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Yes, the Microsoft founder and the icon of the Third-World Humanitarianism has been kicked out of India as his fraud was called out. He came to India posing as a philanthropist and humanitarian helping the Third-World poor people by alleviating their conditions and yes, of course, “VACCINATING” their children.

But, only a couple of years earlier suspicions started to emerge. As, reports of their themselves being heavily invested in the companies which were manufacturing those vaccines started to appear. Native Indian doctors and health activists started raising objections as the illegality of the testing of those vaccines on poor children started to come out into the open. Suspicions arose that he may have committed a crime against humanity by illegally testing vaccines on poor innocent children. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been facing trials in the Supreme Court of India since then and a couple of months earlier they were kicked out of this country. So that, they could no longer kill innocent poor Indian children by illegal vaccine testing.

Back in 2009, the Gates Foundation funded the trial of Gardasil (Merck and co.) on nearly sixteen thousand poor and vulnerable tribal school children of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Many among those children fell terribly ill and at least five among them died. At around the same time they conducted the trial of Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) on some fourteen thousand tribal children in Vadodara a place in Gujarat, another state of India. Because of this hundreds of those children fell terribly sick and at least two among them died. Upon investigation it was found that in both cases consent forms were forged. As many of those consent forms only had thumb impressions, many among them were singed by the wardens, who were bought, of the hostels those children were staying in. Many illiterate and poor parents were coerced into signing it too. And the children themselves had no clue about the nature of the disease and the vaccines.

Sana Ansari, 19, her brother Mazhar and sister Asiya were all enrolled in the trial of Gardasil 9 drug - but she and her family say she had no idea she was testing the drug.

A petition which condemned these atrocities as “ crimes against humanity” has claimed that the Gates Foundation, the WHO and the Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), both of which supported these trials, were criminally negligent for testing these deadly vaccines on the most vulnerable, poor, uneducated and massively under-informed people in India. They were not made aware of the potential dangers involved in those trials.

Aman Dhawan, 16, from Indore, lost weight and strength after being enrolled in the Gardasil 9 trial, which he didn't know he had signed up for either.

When all this was coming out into the open an attempt to cover this all up was also made with the help of bought up Indian health officials. But, eventually Gates Foundation was brought under trial in the Supreme Court of India. A couple of months ago it was kicked out this country. People of India will no longer be the victims of these Nazi-like experiments. It is time these big pharmaceutical companies realized that India is no longer going to allow them to treat vulnerable sections of India as guinea pigs because they can’t do that in their own countries.

Whistleblower Dr Anand Rai (pictured), 37, lifted the lid on the scandal of illegal drugs trials in the city and now has been given an armed guard to protect him.

And, I am damn sure that the Western mainstream media was not at all talking about it. I am from one those States of India to which the Gates Foundation came. Time and again it has been proved that in India majority of health related issues are because of hygiene related issues like poor sanitation or poor drinking water and things like that. And, not because of the lack of being vaccinated so that big pharmaceutical companies could earn huge profits.
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Just because these innocent children are poor and vulnerable it does not mean that they deserve to be treated as guinea pigs for illegal and dangerous drug trials by big pharmaceutical companies.

Other sources from some of the reputed newspapers in India:


Good riddance!!! Only problem is he will probably be back in our face... Can't we lock him up?

they are too big to be locked up.

NO, they are not... and their day is almost upon them.
My heart goes out to their many victims. Such a terrible set of events.
I for one believe that Bill and his lovely wife should each be subjected to
no less than 100 doses of the poisons they've foisted on their victims.
But I think they will undergo something much worse.
The Truth is coming out, and their being in the public eye in all of this
will be horrific for them. Then Jail!

fascinating, this great astrologer doing a recent take on his story...

Summary: "from hero to zero" this year. Possibly 2-3 years until everything comes out in full public disclosure.

Shall be interesting to see what unfolds. Already off to a 'good start' with how hard he got slammed on social media this last week...

And still nothing happened to him, in fact he only got more important. He never fell. That's the printed with the Western world it's always about how rich you are. Big Pharma pays for our laws and controls our leaders. They literally killed 117 holistic and regular doctors over a cure for autism.

Thank you for posting this important info.
Glat to see people keeping an eye on this news.
Upvoted! Steem On!


thank you so much. Love and respect to you.

Much respect to you.
Welcome to SteemIt.
Will be following.

"Take your mercury bomb...I mean vaccine now kids". It could toxify your brain and possibly severely damage or destroy important synaptic connections, effectively turning them off (think autism or downs syndrome...stuff like that). With the shit they're doing with nano tech these days, I trust NOTHING they put in a syringe.

Forget about the western media, not even the Indian media is keen on following such issues.

I think its time that all NGOs should come out absolutely clean on their funding and cash flow equations before they claim to be 'philanthropist'.

What if the mainstream media and NGOs start declaring their net worth, assets and liabilities on a daily basis ??

Indian media and Government is completely under the control of the Bilderberg group. If PM Modi doesn't implement cashless economy withing the next 5 years, he will be removed. Prev PM was also an IMF employee, and Sonia Gandhi is a Jesuit asset.

Bill Gates is a Bilderberger, So is your Ambani. Their primary Objective, as given to them by the Rh- Jewish Jesuit Bankers is that: Population must be reduced. The rising population is now a threat to the 200 trillion $ oil reserves which is reducing very rapidly. The vaccines Gates used on those kids had live viruses and cancer causing retro viruses in them, designed to kill. Gates also controls monsanto, which killed 900,000 Indian Cotton farmers in 2015 alone, basically eliminating private farmers and establishing corporate Bilderberg control over the food resource world wide. He has also built large bunkers in Iceland to store the original food crop seeds while flooding the markets with GMOs designed to destroy cancer resistance and lower fertility. What we can see in India and Africa is purely eugenics, they are depopulating mainly the non neanderthal non Caucasoid races like Negrito and Porto Australoid.jeff.png

What a shame that Indian media doesn't cover it at all.

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Bill & Melinda Gates do a lot of excellent work and their intentions are good.
Sorry to say but India needs population control. They are on track to exceed China's population, but without high IQ. #GlobalDumbingFertilityIQByCountryGovernment.jpg
Many Low IQ people have high birth rates while High IQ have low birth rates.

Hitler thought the same about some races and nationals. Are you a descendant of one of the German scientists of operation paperclip?

thing is... no.

They're still doing work there. At least they were in 2019, years after this "news" came out.

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