Inspirational story of my Maa that always keep me going

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Hello guys today I want to Introduce you with my world without which my world will be totally blank. Believe me totally blank. They are my everything my heaven, my god, my guide and the list will never end. I am able to write over here in steemit in english language because of them. So let me tell you the most heart broken story of me and my parents. Hope you like it.

I belong to a BPL family. At times, there was not any environment for study. All the members of my family did not believe in education except my mother. She was married at the age of 17 when she could not pass the HSLC exam.(High school Leaving Certificate). The condition of my family when she got married was very extreme. No family members was able to sign their names. Then the struggle of my mother to lift my family up was begun. Let me tell you the story properly.

She was not even allowed to sleep with her husband

Me and my mother are best friend. We exachage everything between us. One day she told me that she was not allowed to sleep with her husband for 3 years after her marriage. I become little introspective and asked her about the matter. Having a conversation with her I cleared it out and able to know the matter. My granny is so orthodox and she is 88 years of old. She had only for cows and one hector of barren land long ago. She is so strict that without her permission no one can even displace a single stick. Let me come to the story now. At the first night my granny sent my father to a marriage near our village. My mother waited long for him, he did not come. Next day my father asked to sleep in separate bed because my mother was the choice of my granny. After 3 years finally she was allowed to sleep in a same bed and few years later, our family was blessed with a handsome elder brother.

Story of my dumb brother

Unfortunately my elder brother had not blessed with voice. All were in depression. They had been worshipping for the proper voice for him and went to many temples. After making many promises and donating a small tongue of gold in a temple called Basedeva he was able to speak at least Maa(mother) and Baba(father). Gradually, he was able to understand people's talk. At the constant effort of my mother he was able to pass Higher Secondary. Now, he is In mumbai as a bar tender earning a salary of 10,000 per month. He is also able to update with social media and all basic nessecesy knowledge to survive. He stands in this position for the constant effort of my mother. He even can not read the letters but good in mathematics.

Our family was blessed with another son

Yes, it was me. After two years of arrival of my brother I came to my family. All was in fear as me too not blessed with voice. For the constant worsipping of my mother I was blessed with voice and able to speak within 1.5 years. When I turned 4 then debate and discussion had been going on between my granny and mother as to where they should send me for primary education. My mother wanted to send both brothers in a private school taking all responsibily on her head with the support of my father. My granny did not support her as she does not believe in education at all. My father stood silently by my mother's side. My father went out from home at the age of 16 for earning a livelihood. He is still working in a firm at a monthly salary of 12,000. He did not know or was not aware of the power of education. He still support my mom, it is a great inspiration for her. Taking all risk on her head she sent us in a private school for our primary education. I was doing well in primary school and my mother got good feedback from our teachers. My brother could not understand anything they taught but my mother still urged them to teach him in what way he felt comfortable. Both brothers growing day by day and it was very difficult for her to pay fees as he had to manage the rest things like electricity bill and all. Now I would like to tell you how she planted a tea garden in our barren land for earning some money for our education. Please be with me.

How she planted a tea garden

My mother was a member of a saving group where every member saved 20 rupees(Rupee is Indian currency) every week. After few years they got 5000 rupees for each. She wanted to fulfill our barren land with tea plants. She bought seeds of tea plant and started a nursery. After one year she planted 3000 tea plant and started looking after them. While doing so villagers criticised her as how she could manage such difficult task. Without giving any heed to them she went with her flow. At her maintenance within 4 years tea plants became matured and by selling tea leaves she somehow able to manage financial crisis and we were able to continue in the private school till the class 10th. It was my time to give a good result for her.

How I am happy right now

I passesd high school leaving Certificate exam with 90.16 percentage with letter marks in all subjects. My mother burst in tears as her hard work from the age of 17 to the age 36 finally paid off. I was so happy to saw my mother happily serving guests came to congratulate me. People did not come to my home as they were busy with their works and they are high professional compare to us. Gradually the noise of results came to an end and the main problem was to send me for Higher Secondary Education. My courageous mother took a descision to send me in one of the top private colleges of my state and I passed out with 80% in science stream with a little help from my relatives and my friends. Now I am pursuing in zoology from Darrang college, one of the best institute in my state. Additionally I am doing NCC (National Cadet Corps) and spend somtime at Herbalife for earning some money as a part time.

I stand in this position only beacuse of my mother. What l learn from my mother is that whatever may be the situation your hard work and constant desire, dedication and determination will alwyas pay you a very fruitful and wonderful outcome. She is my constant source of inspiration. So, it's time to meet with my world, here she is, along with my father. Well, say hello to them.
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I also add a screenshot of a video call with my brother we had recently.

Thanks for reading my blog. For more update stay tuned.









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That's an inspirational story, mate. It's quite a hard to take things alone in this journey journey of life. Only once you put things together to where they should be, world knows you and recognise you, will realise that they were wrong back then.

More power to aunty 💪


Yeah she is strong enogh to cope up with such calamities. Thank you for dropping by @iamsgr

Thats great to know that your mother never gave up at any stage of her life. Hats off to her!

Which state do you belongs to @pappubhai?


Yes @sathyasankar she never gave up. Success does not come overnight, it can be achieved through step by step. I am from Assam, which is famous for its flora and fauna. The largest tea garden of Asia is also here. I would like to add a more info. that there present total five national parks of which Kaziranga National park is world famous for its one Horned Rhinoceros .Have you ever been to Assam.?

Mother the living goddess


Yes, in this world, if unconditional love exits, it is not but warmth love of mother.

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