The Discovery - Original Painting

in painting •  2 years ago

“Stop consuming images and start producing them.” - Terence McKenna

The Discovery
24" x 36" Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Thank you for your experience.

If you enjoy my painting, writing, and/or music, please be sure to follow me here.


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wow! love it! it is hypnotic! :)


Thanks @omwith !

Wonderful painting and a perfect quote from the great TM


Thank you @arqetype! Yes, TM is the master of great quotability.

The linework is amazing, to think this is a painting, it looks made by software. What wonderful talent you have.


Thank you @deveerei ! That's partly my focus: to use traditional artistic mediums yet portray modern digital-esque artworks.


You're welcome. That's great. I'm not good with paint yet (not enough chances to practice, need to buy things for painting first).

Very psychedelic!, and i like the quote by Terence Mckenna! Nice art!


Thanks @errymil ! He's definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

Hey! Cool as the contrast of the different colors stands out mixed with the hypnotism of the pattern.


Thanks @dresen, glad you like it.

I love this painting! Excellent work! You will do better if you keep to the tags that are steemit tags like art creative creativity but also story philosophy etc because then those folks will see the painting as well and your message - love and painting are not steemit tags


Thanks for the tips! Following, look forward to seeing more of your work!

Very cool. Almost like Persian design meets the nostalgia of original Nintendo. I mean this as a compliment. :)


Haha! Thank you @rachelsvparry! Taken as a compliment!

That is very need, I like it !


I'm glad, @globaldoodlegems . Thank you!

wow. i like that


Thanks @jjb777 !

Good stuff. Reminds me a bit of native American or Tibetan sand pairings.


Thanks James Smith, Glad you enjoyed. Following you and look forward to seeing more of your work!

Cool piece. I really like these patterns. Upfollowed :)


Thank you, I've followed you back and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

I like the McKenna quote. :-)


@rok-sivante isn't he just the best?

So cool


Thanks @artsygoddess!

WOW...this is spectacular work! I look forward to seeing more from you...upvoted, resteemed & tweeted!!!!


Wow! Thank you @inksanity! Plenty more to come my friend!

Thats a lovely creation


Glad you like it @woodywood143!

Very nice, the pattern and colors is great :)


Thanks brother!

This is fantastic! The vibrant colors are what got me going most. Very trippy and "enter the system" feeling.

Great work! Followed, etc etc 😋

Together, let’s build a wonderful
💙 Steemit Community 💙


Excellent, @faceofbear! I'm glad you enjoyed! Followed you back!

Wonderful! The effect is great looking at the painting from the distance.


Thank you @aci7! Yes, that is one of the intentions here!

Love it! I love the color pattern that you used


Thank you!

Very cool piece ... I like the composition and color palette - nice focus on the center, Stan @stanhopeofficial - BTW ...I am a musician as well, here on Steemit also with my artist wife, the painter and World Music artist @yuccarose


Awesome, thanks for the feedback, @peterheckmann! Glad you enjoyed!