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It’s interesting how life works out this way sometimes.

Time and time again in my life, it seems that I’ve had past experiences that come in very handy these days. One particular “recurring experience” comes from being in the foodservice industry. While I would have never thought about it back then, it is amazingly helpful in my life now. Here are the two main aspects that have been a blessing lately.


If you've seen some of my food posts, then you may have noticed that I like to cook in bulk. Basically, if I'm going through the effort to make a meal, I'd actually like to end up with two or three meals and save myself a lot of the effort later. Whether it is thirty or forty breakfast burritos or a giant post of stew, we like having enough leftovers to cover another meal. While we may need to invest slightly more time when we are coking the first day, the following day becomes a breeze to prepare the meal, since we usually just have to add heat. This tendency didn't just start for me when the @little-peppers came along and our family started to grow.
At many of my jobs in life, food preparation was part of what I did. Often I was a cook, dishwasher, delivery man, or waiter, so I understand a lot about making and serving food. Part of what I frequently had to do at many jobs was "prep work." Many hours were spent making giant batches of coleslaw or tossing hundreds of pizza doughs. In the fast paced restaurant world the more that you can reasonably work ahead, the easier it becomes to produce the finished meal in a timely manner. Also, at some restaurants, there is such a high probability that certain foods or dishes will be ordered soon that the kitchen crew may even work ahead.
Even when this is not the case, a streamlined repetition can set in. I experienced this at a pizza place down in New Orleans. When you've got to make an incredibly number of pizzas as fast as you can you learn how to best do it. It becomes a one man assembly line sometimes if you don't have any help and pizza after pizza is created back to back in the best possible way. If you don't learn to streamline the process and take care of multiple things that make sense all at the same time, eventually you are buried and everything grinds to a halt. A lot of the same skills that I learned in situations like that can now be applied to doing things like making forty burritos at a time, when meat and eggs must be cooked, tortillas heated, and cheese melted; all in a way that doesn't overcook or undercook anything and ends up having the whole pile hot and ready at the same time, without any being burned or cold.


Both in the food-service industry and not, I've managed to work my way up to the point that I often had to supervise people. This would include scheduling, training, disciplining, and a lot of other tasks. To try to organize almost eighty people in a factory to get the job done safely and correctly or to take twenty people at a pizza restaurant and make sure that every order and delivery was completed accurately and in a time fashion can be daunting tasks. Then sometimes you wind up with crews of supposed "adults" who are basically whiny overgrown children throwing fits and hoping to spend their whole shift outside on a "cigarette break" texting their girlfriend and chain-smoking.

Needless to say to be growing my own "crew" of helpers is a lot better than dealing with some of the issues that arise when dealing with some of the "workers" that I've met over the years. The @little-peppers get to have a lot of fun and enjoy playing too, but they actually like to help, learn, and work, so we toss them into the mix which age-appropriate jobs suitable to their capabilities and skill levels. In many ways, preparing a meal around here can be somewhat similar to running a restaurant, and I'm glad that it worked out that way. Also, I used to lament having to learn "useless information." What I mean "useless information" is job specific info that doesn't really have any specific application anywhere else in life other than when working that specific job.

Years ago, I never even wanted to get married, much less to have a family. Now, the marriage is incredible and the family is certainly growing. It is a huge blessing to be able to take all of my experience and apply it in a practical way on a frequent basis. I think that if we think hard enough we can usually extract the benefits and blessings from past experiences and be able to somehow apply them to whatever we are dealing with now. At the moment, I am already blown away by what these children are capable of, and also what they are willing and even excited to do. If they are so skilled and knowledgeable already, I cannot wait for the days ahead.

A few times I've been asked, "Why do you have so many children?" Personally, I don't think that five is a lot, especially when we have friends with eleven, thirteen, and fourteen children. Once we even enjoyed a dinner with the Duggars who have even more. Anyway, my current response about why we have so many is, "Because we need a lot of help." I like this answer, because it really makes people think these days. Often, children are seen as a hindrance and not a help. Often, people think that children are a curse, and not a blessing. To be honest, we haven't received one yet that we would "send back" if we could, or that we wish had never been born. I think that a lot of it has to do with how people view children, and what they are raised up to be. If I treated my children like burdensome, incapable inconveniences in my life, I'm pretty sure that is just what they'd become.

For us, it just makes more sense raise them up to be the opposite of that. Everyone of our children is perfectly capable of sitting on the couch and watching cartoons while we the parents cook breakfast, but they are also capable of pitching in a hand and getting the job done more quickly!

Until next time…

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Such a great post @papa-pepper! I have 4 kids and really need to get them helping out in the kitchen like yours do! So inspiring :)


Glad to hear that I can be inspirational!

I especially like your summary.... "Every one of our children is perfectly capable of sitting on the couch and watching cartoons while we the parents cook breakfast". I have witnessed at a hotel continental breakfast the following.... A mother gathering a plate of food for a healthy capable teenager and then bringing it to them and even going so far as to cut their pancakes into bite-size chunks. What happened to the old saying "you don't work, you don't eat"?.


Wow! For a teenager? I'd let them fend for themselves at a continental breakfast!

I think its great to have your entire family involved in home projects! ☺


It really helps.


You are doing really great sir...keep it up and god bless you. Im Happy with your beautiful family.


Preparing in bulk is far more time efficient, even when you are lone person.
Knowing what keeps, and what needs to be cooked fresh.
Often, it is just the melting and browning the cheese that needs to be done at serving time. (its a mouth feel thing)

I am glad to see you are getting all your kids involved at all stages.
This really is stuff that should be learned at 8 not 18.


This really is stuff that should be learned at 8 not 18.

You are so correct about that! Thanks!

lovely cute.


