Behind closed doors

in life •  2 years ago  (edited)


She appears strong and and brave, but deep down, she feels weak. 

She tries her best to reach out to those in need, but who is taking care of her needs? 

It looks like she doesn't ever cry, but she cries like a baby.

@ogoowinner is a human too. She has her own pains. She has her own fears. Though she let's out a helping hand to others, she needs help too. 

Behind closed doors, she cries, she feels helpless, she fears and she wishes you cared.

Everyone wants to be cared for.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to be accepted.

I am no exception. 

All images are mine. 

Thank God it's Friday. 

@elyaque made this beautiful badge for me 

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Love is what all human crave for. We are denied of this love from those around for many reasons.. Ranging from selfish, greediness etc.

But this can't or ought not to make us shun love.

Our real personality is behind close doors. There is where we choose to cry laugh out loud and appreciate ourselves.
We have the right to be happy, yes to be appreciated.. But when we didn't see this coming, when it seems our love is counted as foolishness, go behind your doors, and encourage yourself.

@ogowinner, your have shown love to many in this platform appearing not to have personnal problem just to take care of other's. Behind your close doors always smile, remember even if many do not appreciate you some little still do. And will always want to help out.


Thanks very much for this kind words. They mean so much to me.

Behind closed doors, she cries

Your tears are rewarded.

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Thank you. I'll go through it.

I think some images used in this blog posts are not referenced. Lol
You look awesome :)

Lol! Thanks @greenrun.

Thanks for helping Kemi too. I really appreciate that. God reward you for that manifolds.

You are the one to thank. I only clicked on a link. You are the one doing the greater job. Kudos.

Always looking beautiful. Every one has his/her weak point, so no one is perfect in nature. @ogoowinner you are indeed a beautiful asa nwa.

Thank you.

@ogoowinner damn you are beautiful 💯✔
I feel your moods in every letter in this post.
@udezee will write a poem soonest to embrace your heroics and comfort your pain😄👏👏.
If I say your steem power isn't the major reason I'm on your blog, then I'm a liar🙇.
I gat to see your username on @tojukaka'post and decided to follow you as I'm a Nigerian and so are you.

Its well, 💪💪💪

Thanks for reading.

@ogoowinner it's my pleasure.
Please watch out for the poem in your honour on my blog soonest

I will

I'm visiting your blog because of this poem, @ogoowinner! I'm glad I did, and got to read this post of yours. Be strong, and courageous! Do not be afraid! For the Lord, your God is with you. I have not read enough of your material to know if you are a Christian or not, but I hope these words from the prophet Jeremiah are an encouragement to you that you are not alone!

I'm following you now, and any time you need advice from an older woman, don't hesitate to DM me in Discord (mitneb#0032). Sometimes it just helps to have a sister to talk to.

Happy friday to you too.i felt the words you wrote down because they are somehow relatable. Just stay strong.

Thank you.

Thank God its friday. We care for you in a very special way and you know it. Just a step away from you.

Thanks @turpsy.

Hmmm behind the close door inspiring post madam @ogoowinner and this pictures are stunning.

Beautiful pictures mama,that is the sad reality of life we all want to be care for,thanks for sharing @ogoowinner

Those are some really wonderful and beautiful pics dear thanks for sharing this post with us :) have a great weekend

We're all humans and we ain't perfect but we'll keep living it and striving for perfection. Most importantly, we should always find out time to always motivate ourselves on any area of imperfections cos that helps us become better version of ourselves. You may love to read this post about motivating ourselves here
Lest I forget, gown gi Mara nma and then ginwa dikwa so fine

This is wonderful...don't worry eeh, we know say, in fact in know say you fine die. But for your pains, you can always count/lean on me.

💪🏼 Preech!!

Sometimes in life when you are feeling sad and blue, the best way to recharge is to spend some alone time with God not necessarily praying, just talking.

You look beautiful, by the way.

U want me to be sincere??? Ur beautiful pic didn't even allow me to even concentrate on what you were writing at all... Was just rushing d write up to see d next pix... Indeed, u are really a pretty distraction.

