Please Stop Taking Your Shits Above The Heads Of Actual Content Producers: Thank You

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People! I've been here three days shy of three years!
Maybe I can't remember what I ate for dinner yesterday. So what!
That doesn't mean I don't know what's up.
And no. I'm not talking about that opinionated woman named, Whatsup.

It's time to cool your jets!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Fire.png

It's about damn time

I freak the bleep out!

Bottling it up will be the death of me! Do you want me die? No! Of course you don't — unless you're one of, those people.

And I've been dealing with those people and their shit since day one.

So you want to be a rap superstar
And live large a big house
5 cars, you're in charge
Comin up in the world
Don't trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

Things Changed.

But some things never change.

Raise your hand! How bout them hardforks, cuz!

As actual content producers, we had to spend more than two years watching the worst "promoters" in the history of promotion boost complete bullshit nonsense stuff nobody cared about all the way up to the top of the charts. We had Joe fuckin' Nobody, first day postin', roastin' this platform and boastin' about how he's coastin' his way to the most, man!

Goddamn did I ever make bank writing parodies and mocking these, "Hi! I bought a trophy today and it said 'Best Blogger Ever' but then I magically forgot I paid for those votes and fronted like I was a famous bitch with a big fat ass and fur coats!"

Bank that turned into bunk because these motherfuckers decided it would be wise to turn this place into a joke where the rewards come easy; "holding is for chumps" and now, because of them, the handful of that change they now own because of themselves ain't worth two shits at the dung parade. Good going, pussyfarts!

Money only has value when it's hard to get so use a drill and apply that to your head!

So these motherfuckers

would buy up $200 or more!

Setting the goddamn standard. "If you want to make the trending page, you gotta pay what I pay, or more!"

I could pull up a post where I laugh my ass off at these chumps, talking about how they set the price for their own demise and ain't nobody talking about that shit, but I won't because you didn't believe then so you won't believe me now.

CHB four times a day! Hundreds per poppity pop! You want to compete with that organically? Good fu-clucking luck!

I will save your life for I am doing my best to be the cult leader you always wanted NOW PLEASE, read this long ass copy/paste bullshit essay I post every day to show you how much I care after I'm done with what I have to say!

I'll take drivel for $200, Alex!

Where are you now, mommypumper!

Getting downvoted! That's where!

So up rise the reals deals.

Get that play outta the way and all you're left with is people who have actual shit to say.

Oh, Hi!

Nice to meet you!

I'm one of them! Enjoy your stay! Worked my way up, all the way, and if I can do it, you can too, okay!

We didn't have that before.

But we still have this:

Screenshot (666).png

I knew this would happen.

Raise your fuckin' hand if I licked your balls.

That's the response you get from some people when you make the goddamn trending page organically around here.

Some of you who've followed me for a long time have read my posts all about, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Shit! I could go back years and bring up a link from a post I wrote saying, "WTF we doing? Why are we waiting for big stars to show up? What's wrong with embracing the talent we have now?"

It has always been a struggle here but that struggle is what I signed up for!

Yet I couldn't believe so many were keen on turning a blind eye and making success here almost unattainable. That was before the paid votes fiasco! I've been waiting for a platform that simply allows good producers to thrive, no strings attached, for nearly three years!

Under those #oldsteem rules, I get it! I hated that!

Things change and now all those who worked their asses off to get somewhere are still thrown under the bus?

No no no no no no no no no no no NO!

Things changed.

I know for a fact, in the past, some dipshit with "not financial advice" charts reached trending because of whatever, bullshit. I know for a fact, in the past, some people piddled away with each other's tiny little cocks so they could earn a few shiny little tokens. I know for a fact, in the past, some wannabe famous like right the fuck now people bought their way to the top, so they could earn fuck all, while their MASTER earned a fortune for doing nothing but laughing all the way to the bank.

This ain't then!

If No fucking Names Left the fuck To Use can make the trending page...

That means the door is wide open.

I saw some dude on the trending page who missed the rains down in Antarctica or some shit! No paid votes! Dude went to Antarctica. Dude took pictures. Dude posted that shit here. Boom! Trending like it should be! No paid votes! Dude owns the world!

I saw some other dude bitching and a fucking moaning about how his video was downvoted because he used paid votes. Get a life! Do you seriously want to do something awesome and then PAY people for something that is free? You feel BULLIED because you decided to push everyone aside and diminish their chances of hitting a top slot?


Can lick my balls.


