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ogoowinner 2.jpeg

@Ogoowinner Here, @Ogoowinner there
People keep Appreciating your handwork
The way you do things perfect like men,
Your amazing strength comes from deep inside,

How you do it? you should write a guide,
Your words and actions always inspire,
The way you do it, I truly admire.
When I look at you, I'm very proud,
Not afraid to proclaim aloud.

Every challenge that you face,
You manage it, with so much grace.
This strength of yours often amazes,
You deserve more than just praises.
With all you do, I hope you get rest,
The rest of us, are profoundly blessed.



In regards to my comment on @ogoowinner's post today here
She's a gem💎, the woman of our time, It's worthy to note even if I just got to know her, her latest post inspired me to write a poem in her honour.
she's truly a woman of virtue.
Just as @surpassinggoggle @greenrun @ausbitbank @stellabelle @davemccoy @danielsaori @mudcat36 @deliberator @ackza @curie @followbtcnews
#minnowsupportproject #poetsunited #newbieresteemday who are a umbrella to we minnows, so is @ogoowinner.


ogoowinner .jpeg
@elyaque made this beautiful badge for @ogoowinner

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I am @vickyrich

Thanks for reading @vickyrich

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Hey... @shahaaan.... Remember the name... :p

@shahaan yeah I do

I like how you have the inspiration for the poem in the same post!

@xwarrioryz thanks for your warm comment.
Do follow back

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Thanks to you, @udezee, and this really cool and encouraging poem in honor of another Steemian, I have been encouraged today. I visited @ogoowinner's blog, and read a couple of her articles. You are right! She is an amazing woman, full of wisdom and energy. I'm following both you and her now.

I've upvoted and resteemed this article as one of my daily post promotions for the @mitneb Curation Trail Project. It will be featured in the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report for 10 FEB 2018.


@mitneb I'm speechless, your comment has taken me from nothingness, you resteeming my post in honour of @ogoowinner caught me unawares.
I'm following you back, thanks for promoting and curating this post in advance, it will mean alot to at @ogoowinner and her entire fans

HAPPY STEEMING @mitneb 👌👌👌

Thanks for this encouragement, @udeeze! You've made my day again!

Thank you.

@ogoowinner you have been a Ray of light to the community.
I hope I was able to put a smile on your face.
God bless you.
Our wonder woman

Wow! This is a very powerful poem, full of respect and admiration. She really sounds like a superhero!
Thank you for sharing it with us 💚

@zen-art you need to check her out, she's a wonderful person.
Thanks for reading

Awesome poem and a post overall :) I am happy that you have joined Poets United : ) God Bless You. Peace and Love.

@angelveselinov haha😂😂 I'm glad you liked it.
God bless you too
More grace to #poetsunited

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