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Trust me, for the right person, rocks can be the perfect gift!

Of course diamonds were once called "rocks" before people started calling them "ice" or "bling," so back in the day, a pretty lady might like some "rocks," but I am NOT a pretty lady. And then, on the street, "rocks" often means crack cocaine, so a crackhead might like some "rocks," but I am NOT a crackhead (really, I'm NOT)....



Yup, these are "just" plain, old rocks, and I think that they are a great gift. Perhaps not for everyone, but certainly for @papa-pepper! Thankfully, people know what I like in these parts, so a neighbor had his son stop by the other day with an offer that I couldn't refuse.


They had just "picked their hayfield," which means that the family walked back and forth across their hayfield picking up every rock that they could find. These days, most of them were smaller rocks since the family has done this before as well. For a hayfield, rocks aren't all that useful. Hay doesn't grow in rocks, and they can damage the equipment used to make hay. For them, they needed to get rid of them and thankfully they knew just the place.

I just let the boy dump them in a pile on my land, since giving the gift and thinking of me was enough. Soon, I had them loaded into manageable and movable amounts by filling up eight five gallon buckets with them. This not only allows me to transport them easily, I get a free workout every time I carry one of these around the homestead. So, why would I even want rocks in the first place?

If you saw the way that we are building raised beds on our homestead then you'd already know one use. By building the raised beds this way, it's cheaper than cinder blocks and longer lasting than railroad ties. I like to use what we've got available and whatever is free, so rock beds it is!

Actually though, these smaller rocks will be ideal for my rock columns on the perimeter fence. In fact, I've still got a ways to go before that project is finished, so perhaps this was just the neighbor's way of telling me that he's tired of looking at a half-finished fence... Hmm, I'm not sure.

In this video from last year, I talk about rocks as a resource, and some ideas that we had for them. It was part of a four part series where I talked about being B.L.U.E.R. (Building Legacies Utilizing Earth's Resources.) If you watch the video, you should know ahead of time that there is a lot of insect noise in the background.

Anyway, I'm not sure what you think, but I think this was a great gift, and I'll certainly put them to use!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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@papa-pepper - Such a badass way of showing everyday people - especially non-homesteaders how to make multiple uses and more importantly very practical uses out of earth derived assets that most would just think are "trash"or "useless" - YOU ROCK!!

Thanks so much for or putting a smile on my face brother!!


LOL - Thanks much for that comment!

Anytime Brother... I love reading your blog as many others do as well.. I'm just coming back from a month long Steemit hiatus so I have much reading to catch up on from my favorite Steemut bloggers!!

This suggest that every thing which is there in nature can be used it has to reach the right person example for the chemist diamond and coal only emits carbon when burnt but for jeweler diamond is more valuable.

Hi @papa-pepper

I really like what you're doing with this rocks. Other may not think of its value but there is value in it.

By the time you'd had finished your fence, people will come to realize that you were wise by getting those rocks.

You're a man with a vision. God bless your efforts @papa-pepper

Waao that's a nice use of Rocks and iam agree with you that before knowing the value of diamonds people used to call them rocks or something that shines and using them for building the raised beds is a great option and also save time and money,

I always wonder that how many animals you have in your farm.😅

I found this out the hard way when putting together a small pond on my allotment. I never planned for needing so many rocks for the shelves/ borders.

Not having a car at the time made acquiring them challenging to say the least. (Not to mention the gravel for the bottom). Still, I left no stone unturned and eventually ended up repurposing some of the local stones used for landscaping (which now have purpose!)

I think acquiring the damn rocks took up about 90% of the build time!

Your neighbour did you a real favour.

The creativity with the tick was dope.

so papa-pepper can put a stone for the fence yes, I can but not yet proficient.


Wow, that look interesting too!

yes thanks papa -pepper

Upvoted and following.
I'm a rock hound myself.
Thank you for sharing this...

Wow..very innovative idea..

What an ingenious way to use this natural resource I congratulate you, @papa-pepper, the stones have some appeal, you can even use them as ornaments as my friend does @petronila


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