I know how it is. I watched people get shitted on for finding success here, for years. But now, it's legit. No games.

I knew damn well I'd be on the receiving end of some flak, just for doing something everyone here wants to do.

Bullshit! Get a grip and some other nineties idioms while you're at it.

No content producer here now should fear doing well. People VOTE. They give a fuck. They want to see people succeed.

If all you think it takes to get somewhere is a little bit of whale ball licking, then why the fuck aren't YOU hitting center stage? Huh? It's so easy like that, so do it! Lick some balls! The rest of us will just do our thing while you work on that lollipop of yours.


Some music before I go...

Have a nice day.
And quit shittin' on those who done good.
...because that might be YOU someday.

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All content within this blog is 100% organic ACTUAL CONTENT and contains no paid vote additives!

"Why get treated like shit and hold it in? That's not my pain. I don't need it."

© 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.

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entertaining and true. I'm going to keep making content and someday it will get some votes. But not because I paid for them!!

It'll come. Just add yourself to everything you do.

There's one.

Yeah. That. And well said.

I haven't been here quite as long as you, but I have definitely seen this place neck deep in shit shovelers while being sold a bunch of nebulous platitudes about nobody caring about quality content and other similar nonsense.

I've been in some variation of the art business since 1985 and the writing business since high school (yes, I'm effing OLD...) and artists and creatives pretty much always get shit on by those who think that (a) giving a shit about what you do is for chumps and (b) if you're artistic (or otherwise creative) not merely doing your thing "for the love of it" is selling out.

To which I say:


I don't even see mustard in there! You see this, people!

No mustard!

WTF! Lol!😂

Money only has value when it's hard to get so use a drill and apply that to your head!
--Absolutely agree! No pains, no gains. No one wants to wasting time on reading gabage content. I admire deep thinking and creative ideas!

No pains, no gains. This is true. And we can helpful, too. I see you're new. Here's a vote for you. In seven days, you'll get paid. Power it up. You'll need more Steem Power in order to be able to comment and vote for the things you like.

Use that site to monitor your ability to do certain things. If the Resource Credits bar is empty, you can't perform actions here until it charges back up. Your voting power is also important. We only get to use about 10 full power votes per day.

Try writing a formal introduction and use the 'introduceyourself' tag. It's doesn't need to be too formal. It can be whatever you want, but make it pop and hopefully more folks will see it and vote, so you can then earn more Steem Power to help get you started.

Enjoy your stay.

Thank you so very much for your vote and warmful guidence. You are so kind! Thank you!

NoNamesLefttouse is a legit content creator. I am proud to upvote most of his posts. Sometimes I miss one.

Not only that he speaks his mind, argues and pulls no punches.

On the other hand, when the argument is over he lets it go also.

I don't always agree with everything he says, I don't always love every post he makes, but he is legit.

Still he needs to learn to take a downvote like a man.


Those weren't downvotes, that time. That was just someone being a punk and then it stopped once I said some shit and sometimes that crazy kid upvotes me now. There's more than one way to take a downvote.

That's even worse, whining without downvoting is annoying.

You whining about what you think is whining is even more annoying ;)
P.S. I was joking. Skim this to see how well I handle those situations. It's kind of funny.


Oh come on. Whatsup can take a little bit of that razzle dazzle.

So hodl, don't dump it?

Do I look like a this isn't financial advisor?

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Yeah, There is nobody on here that I agree with 100%. But you can look at someone overall and go...good peeps.

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you licked mine but it was before this place...behind the Denny's...

Was that the memory you were thinking of when you picked your user name? .... never mind I guess that would have been lickeditt

suckeditt & lickeditt didn’t have the same ring sadly.

But no. My memory is spot on. Pretty sure it was a Denny’s. Like 98.4% Denny’s. 1.6% IHOP.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Which means 0% Waffle House. I knew I liked you. Haha.

It is @Blewitt because I hear he just didn't do a very good job... not even good enough to get pancakes after.

You promised not to tell!

You also said we’d enjoy pancakes after. I guess we are both liars.

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Oh so you're going to bring up the waffles now, huh?!?!


Well said, sir!

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Confirmed, nonameslefttouse is a non-ball licker.

Not even salt and pepper can save you now.

Well said man, I get tired of hearing the whole, you must have licked balls schtik. Mostly it comes from motherfunkers who couldn't produce content if they tried. And even more hilariously is that whilst they cant produce content they certainly think they can judge it. There has been no shortage of judgement by these folk over what is and what isnt quality whilst ignoring anything that can be considered original or worthy of eyes to the platform.

