Law of Attraction - Psychological point of view

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Law of Attraction

In the New Thought philosophy, the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships. 

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By now you probably already heard about "The Secret" or "Law of Attraction". I will briefly explain for those of you who haven't, the law basically implying that if you believe in something really hard or think about something all the time then the universe will or some metaphysical force will attract it to your life. 

I and many of you guys, don't believe in supernatural forces. The law of Attraction isn't working then, right? I wouldn't rush to say that! 

The Psychology Behind

Think of your brain as a search engine, when you think about something, you filter unnecessary information and search for the wanted result. 

Let's say you decide to be an entrepreneur and you focus your life on that. You think about it all day, and it became a big part of your life. Suddenly you start seeing more opportunities, you notice ads online and videos that relate to that, as you start researching this opportunity and get into them, you find more and more related information. One you act some of the opportunities pay off.

What happens is when we think about it all the time our brain will unconsciously understand the importance of the idea and will automatically pay more attention to related stuff. Stuff that were always there but you didn't notice until you paid more attention. 

Lets follow the cycle here:
You think about it more 👉 You pay more attention 👉 You see more opportunities 👉You try more things 👉 you get more results
Its all very logical isn't it?

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If you try more things you get more results

Let's say you want to open a business, and the business does not o well, most of the people who go through that experience will go back to their old life and will lose believe in themselves and the business.  But you don't, you have full belief in the fact you are going to succeed, the business fail but you still believe that you gonna make it. You open another business!

Who has more chance to succeed, the person who is ready to open a business or the person that is sure of his success no matter what?

So if you believe in the goal, you will try more and if you try more you fail more but you also succeed more!

Source: AZ Quotes

The Conclusion - Law of Attraction is a beneficial 

I don't think there are any energies or metaphysical forces in play here. But the belief in the law of attraction does bring positive results in the long run!
If you believe in something really hard you will think about it a lot and will pay more attention to the subject, your attention will bring opportunities over time, the more opportunities you try the more results you get.
And there is another factor that the strong belief will stop you from giving up and will allow you to try another time when you fail.

Even if you decide to take the psychological and logical perspective it doesn't matter! you can get the same results with the facts in mind.

You are not attracting the ideas to you, you are attracting yourself to the Ideas!


I decided to share a video of Garry V talking about his own opinion on the "Law of Attraction"

What is NLP?

Type Of Thinkers - Which are you?

Breaking Down Reality

🙂Thank you for reading!🙂

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Very motivating post. I have seen the video "The Secret" and and it is a very powerful video.


Ye, my post is not exactly about how motivative is "The Secret", but thank you for commenting anyway :P

I for one believe in the power of the law of attraction. No I don't think that its any kind of magic, it is just a fundamental power that we have over ourselves and the world around us. It is the basis of our thinking that most of us ignore. I am going to follow you. I like how you present yourself. Upvoted, resteemed and followed. Would appreciate the follow back. <3


I did followed you , upvoted too . I'll too appreciate follow up back


Thank you for a great comment!
Will follow back ^^

Really good informatinal post




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It is ALL in our heads ;)


Yes, it is eventually :D

Very well said... you don't have to buy into the spiritual aspects at all for it to work... the change in attitude itself can have tremendous results on its own... if you behave like you will succeed, eventually you will...


You are absolutely right my friend, thank you for the comment ^^

You have some really great post here @paps, i also took a look at your profile, you are good, keep commenting and get yourself know more, but i suggest not to always put link to post in the comment, because some whales may be seeing it as spam, otherwise, you deserve more visibility in my opinion.
Steem on !!!


Thank you very much :D I appreciate it!
I know some consider it as a spam, but there are always negative people who won't like something you do! This is my way of promoting my self and I always try to leave an honest comment with the link :)
Thank you for the comment again that means a lot!


My pleasure :D
nice pic ^^

I think this goes back to the power of positive thinking. One needs to take action as well. Mould your thoughts, do affirmations, set short term goals and avoid negative people. A good article. Followed and upvoted.


You are right, all those Ideas can make a positive impact on our life and the reason to why they work doesn't matter :)
Thank you!

Great. 100% legit ;)


Thank you ;)

great post!


Thank you!

I love it. and completely​ agree with everything you wrote. Keep it up. Looking forward reading more from you


Thank you :D

Great post! It truly makes sense when you think about it. Although I believe we should point out that there are also negative sources of attraction, such as drugs and similar things.
I'll be reading you, paps!


Yes, there is such thing as a negative focus but I don't think drugs themselves, for example, are a negative thing but you surely can use them in a negative way.
Thank you for the comment :)

Won't count this out completely, but cute girls still make me nervous... I gotta just work at it; I'm sure everyone gets nervous at one point or another anyway!


Maybe if you change your point of view it will be easier. Right now you tell yourself that it makes you are getting nervous and your heart rate, blood pressure and you feel something in your stomach or chest right? But all those symptoms can also describe excitement as well! Try observing the feeling instead of letting it have an effect on you :)
Thank you for the comment !

Very well artjculated post buddy. Upvoted and following u as always. Regards Nainaz


Thank you as always ^^

Everything that we construct in our reality we construct first in our mind. Very good post.


Thank you!

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thank you for sharing this. I keep thinking about the law of attraction and keep meaning to re-watch the secret. I find that if I find myself doubting from time to time, it's best I revisit the law of attraction and bring it back to work for me.
well done, sir.


My pleasure! thank you for reading :)
We don't have to believe in magic, it's enough to have a positive mindset to get the same psychological effect. I can even say that I find it more effective if you combine that with realism.

Thank you for this summary.
There is so much to tell about the law of attraction and in marketing, ​it plays a huge role.

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Words of wisdom again! There are many that teach you to put your goal in life on your fridge (vacation, $, weight loss) so that you see it many times a day to keep it top of mind.


Yes, it's a good Idea, I like to just write it.
I think about it every time when I meditate and I call it Brain Tattoo :)
Thank you for the comment!