Thanks! They sure are~

It's been amazing to see so passion and love for cooking lots of love @papa-pepper
Keep it up😊

So many good things to learn in a single post of yours.You are talking about them from your expereinces.That is most nice thing here.


I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

steady, habits very rare by another man, you awesome @papapepper


Thank you very much @tamy.siagam!

your child is very sweet and understanding the same parents. I pray to achieve his goals

Awesome post and adorable kids! Growing up as 1 of 9 children that my parents had, I agree with you 100%! We all had chores growing up and I believe it made us better adults. My first job was in the food industry as a prep cook and that time has proven most helpful as well in life!

is it good to cook in bulk?
and I love your cute childs:)

Want my family to come to me amazing and cute as yours.the little Peppers🙌🙌

You've got a really lovely family.

You have such a great family. Have a great day my friend!


Thank you! I appreciate it!

Thank you so much for that! I think it is really easy for most people to get frustrated because they are doing "meaningless" jobs. I think that term is ridiculous though, because no matter the job it is never meaningless. We always learn something from our experiences and if we can use them to help our daily lives, we will all be a little better off! I love hearing your personal experience with your family and how your work has helped shaped your daily life! :) great post!

have a good day cute baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
amazing post sir thanks for shereing

Thank you for this. What a nice treat. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

My blessing arrived 7 months ago. Hoping to raise a similar manner. :)

perfect family with cute childs.. i like n love him .. :-) :-*

this is very good friend,
family is always present to help activities @papa-pepper.


Thank you my friend!


your welcome,
success is always for you my friend.

It's admirable , big hugs to all and thanks so much for share these bits of your life.

wow when most of the women complain about cooking you have mastered the art in it and enjoy :) that is awesome

I sometimes cook ahead. I make 3-4 days worth of meals in one day. It does take an entire day but is sometimes worth it. You cook for many many more people ! LOL! Yes, teaching children simple everyday tasks will help in the long run and also is a great bonding time. Enjoyed your post. Upvoted.


Glad you liked it! Thanks!

I am just one of 11 children, it was normal back then (aunts all had 8 and up).
Now days unless you are in farming it is just not acceptable and is frowned on (not that any of those fine people are paying your bills, they just want to tell you what to do and how to live).

I say Congratulations to you and your wife for providing well adjusted children who will be the future of this country and will have their little heads screwed on straight when it comes to the reality of how to work, how to grow their own food and how to harvest any animals!
They are learning things the right way!

I Liked the Title of your post - "Running a Crew" and "Cooking in BULK".. which I do occasionally.

It certainly does make cooking the next day a breeze [and LESS Clean-up, which I really like ].

My Family's gonna be making a big batch of Canoli soon ♦♦ It will be FUN! It will be my 1st try at an #ITALIAN #DESSERT.

When u said, "Sometimes you wind up with crews of supposed adults who are basically whiny overgrown children throwing fits and hoping to spend their whole shift outside on a "cigarette break" --WELL, I Related as I can recall working as a Pizza chef & I was doing the Night shift when a FOOD FIGHT broke out [Doggone Teens who are undisciplined ] ☻

Appreciated yr Post, will re-steem.


You could feed an army with those kids!

That's a lot of cooking. Reminds me of being at a soup kitchen or a restaurant. You've got a whole production going there. Good to get the kids involved though.

My wife's sister and her husband have a list of chores for their kids to do and it really helps the house function because there are so many things to do. And it teaches your kids to be responsible and actually do work. Then they are less likely to be those "adult" babies who don't actually do work.

Also, please send some burritos this way. I'm hungry now. :)

And of course congrats to your wife for all of this too! Amazing family. Wish I had a big family too.

@papa-pepper Love it :) Wishing you all the best.


In the not to distant past, any farmer or "worker of the land" would typically have a large family for this exact reason!

They probably needed more hands to tend to the land and thus the more kids the more the family business could likely flourish.

It seems that It's more so in the modern day, since city style living where costs are so freakin high and ppl spending all of their time away from family working have this 1 or 2 hatchlings mentality. TBH, more than a couple is probably going to be financial and mental suicide!

I loved this line "..Then sometimes you wind up with crews of supposed "adults" who are basically whiny overgrown children throwing fits and hoping to spend their whole shift outside on a "cigarette break" texting their girlfriend and chain-smoking."

bursted out laughing my man!

You're definitely doing something absolutely invaluable for your spawn.


Thanks for that! I'm glad that you could laugh at that part!

Once you've reached three children the parents are outnumbered and you might as well keep on having more! Ha ha! My children are grown and gone and/or working, and I have been shocked to discover how much longer it takes to do certain tasks without any helpers. I've had to re-think my priorities and give up some of the projects we used to do as a group.


Interesting. I never thought about the effects that a lack of help may have in the future!

If a couple think that children are a burden, then they shouldn't have any. I have four sons. We wanted a large family. But it worked out that we have four healthy sons who have given me 7 wonderful grandchildren. I can't imagine life without my family. You have one advantage over me. Restaurant experience. That would have been so helpful around meal time!

Great post on family cooking.

Haha ! I love it @papa-pepper !! Your only half way there with 5 @little-peppers !!! Keep up the great work , they all,look very happy and healthy !✌👍😀 👭👬👫👪👫👪👬👭💑 Blessed !

Cute Children... cute family. Nice share!

The most admirable thing about you is that despite being always active in the network you leave time for your family. regards


Gotta be invested in that family too!

Good post lots of benefits .. Her children are funny ..

Proper adjustment to the attitude knobs is the first place to start. It looks like you've mastered that stage and you can just tear those knobs off and proceed. Many hands make light work.

Seems like a better options also, for those of us who dread washing the dishes.

It takes great courage to have 5. You must have exceptional great love for children.

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