I seem to have been gone for a month...

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Back in January I was still really struggling with my mental health, and while I was doing ok with adapting to the anti-depressants, I was not noticeably getting anywhere. I was also still struggling with my neurological dermatitis, despite the ointment. An additional treatment that the specialist had talked about was reducing my stress load.

As a result of that, I put in an application for 3 months deferral from my studies. I also stopped actively looking for work or housing, both off which are still sources of stress, but weren't actively making things worse. I have made sure that I get at least 2 days a week where I get to visit with my partner and little girl, who I can't believe is 8 months old already! I also have been pretty forceful in creating a new routine.

2019-02-28 13.45.13.jpg
It's such a tough life, we all need a little nap every now and then

Bed before midnight. Ideally every night, but hasn't entirely worked out that way. Weigh in every morning. Current marker is 7 days in a row at 60.x kg. Target is to sit between 58 and 60. The high was just a touch over 70 though, so I've come a decent way since then, and I'm down 5 since around November.

And sorting out the other medical stuff while I'm on this break too.

Early Feb I went and saw a specialist and got surgery to correct a recurring stricture, and while he was at it, got a vasectomy done. The day before that was scheduled, I broke a tooth, so a week later I went and finally saw a dentist. Broken tooth got pulled and the one in front of it got a sizeable filling. Follow up appointment on Friday to actually talk teeth and dental plan, but I've gotten daily tooth brushing and mouthwash back into the routine which is helping.

Oh, and my phone finally split good and proper. The screen had been lifting up, most likely from a swelling battery and while I'd taped it down to keep it going a bit longer, it was getting to a point of not being useable, so a replacement had to be obtained.

And in all of this, I kept myself focussed with a possibly unhealthy obsession with the Path of Exile league that's just about to wrap up. I reached so many new areas in the game though and it was incredibly entertaining and worthwhile.

Currently I'm pushing through the Diablo 3 season to be ready for more Path of Exile on the 8th when the new league launches (and @mattclarke's competition starts, as mentioned in my previous post)

My mental health has been slowly improving, and I'm looking forward to getting back to my study in the next week or 2, as well as planning a trip to Melbourne to visit @kintsukuroi and some other friends I have down there.

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Sorry to hear you’ve had a bugger of a time..... 😊🙏🏽☯️

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Thanks for sharing, and good luck on your journey forward.

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Sounds like you're taking some real big steps in your life, creating positive routines, taking care of yourself. Thanks for sharing your journey here, I wish you success, you got this!!

Thanks. It's never easy, but I've got a 100% survival rate and don't plan on changing that, so I'll just have to come up with solutions.

positive routines is at the core, and slowly they're getting them in place and sticking to them

I hope you keep writing about it :) It's interesting to read, and perhaps keeping a journal here can help you stick to your new routine.

Ahh Mousey you are still so little and cute even though you’re suddenly so much bigger 😆

You’re still having trouble finding a house? The rental market didn’t fall off a cliff along with the buying? 😖 well now that you’ve stopped looking hopefully something perfect or close enough makes itself available 😄

Keep forcefully implementing that routine! 😆

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Yeah, she is certainly still cute. Pretty much 10kg now so not exactly tiny. Will be interesting to see the next height (or length...) measure, but she's almost certainly going to be taller than me.

Well we still haven't found a house, but more looking would actually be needed. Am hoping that a solution becomes available at some point soon.

It must be hard for you. Keep well and do have enough rest @ratticus. 🍎 May you recover soon.

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Hey Ratticus, Im sorry to hear that you're struggling with mental health. Make lots of warm tea...Im aure its no cure for what youre going through but it sure as hell makes for a warm comforting feeling in your tummy 😊 keep your head up and your heart strong

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Tea isn't my drink, but I certainly know of how it's smell makes you feel better. I've tried so many times to like it, but it just isn't something I can stomach. A hot lemon with some honey however is great

Will pray for your full recovery @ratticus..hang in there :)

Your little girl is lovely!

And it seems that you've covered a lot of stuff, some clutter removed from your to-do's at least.

I cheer for your continuous mental health improvement :)

She really is a fantastic little girl. And certainly helps with my mental health battles too.

Clearing things from my to do list is also very helpful.

And then I have little set back days like today where one of my arms hurts and has tingling in the fingers/hand. If it's still about tomorrow, back to the dr I go

I'm sorry to hear about your arm/hand/fingers. It's always a bummer when we get to have setbacks, but then again we can look back to the massive ones we've overcome so far and look forward to surpassing this one! :)

Sounds like you've had a challenging time. But it's great to see you getting things in order, and also great to see you back on the chain.

Are you coming over to Adelaide some time soon? It would be awesome to catch up again if you do.

I'm hoping that maybe later in the year that could be a possibility. I know we're going to be in Sydney for Christmas though as we have family (my partner's side) coming over from the UK. There isn't an active plan on getting there currently though.

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Hi @ratticus, isn't it always the way when everything goes wrong at the same time. Hope life has improved for you.