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@Papa-pepper harvesting a deer, @mama-pepper capturing a venomous snake, and much more!

Okay, so most of you know that my life can get kind of rare. One wife, five children, and adventures around every corner. Tonight, it was one interesting occurrence after another.


The first thing to happen was a big doe showed up back on our land. She was usually hanging out on a daily basis, until bow season started. Since then, she's been absent. Tonight, though, she showed back up. Around here, we've got lots and lots of deer, so harvesting them helps keep the population in check. Since right now is the "private land anterless" season, it is small bucks without antlers and does that are in season.

This doe was big and hasn't had a fawn with her, so I headed outside with the crossbow to give it a try. After lining up my shot and firing, the deer took off. I had no idea if I hit it or not, but since I've hit every deer I ever tried to shoot, I figured that the chances were pretty good. I told the @little-peppers to look around and see if they could find the bolt (arrow) or any blood, and I took off into the woods to see if I could find the deer.

After much searching, I still came up empty. When I returned to the place where I shot the deer, I was able to find half of the bolt (arrow) broken off. It appeared to have blood and hair on it, which made sense. When I asked @mama-pepper and the @little-peppers if they had found anything, they said "Yes," but then mentioned that it had nothing to do with the deer.


While I was out wandering the woods, my @little-peppers had been taking care of our evening chores and encountered a small, but venomous, Copperhead snake. Somehow, @mama-pepper was able to capture it and put it inside a jar for me. That woman is skilled, but perhaps a bit crazy as well. She probably blames me for that. Either way, I was seriously impressed with her.

At this point I chose to enlist the assistance of Monster Truck the Pepper and our dog, Rosemary. After I showed her the broken bolt and let her sniff it a bit, we were off into the woods. Sure enough, after a while, Rosemary found a bit of a blood trail. A little later, I spotted some more. It became difficult to guess where the deer went after that, and the blood trail seemed to end. Eventually, I took the dog back before venturing out again.

Once my son and I headed back out, it was already dark out and we were mostly guessing. While exploring a field, a noticed something high up in some tall grass. It was a baby Rough Green Snake! This is the smallest one we've ever found, and it sure is cute. So far we had gotten two snakes as a family, but no deer yet.

We had found more blood, and some fresh droppings (poop). Soon, we found the deer and my hunt was successful. It took a very long time to locate, and we walked around a lot. I was really happy that I did not give up, and that my hunt was successful, because I would hate to kill a deer and not be able to use it for meat for my family. I know that every deer will die anyway, but when they die for a purpose, I think it is better.

I hope to do some photo shoots with the snakes before letting them go, so stay tuned for that. Let this story also be a reminder for you not to give up too easily. I easily could have given up and never found that deer, but thankfully we kept going. Tonight, I'll be making some venison jerky! Be blessed!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Praise be to God @papa-pepper our Heavenly Father Loves us and Once again he Shall Provide............
Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need. (Malachi. 3:10)


Amen, the family prayed before I stepped out with the crossbow, and my boy and I asked Him for help while we were in the woods trying to find the deer. Thanks for the reminder that He answered!


It's a Beautiful Thing Papa and Amen............

Glad you were able to locate that deer!
Nice shooting tex. :)


Me too! That makes me seven for seven deer hunting so far!


Holy Crap! That's pretty awesome with a crossbow.
You have help from the big man upstairs. :)


Five with 30.06, two with crossbow.

Heh, danger noodles =3


Lots of them!

Little cute snake 🐍 with big eyes.
They come all shapes and forms.
What a beauty it is.

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Awesome to see you being able to put up food for your family!

Glad you found the deer. I wondered if it had been mortally wounded or not...

Do you take the copperhead away from your homestead before letting it go? I found one of those in my barn under a hay-bale, I'm sorry but I didn't let it go, I can't have those living in my barn, the kids are in there all the time.


I will relocate it to a land far, far away.

Your business is successful, deer shooting is quite good.

Great job hanging in there! Responsible hunting is not only good for the animal, it is certainly good for the freezer!!!

haha @papa-pepper can't miss! :P

The fact that she catch a venomous snake is awesome! I would have taken the crossbow and hit it :P