I will really wish to Hang out with u in person, that's if you aren't married?? 😉😉😉

Happy friday sis
Its ok to be human
Endeavor to stay happy


This is so sad and yet so true.
Its true that every strong hero needs another hero. That's just how it is, you're strong because of the love and support other people give u and it reciprocates. Good post!

This is a sad reality, and I feel you for that. Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)


Beautiful and thoughtful!

I think perhaps all any of us want to experience is to be "seen;" truly and deeply seen for the authentic selves that we are.

And sometimes I also believe we teach and talk about the things we most need to heal in ourselves. What are we looking for, when we teach others self-love? What are we looking for, when we teach others about courage? We want to be seen, and we want to heal those places inside ourselves where-- possibly-- "the absence of" left us with wounds.

Wow touching tho
Btw you look amazing 💯💯

I remember the first time I ever met you sometimes in December when I was depressed because my introduction post got lil or no upvotes. @jamesmovic gave me your no and he said, chat her up she will help. I did ad without you knowing me you did help and I was so excited. You are a blessing to many. You may think people don't care but they do. They wish they can show it more than they do. Sometimes the respect they have for you is why they care from a distance. You inspire me and I see you and I'm like I want to be like @ogoowinner. I want to also help people someday and touch lives. You appear so strong, who could tell what happens behind closed doors? Now we know, I'm sure we will care more but life is this way, it gets tough along the way but only the tough keeps going so no matter what it is, put it together. You are a sensation to many.

yes we are all humans. Life is full of ups and downs. Never allow anything to make you unhappy. Move on because it is Friday

Just know that you are loved and people care about you. Just incase you need someone to call, you know I'm always there. Love you sis..

And somehow, it feels like you are okay deep inside of you.

Perhaps, people are not seeing beyond the castle wall.

Everyone need love and care in this world that's true dear beautiful post :)

This reminds me of a song....
Im not really being me by jessie j

Nice one

wonderful post dear @ogoowinner you are the winner and rightly said we all need support in life :)

Looking awesome and fabulous as always : )

But we are free to keep loving @ogoowinner

I understand your fears dear, afterall you are just human. It's okay to cry behind closed doors sometimes( I tell you everyone do have their moments) , for these tears freely flowing from the heart makes you a better person, more equipped to handle life's exigencies and put you on the right pedestal to forge ahead better. As you care for others, don't think your time for reward will not come. I lend you my shoulder, it is wide enough. But you fine sha.
On a lighter note, how are you able to cope with admirers?........ Lols

@ogoowinner, i am begining to feel the love in the air, i will like to resteem this post on the valantine's day.

You are a truly excellent person who deserves the best of everything life has to offer. The positive ripples your actions and help on Steemit have made cannot be overstated or overlooked.

Seeing you feeling down hurts in a way but then I remember that we all feel that way sometimes and thus that all this means is that you are willing to be open and vulnerable to your Steemit family -- and that justs makes you win even harder. In that openness, courage, in that vulnerability, wholeness; a person willing to be all of herself to all who witness her, to channel her authenticity to the power of good.

Take a breather or a rest. Care for yourself. Bubble baths and ice cream, AC and your favourite book. Steemit will be here when you're rejuvenated.

Oh dear @ogoowinner, i know you deserve more than you are getting. I stumbled on your blog few weeks ago,and i can accurately predict how good you are from the pidging contest to you trying to raise help for kemi and many of your motivational posts. Though,it is a fact that every motivator needs another motivator.
I wish i can be there to celebrate you and motivate you always.. But hear this,probably you might be motivated through it, every of your posts has always been timely for me like a time bomb,they do come to me when i need them the most... Thank you for being you @ogoowinner.

Mummy you're so beautiful
I love you so much

Ma'am, @sirlahmjr neva see una hand for my npc ooo

Most times we do not get as much love as we deserve, the best we can do is to love our self so much and hope that we get someone who loves us to come along soon.

Wow.. This is motivating. No body is an island!