You have blocked nose? Not anymore

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Do you often have a single blocked nose or both nose are blocked? Tired of taking medicines or other chemicals? There is a single remedy and it does not involve taking anything!

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The human body

This is the most amazing machine that is available on this planet and without proof of other civilisation, it may be the most advanced thing in the universe.

We may rely on external sources to repair our body but it has its own mechanism provided that we know what it needs and how to do it.

Unfortunately, when we are born, we don't come with a manual that we can refer to in order to find the cure of our own diseases.

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We rely on information on others to give it a try and sometimes we don't believe in other people's experience and never give it a try.

So what if it takes only 1 minutes to test something and see if it works for you? Don't you have a minute for your own body?

Unblocking our nose

That's right, it takes only a minute and this can help you forever. The first thing that we need to do is remove all the air which is in our lungs. This is done by exhaling through our mouth all the air. Don't worry you will not die!

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Once you have exhaled all the air, breath in through your nose even if it is blocked. Once your lungs are full of air again, exhale everything back out and breath in through the nose again. Do not do it quickly. Exhale slowly through the mouth and inhale slowly through the nose. You need to do this 3 times for it to be effective.

Once you have tested it and find that it works for you, keep reading to find the proof of why it works.

Why does this works?

When we exhale all the air which is in our body, we create a vacuum in our own body. There is a difference in the pressure in our body and in the outside world which is created. When we inhale from our nose when our lungs are empty, anything which is blocking our nose is slowly dragged out.

If we perform the exercise times, it will unblock our nose completely. We can feel the phlegm that was blocking our nose to slowly come down through our throat.


I know it works because I believe in my body. It has everything to help me fight anything provided I am giving it the right food and nutrients. But this way of unblocking our nose has nothing to do with nutrients and it is something anyone can try before taking any medicine.

Though this breathing type is a meditation technique, it does not require advanced state of the body and mind to be effective.

You can give it a try as it takes only a minute and a lifetime free of medicine :)

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You would like wim hof he's all about breathing

Hi! Few days ago I read your article "The slow death of our electronics" and it was amazing. From then I am following you regularly! Thank you for this article, my doctor suggested me the same last week to get rid of allergy.

That's really great to hear XD

Thanks for the follow! Hope you also find your area in Steemit where you can express yourself freely.

If you need any help or advice, do let me know :)

Thank you very much! Dear I have just written an article can you please check it if it's good or not?

I gave it a quick try now, nose felt a little congested. It felt better for a little bit then it got back to the way it was. I'm definitely gonna give this a try when my nose is a lot more blocked. I really hope it works, I hate it when I can't breathe normally cuz of a blocked nose.

You should do it as slow as possible and ensure that you remove all the air in the body.

When I first tried it didn't work perfectly but after doing it a few times, it feels awesome to have both nose unblocked without taking any inhaling pumps!

Wow, this is very interesting 😮

It reminds me of pranayama, and more specifically the Wim Hof method. I've always wondered why my nose becomes unblcoked and feeling very light after doing the Wim Hof breathing, and now I've found an explanation.

Great article @pisolotionsmru! 👍

Really nice to have helped you in understanding the way the body behaves :)

Does the technique works well for you?

I find that it works for me. I usually do it in the morning when I wake up, when my nose is the most blocked. It's a pretty good technique I believe 😀

Thanks for validating the result.

When I first tried it, I was amazed by the effectiveness of the result :)

i enjoy your post! thanks

Checked your post XD

Also be careful when you ask for upvote and resteem in comment. You will get flagged easily.

There are other methods to promote your post :)

thanks your post!

I also read that if you hold you breath long enough the brain will be alarmed at the lack of oxygen and activate some sort of survival mechanism to clear the congested nasal passages.

Not sure if it works, though.... 'cause if I think about it, why would the brain let our nose be congested in the first place if our body have the mechanism to clear it.


Interesting! Maybe this is also true but in the end, why would our brain keep it congested in the first place :)

Hi, I like this informative article on block nose, helpful information provided by you and I love to read more reason and remedies for getting relief. Thanks for sharing

Do make some research!! You might get some more interesting benefits not written in this post :)

Very interesting. I will be trying this! I agree that our bodies have the power to heal themselves and remedy it’s own issues. Thank you for explaining the science behind. It makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the great comment. Indeed our body is more powerful than we know XD

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