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Lots of pics ahead
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This will cover fitness-related stuff I do in a day!

I start the day with this:


A pitcher of tea, smoothie, comprised of pea & hemp protein, mushroom blend, adaptogens, greens (kale, spinach, seaweed), and berries. And Spirulina, which is an amazing food-thing I recommend to anyone.

Every other day I make a batch of homemade buttermilk biscuits as well, and I eat more than a couple of those.

Image 2.jpeg

I must admit however, that I fast for at least a couple hours after waking up before I eat. I don’t know exactly why I do this, but intuitively I know it is the right thing for me.

At this point I should also add, I am not one for asceticism at this point in my life when it comes to food. I eat decently, but I generally eat one junk food a day, unlimited, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Such as chocolate, popcorn (the homemade kind with real butter), potato chips, and Cheetos even. No shame. Don’t want y’all to get the wrong idea based upon my breakfast 😉

Sometime midday, I venture outside for the first “activity” of the day. Usually, this is having fun on the trampoline. I don’t do anything specific, I just have fun. However, it is great cardio, warms up the muscles, and the kids enjoy laughing at me.

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At this point, when I go back inside, I might lift a few reps with the dumbbells. I’m at about 20 lb currently. My goal is 30! 😜

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.53.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 3.06.44 PM.png

Later in the evening, once it’s nearly dark, I do a short jog or sprint. I try to alternate- and by sprint, I mean run as fast as I possibly can for a relatively short distance. My favorite way to push myself is to race my ten-year-old. Spoiler: I don’t win. Yet! 😉

I enjoy looking at the sun as it sets, and I usually stop on my jog to do the evening sun adoration (Here is a post about that). As I jog back toward my house, I watch bats as they zig zag this way and that, dipping toward me periodically. The first light in the sky appears, which has been Venus for a while now. I admire the various planets, including Saturn and Jupiter, as the sun disappears completely.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 3.14.56 PM.png

Before I return inside, I like to get some positive beats flowing through my headphones and dance in the darkness. It is a cherished part of my day, especially with the post-jog endorphins flowing. This past month I have expanded my musical horizons to include hip-hop and “intellectual” rap, and the experience has been extremely positive.

Here’s one:

And another!

Back inside, I complete a few more sets with the dumbbells. Then I get to work on a quick circuit training routine:
-50 jumping jacks
-25 high knees
-20 leg lifts
-10 push ups
-25 jumping jacks
-25 mountain climbers
Repeat X1

This ends the “active” part of my day. A shower, a snack, an open window, books, journals, and meditations fill the rest of my waking hours while my children sleep peacefully.

Hope this was a good read! I am a ridiculously private person, so this is a lot more sharing than I am accustomed to 😄

Love and Light

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Ohh great !!!
So, this is the reason why you are so fit and healthy.
thanks for sharing with us!
only one thing that I cant understand in your schedule is that you said " I fast for at least a couple hours after waking up before I eat"
Actually scientifically skipping or delaying breakfast is not good for our health. people who skip or delay fast oxidized more fat, meaning their bodies broke down more of their stored fat reserves, on days when they skipped breakfast. That may sound like a good thing, but the researchers say it could have a downside. It suggests an impairment in metabolic flexibility, the body’s ability to switch between burning fat and carbohydrates—which “may in the long term lead to low-grade inflammation and impaired glucose homeostasis,” The researchers concluded that because chronic inflammation is known to affect insulin sensitivity, skipping breakfast could contribute to “metabolic impairment,” which could potentially raise the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. people who wanted to lose weight “it might be better to skip dinner than to skip breakfast.”

Great shape girl, hope you hit your 30Ib goal soon.