Fock em.

And CHB, where is he now? I thought he just wanted to spread that spirituality? :OD

It's old. How many times has this come up? Too many. These folks need to learn there actually is another way to get somewhere and it doesn't involve any kind of bullshit whatsoever. That comment/mentality/example was directed at every single producer here who's doing well organically. Why shoot them down!

As for those buying their way to the top... I remember a few occasions when the bots would market their bullshit service using lines like "This is meant for those who are confident in their work and READY for the world to see them!" Much like how a fake diet pill promises confidence and a happy life, but no promise of actual results. I'm not surprised someone who couldn't perform without steroids now can't perform without steroids.

Hehe, yeah, they were very keen to market themselves as promotion bots. For posts that people felt should be promoted up for visibility.

Funny how they don't like paying for promotion now eh! Surely it couldn't have just been for the ROI steem printing machine they were doing it! HAHAH

It's painfully obvious now, it was all a lie.

Some of those folks were so angry about 50/50 yet had no issues with earning sometimes far less than 5%? And they left that genius legacy plastered all over a blockchain, forever.

So many lies.. . By the users and providers, laid bare now. I hope people remember in the future when these people say other things

If they forget, it'll most likely take another two years for them to be able to even notice they're getting screwed, unfortunately.

Lol those CHB posts were awful and I didn’t need even visit trending that much but even I saw them as way too much I don’t know how anyone else dealt with it! Actually won a meme competition meme’ing his bs once lol

I’m actually quite liking the complaints from bigger accounts who buy votes or have vote trading circle jerks now being disrupted

It’s about damn time! The compliance is real on these accounts I can put out anything get my 10-40 bucks and move on!

The whole point of Steem was to be a place where content can compete regardless of who posts it but it’s been a pay to play it popularity contest.

Lol I don’t have a community who supports me, I don’t bid bot, all my votes I get are a lottery every day and sometimes I do win something

It encourages me to create not knowing when I’ll hit there big time lol that for me is the fun part but then again it’s not for everyone

I tried talking to that guy. I've met more interesting walls. To me it looked like he had a deal going, buying votes, setting the trending page fake value, forcing others to pay that much, then they all padded their wallets. The posts and words were just filler, in my opinion.

I'm seeing a lot of folks now hitting those bonus rounds. Have you noticed how you want to try harder? Maybe there's a bit of pressure to do a good job? It's a good thing. It's contagious as well. Before all these changes, we were attempting to chip away at a wall with a plastic spoon, trying to get somewhere. Now it seems there's a mountain ahead, but a clear path that leads to the top. It won't be easy, but at least everyone can see a chance of getting somewhere actually exists.

Oh I can totally see that it was filler and the sad thing was people would engage with the content hoping to get some scrappy upvotes and it would seem to the untrained eye as if this person was a popular author lol

I don't see anything wrong with making steem earning harder and encouraging more manual curation and actually using your brain instead of these mindless botting and circle-jerking. It is contagious, I can see people who I used to upvote because I liked their stuff get more rewards than they ever had before, they were just going unnoticed

I also see some bid botter peeps powering down and leaving.

I see people trying to bid bot smaller amounts to try and fly under the radar

I think this DV usage is only the beginning. People who like this new ecosystem will earn a stake and buy a stake and support the way it works and im keen to see how it plays out. Yes I agree on there is still a mountain of abuse but now we have something to work with

I always said one of the biggest problems here was a severe shortage of curators. All that SP was centralized into a few paid votes, and those people earning were being paid to look away. How can someone see value in something if it's as easy as breathing in air?

Can lick my balls.

'nuff said.

Not sure how I stumbled onto your raggedy arse, but now an like a bad foot fungus.

Thanks for always being straight and funny with your writing.

Should make it into a book. Coffee table edition. Hard cover only. I'd buy it.

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Thank you for just.. whatever. Thanks. I don't know who the hell would buy this post for their coffee table but I know I got a book's worth elsewhere.


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I've had a run-in with that soul sucking wanker before, needless to say he's got me muted.

@justryme90 100% ball licker.

You do a fine job of getting muted.

I have a certain set of skills


Is that the new training video?

Some of the newsteem fundamentalists seem to think so.

What the hell is a newsteem fundamentalist?

I just thought it sounded cool :(

It does sound cool, especially when you say it like a muppet.

you haven't licked my balls yet, maybe soon?!

