they are too big to be locked up.

NO, they are not... and their day is almost upon them.
My heart goes out to their many victims. Such a terrible set of events.
I for one believe that Bill and his lovely wife should each be subjected to
no less than 100 doses of the poisons they've foisted on their victims.
But I think they will undergo something much worse.
The Truth is coming out, and their being in the public eye in all of this
will be horrific for them. Then Jail!

fascinating, this great astrologer doing a recent take on his story...

Summary: "from hero to zero" this year. Possibly 2-3 years until everything comes out in full public disclosure.

Shall be interesting to see what unfolds. Already off to a 'good start' with how hard he got slammed on social media this last week...

And still nothing happened to him, in fact he only got more important. He never fell. That's the printed with the Western world it's always about how rich you are. Big Pharma pays for our laws and controls our leaders. They literally killed 117 holistic and regular doctors over a cure for autism.

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