Day 1: My journey back starts! Not a pretty picture, leave a message for an upvote!

in life •  8 months ago

Full disclosure this is what I look like today...
I have only touched up the glare from the window...
This step (Showing a picture of just me) is extremely tough for me.....
My whole life I have never liked taking pictures of myself or having others take pictures of me.

Children and adults ridiculed me for my weight even when I took it off.

So day 1 started with 420 cal low sodium breakfast...

Here were the ingrediants:

Plus 1/2 cup pineapple (50 cals)

morning snack dried fruit 2 date, 3 prunes and 20 raisens (60 cals)

Lunch was brocolli rabe in linquini with garlic and ricotta (about 500 cals)

afternoon snack a frozen yoplaut yogurt (60 cals)

Dinner two small potatoes microwaved then outside quick crisped fried in olive and coco nut oil mix. (250 cals)
Ketchup 6o cals.
Bottle of Ginger ale 200 cals.
Total calories for the Day under 1610 cals....

Stood for approximately an hour....
I'm still getting over the flu, so I'm not going out to play trivia with my friends Hillary and Angie tomorrow
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Wish you success in your healthy diet! Work it out! You can make it!
Lets eat healthy and live healthily too! I need more exercise as i hate exercise, I feel exhausted when exercise.


thank you....appreciate the encouragement


You are welcome. Thank you for upvote and tip my message. I appreciate it too, as a newcomer i put a lot effort editing photos and write post but not always being noticed.

Oh ya, oatmeal is a good choice. You may try and see.


yea its a good form of fiber,

If you add an egg and milk and a grinded apple you can make great hot cakes....with no cane sugar!


Oh really? No fluor needed? Just bake it? Or steam?


Yep just pan fry, on a non-stick pan...with thin spray of olive oil....


Alright, I will try it and hopefully not long from now and I will show you the result.

Is this a contest? How it goes?


yes it's a karhma contest....
You get Steem and upvoted for following me and upvoting!


Ok, thanks for it!! It's helpful to me!

You have to want it, image what you could do with 100lbs less weight on your body. Exercise is the key, any type of exercise is better then nothing.


I agree whole heartly ....
thank you.....
Please come back in the future I need the support (and kick in the butt)

Sorry to hear that you have health issue, hope you can overcome it soonest possible.


don't be sorry....

be part of my solution ... follow on my journey and keep me on the straight and narrow!

Keep up the good work you have my support 👍😊