Not until you apply the peanut butter.

Upvote for bashing CHB "artist" 🤣👍🙌


Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Whats funny is people start complaining after a fucking week that some people are actually succeeding for once after years of getting minimal results. Listening to random nobodies with no stake in the game for too long can give you a brain aneurism.

Posted using Partiko Android mean all this time all I had to do was LICK SOME BALLS??? WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS ART FOR???

LOL! Exactly! HA! All my art depicts the act of ball lickery!

I saw some dude on the trending page who missed the rains down in Antarctica or some shit! No paid votes! Dude went to Antarctica. Dude took pictures. Dude posted that shit here. Boom! Trending like it should be! No paid votes! Dude owns the world!

This was the most warming part of your post. Long may it continue!


I hope it only gets better!

I think it is great to see some very random but decent posts in the Trending section and that Antarctica post deserved some attention.

and these guys think so too:

On top of that, it highlighted another factor that has often come up, get paid to consume. I saw the post come through my feed as a resteem and voted on it at 50 minutes after posting:

I consider that not bad, and I am assuming the person that resteemed it to me did much better than that, as they should.

When it comes to ball-licking activities, I know nothing about that however, I have successfully built up some relationships through my posts and comments. For those who care, it is all on chain and the only things I do off chain are chat and plot how to take over the world. Oh, I do that last one on chain too....

I saw that post at about $40. That didn't stop me from voting, late. I found it on the trending page. One of the coolest things I've seen there in a long time. I saw the Boom up there today as well!

Getting paid to be entertained is how I put it and yeah, somehow, miraculously, since I don't really try hard to 'maximize', I earned over 15 STEEM in curation rewards from whatever happened a week ago yesterday. 15 in one day and for the most part, I'm throwing votes around at random, whenever I run into something I like.

Getting paid to be entertained
15 in one day and for the most part, I'm throwing votes around at random, whenever I run into something I like.

Yep, it is a very cool idea. For the first time, a day or two back I added a couple autos on a small handful of people that I read as I wanted to test the differences. Since 95% is manual still and generally I vote mostly at the end of the day, not as they arrive so I don't think it will change anything.

At least through my eyes, this place is looking better and I am discovering content that I wouldn't have a few weeks ago.

I saw that post at about $40. That didn't stop me from voting, late. I found it on the trending page.

I forgot to add, what I like about voting at this point is even though the curation return for me is less, I think the return for the author is higher as the vote value increases due to the curve. This means that each additional bit of attention is more valuable.

Even though it's less, late, it's still more than before. I didn't need a hardfork to change my voting habits. I would have voted anyway, as I've always done. Sure! It's nice to stumble into a post early and you damn right I'll try to get my vote in if the stars align like that, but whatever though, it's still more than before. Voting late does give the producer more as well, which is cool with me! I could be doing this another way, where I donate and that money is gone forever, then I have to donate again and again and again. Why though? That's the old way.

In your other comment you mentioned how the place is looking better. I agree. Still not perfect but obviously moving in the right direction now and I suspect things will only get better.

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You have said a lot of things I agree with and felt/feel myself. I am hopeful that the changes will change things for the better.

They are changing. Some old stuff needs to be put in its place and everyone will need to sort that shit out before it gets out of hand.

Well that account got served some balls. I sense a hint of jealousy around #newsteem, which is a shame but I guess part of life.

You stuck to your guns throughout, didn’t change, and now the rewards are back again. Good!

I'm just thinking back to the times you and I discussed what life would be like here if some of the SP locked away in the form of paid votes was unshackled. When I came back in May, even more was locked away. I didn't think I go on for much longer. Not like that. Nobody needed to change though. The platform was the problem. At least now there's something to work with.

Dont bother .... ignore them

Usually I do. But even when I'm out browsing around, reading comments, and see someone say something like, "Everything here is shit," that bugs me. If I wrote a post every time these things happen, that's all I'd write about.

I dont know man. I think what we have now is better for now. I do believe that even if it might be solely because of the abuse fighting.
Still, there are circle jerks and lack of content variety at the moment as well.

I dont know if i can attribute it all to HF21, i probably cant but ive seen people simply disappear.
I was a big fan of the music community here, checked a few days ago and Openmic is dead. A competition that ran weekly, gave out probably tens of thousands of USD with more then 300 weekly entries with the top 5 every week being objectively quality creators.
A community of more then 500 people just gone. Is it price, is it the fact they rarely got any attention?
In HF21 i dont think they have any more chance for getting attention then in oldsteem.

