challenged and homeless people, especially black as Atlanta is a majority African American city. I know people go through their individual experiences and it can really take a toll on them. I always say that mental illness needs to be healed through spiritual rehabilitation. It is in a sense a loss of the spirit.

Good post, interesting read. Upvoted and following.

Sanity has been always used as a coercive tool, a social construct to mantain stability in society. That is why we shouldn't be surprised that the more disruptive minds are consider insane


great simplified perspective.

Can't wait for part 2 - had to follow @rok-sivante on steemit ♨
Most interesting words and pictures too inspire my neurons to fire✨
Pleased to meet you ❣ 🎸🎶🎶🎶


and Part TWO has been posted., as well as the THIRD... ;-)

What a way to word the title! Great post :)

Hyperspace is the real deal. I know from incredible experience. Definitely following you now and look forward to more of your work. Check out an experience in hyperspace I painted and posted today:

This is great! Some of the stuff I have been thinking about the topic of insanity and genius are perfectly portrayed in here! I have never been able to express myself, so thanks for writing this!


Your welcome.

interesting your post...i like it, thank you for sharing.

Society, borders and countries will fall apart in 50 years. Reading this I am sure that the number of self-taught transcendental people is rising steadily. This is a good sign as the next step in human evolution must be global enlightenment. Society and culture is not your friend - Terence Mckenna

Having these abilities to translate and perceive what others cannot can be incredibly frustrating. I think the Internet makes it easier because it's easier to connect with like minded individuals

I enjoy you post :)

I followed you as I also want to read part 2. I also resteemed your post as I thought that it was extemely well thought out.


here it is, and part 3 linked from the bottom there... :-)

Not gonna lie, when I saw the word "hyperspace" in the title I thought this was a post about DMT haha. Still a very good post, you communicate your thoughts very fluently!


T'is all connected... ;-)

As Terman found in his studies of ultra-high-IQ children:

"Based on data collected in 1921–22, Terman concluded that gifted children suffered no more health problems than normal for their age, save a little more myopia than average. He also found that the children were usually social, were well-adjusted, did better in school, and were even taller than average."

I really enjoy your spiritual/thought provoking posts~
I feel we need WAY more of the inner depth contemplating and WAY LESS of the surface superficial material stuff.


your welcome. 💖


Love the pink heart ;-)>
How do u do that anyways?


if working on my Android phone, it's in the emojis built into the keyboard.

if from computer, just google "heart emoji" or such, click first or second result, and there should be a "copy" button next to it, then just paste in...


so it paste in a code or just the heart it self?
I haven't ever used steemit on a phone. How are the apps working these days?


on the phone, to the bottom left of the keyboard, there is a smiley face that if clicked, will open the emojis... the heart is like 6 scrolls to the right.

from desktop, it's like this:

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Oh ok, cool thanks for ur time and help!
Very kind of you!
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