Thats not the only example. Slothicorn another example and their art community.

Price was a great factor in these cases but do you really think their fortunes would change now?
90% of the trending is Steem related.
Shit, i even get 10$ per post for my abuse fighting that is related to Steem.
Im not saying thats not great for me, yeey me, but honestly, me writing a few thoughts about stuff isnt great content. It isnt content that i want to see dominate Trending.
Even this post of yours. Great for you but this isnt something i want to see trend every day all day.
I mean people voted for it. Proof of brain is there, its not something to downvote but we need more variety in talent and Steem is turning into an echo chamber again.

Problem is that its hard to find the quality i would want to see. Its gone and where the attention goes to is the place thats the easiest to find. Steem content.
I cant give an answer right now as to what we should do exactly but im looking at the trending at this moment and i cant say im happy with what im seeing.
Im happier then with the old system, but not for much.

There are issues, and people who are getting somewhere honestly are sometimes being treated like shit, as if it's impossible to get anywhere honestly. That's been one of my biggest pet peeves since starting up here. I know about vote trading or circle jerkers or whatever hell it's called these days. Just because that exists, that doesn't mean everyone who gains traction here must be involved in that shit. I got some votes. That doesn't mean I kissed ass for them. If people want to shoot others down for that kind of behavior, direct it at the people doing it. Why make everyone look bad?

I haven't seen anything about Slothicorn in a long time. Months. I've been following a lot of art with the Creative Coin tribe, haven't seen the tag at all.

I'd prefer to see a variety on the trending page and far less Steem content. Nothing I can do about that. I am seeing a better mix every now and again though. I just voted for some art not long ago, and I think that hit trending somewhere high. A few ads popped up, which is annoying.

Music. I wrote a post a long time ago wondering, with only a couple of votes handed out, why was I making a list of top curators in the music tag? That was a long time ago, before the hardfork. I see a lot of music popping up here and there though. Have a look at the tribes. Unfortunately I don't have much stake there to support them further, beyond Steem.

Yeah, this post won't be on trending forever. Have a look at my previous post. Some art and creative writing. This was creative writing as well. I write rants in character. Bit of a show with reality combined. Not really anger. You can see by the reaction, it's just messing around and these folks know me and my ways.

I don't like writing about steem stuff, for the most part. Sometimes a public service announcement reminding people to at least try to be respectful, after we've had to put up with enough shit over the years, is necessary. People want this place to thrive, and when that happens, people get shit on? Make up your minds.

I really hope the Steem content slowly dwindles down to be part of a variety. Some of us have been saying it's not wise to focus only that stuff, for years.


so use a drill and apply that to your head!

This line made me spit out my tea

LOL! Sorry for making a mess!

takes time, do it for yourself, fuck the haters. Steem still seems cliquey with groups that upvote each other, different accounts, same person, same shit on trending. Then the whole pay shit, where you pay upfront for votes in return. System is bogus. IDK details about the new HF, maybe it's better, but I don't really give a fuck. I'm doing this shit for me. If it's not easy, no platform will ever take off. The blockchain that brings ease will win. People spend their time creating content they're passionate about, they don't want to spend time figuring a social network out and all the bullshit that goes along with that.

People spend their time creating content they're passionate about, they don't want to spend time figuring a social network out and all the bullshit that goes along with that.

That's all I've done. Did my own thing. At the same time, if I buy a new tool, I want to know how to use it.

I have one account and doubt I'd have time to manage more than one. It's a lot of work. I vote manually and at times I'll pass votes around to folks who may have voted for my work, but no agreement was ever made. If I'm a fan of someones work, I'm not going to stop supporting them just because they voted for me. I know what you mean though, when you speak of the organized voting rings.

If it's not easy, no platform will ever take off.

Every facebook account started with one account and no 'friends'.
All Youtube channels started with one video and no followers.
This place isn't any different. It's not really meant to be easy.


But just so you know (and you probably do, so it's just for those motherfuckers to know) that nowadays "success" is bought on almost every facet of the entertainment industry.

Hell, you could even pay to play at Sonar Festival your shitty music if you won an eBay bid to get a damn spot on the lineup... or many other festivals.

Payola is still used nowadays...

It's fucking insane.

Props to you and those who don't lick balls.


Yeah, there's a lot of money and plenty of middlemen want to dip their hands in it. Musicians take home 12% of the music industry profits. That's nuts and those folks want fame so bad they sign ridiculous contracts and kiss all the asses. There are some successful independent acts though.

Damn... Ball licking... Now I know how I should've handled the dick pics on Discord! They were disguised offers for bigger upvotes!

Vote tickets!

I actually need to neuter my dog. You want his balls?

No thanks. Unless they are prized balls worth a fortune.

nice thumbnail by the way

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Thanks! Those are important.

I've been waiting for a platform that simply allows good producers to thrive, no strings attached, for nearly three years!

I have been waiting this for a long time as well. I have never used bid-bots and curated everything manually while trying to read those posts and ofc make a comment. All of this while i was spending at least 1 hour for my post.

Only to see that i would be ended up with let's say 2-5$ and 10-15+ comments while a random stolen meme or fucking joy making a fortune out of others. Some big accounts also upvoted each other and the fun thing was that their posts had 0 interaction.

This made me quit at least 2 times but always coming back cause i was missing the interaction and good friendships i created in here. I was absent for 5 months and came a couple of days back, read some things about curation rewards and hf and i am really excited to see that many great authors are finally getting what they deserve

That means i have a lot of work to do in order to catch up and remind some people that i am back. Hopefully, this system will continue to grow and show the true potential of steemit! if we somehow manage to screw this over and bring back the bots or something even worse we are seriously fucked up deep in our brains :p

This post didn't take long, compared to many others I've published. Those ones include several hours worth of time spent working on digital art, before I even start writing the post. I know exactly how frustrating it can be to watch shit posts with no comments earn more. Those "people" weren't even trying and didn't care. Meanwhile I'm sitting there with low rewards and consistently making the top ten most commented on posts. Just scroll down through my blog and look. It became difficult to point this platform out to potential new members when they could see the amount of work I was putting in, yet I was seemingly going in reverse. Junk, on the surface, appeared to be more popular. Who would want to set themselves up for failure?

I took a few breaks as well. Sometimes I was frustrated. Other times I was burnt out and tired. Five months is about the length of my longest break. Came back in May, stuck around to see how these changes would affect things. So far, so good. I'm almost to the point where I'd once again feel comfortable showing this place off to a few capable minds who would be interested in a platform like this. That if though. If the charlatans manage to find a way to screw everyone over again, and the public buys the sales pitch again, I don't think it can be fixed.

It's a relief seeing that i am not the only one having these thoughts and frustration. Especially, when i left for 5 months it felt almost like i gave up. Reading a bunch of posts and interacting with others just like with you i realized that as the song says "i am not the only one :P". Anyway i can completely relate with your words and let's hopefully expect that everything will turn out for the best

Upped 💯 and resteemed

That's a great response you gave to that comment. If anyone deserves to be on trending it is you.

These things happen. People talk shit everywhere. There's a list of common myths and insults those folks pick from. Not hard to counter when you already know what they're going to say.

I’m here recently and almost didn’t understand anything when reading words through an auto-translator. It seemed to me that you are talking about changes for the better. Maybe this was a continuation of the old dialogue?
But I like the way you swear :-))

When I use this style of writing, I often forget about those utilizing translators.

In short form. Things used to suck and we had to put up with a lot of shit. Now things are getting better but some people still want to be assholes. I don't need to put up with assholes, and neither does anyone else.

If people genuinely do well, there's no need to treat them like garbage for it.

  ·  last month (edited)

Good resume. Something like that I understood without details.
I agree. Unfortunately assholes forever :(
It's like climate features or runny nose... or diarrhea :-))
He is cured, but comes again...

If all you think it takes to get somewhere is a little bit of whale ball licking, then why the fuck aren't YOU hitting center stage? Huh? It's so easy like that, so do it! Lick some balls!

Lol.. this last bit was funny 😀

If they actually believe their own bullshit, then I'm sure they practice what they preach.

lol 😀

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One of our tendencies as human beings is that we self-project.

I do it sometimes and I notice it in other people too.

Maybe they were self-projecting.

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WTF indeed.

There's one or two or a whole score of them in every crowd. They seem to always want to place their actions and short comings on other folks. I think you handled it nicely, where as I on the other hand do not do so well with that type of individual.

I've been dealing with trolls and that kind of arrogance here for years. And honestly, it seems like if everyone likes what you do, you're doing something wrong.

Yeah, there seems to be very little social in the social aspect of on-line social media. I see post about raising kids as an investment, or normalizing down votes, and all I see in them is...I don't know, but I am glad that I am getting older and am not some brainwashed 20 something year old.