I Feel Broken: Probably a Bad Time to Take a Break

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I've been thinking about my history here a lot, lately.
So much thinking; I don't even know what to say or how to say it.

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Reputation is more than just a number.

I'll start with one big regret.

A long time ago, I freaked out on some people, then published it.

There was a time when my vote was worth $15, give or take. If this STEEM stuff ever hits those all time highs again, this time around my vote will be worth more than $15, because I have roughly 10000 more STEEM powered up.

There was a time when I was the third highest grossing artist on the blockchain. I wasn't making much but I was making more than most. That happened before bidbots, paid votes, delegations and all the other junk. The 'success' was 100% organic. Worked my ass off to give this world one post, per day. I had powered up everything I earned.

What that means is:

I had converted my efforts and success into giving myself the ability to help others experience some measure of success as well.

So I had all this money to hand out to people. At the time, I could have easily shit-posted and self voted ten times per day and earned more than what my usual one post per day would earn using my organic approach I've always taken pride in.

More money to give meant I needed to know more people. So I searched and searched for what I was looking for and even wrote up a couple of posts designed to guide what I was looking for, to me. People showed up, their work was what I was looking for, I followed, and when I could, I voted.

Quite a few of these people were just starting out. Small following; empty wallets.

Some of them were artists, like me.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Fantasizing Tough.png

Then I noticed some bullshit.

Bullshit that got worse, and worse.

Some of the artists were taking the money I was giving them, handing it over to a bidbot, boosting their posts way up nice and high, and that behavior was burying MY work.

If you have an honest understanding of how this system works here when it comes to content ranking, then you should be able to see how that behavior was very much like: Me upvoting them, and them downvoting me.

My posts would have sometimes more than 100 comments under them, we had a view counter and mine showed plenty of views. Their posts had no comments, five frikkin' views on a good day, sitting nice and pretty near the top of the hot lists. Many of those posts were lazy contributions, had amateur written all over them, and absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever.

That made me so angry because I had worked so hard, and for so long, to EARN those slots, organically; they're using the sacrifices I made, to screw me over.

Initially, I had tried to explain the benefits of taking the organic approach and working hard to earn a genuine and supportive invested following, an approach many of you here know works incredibly well, but the message fell on deaf ears.

Then, with a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of STEEM in my wallet, I was told the piddly five dollar votes I was handing out wasn't enough!

Then, they tried to explain to me how offering a combination of bidbots 95 to 100 percent of the post value instead of the going rate curator cut of 25% was somehow a way to earn more...

Needless to say, many of those people got taken to the cleaners, they're no longer here any more, the wallets are empty—and for some reason I regret writing a rant, telling them all to kiss my ass, and yeah, being me, when I get stabbed in the back.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Why.png

Don't Hate the Player

Hate the Game

I don't hate those people. I don't hate the plagiarist sitting nice and high on the trending page. I don't hate the bogus self-help guru shoving everyone else out of the way so he can take up three or more trending slots, daily, to earn less than I did in nearly three years of working, just so he could milk ten times more rewards out of the pool than I ever received, in half the time, and pretend to be popular, all at once.

Everyone can see how those players, are failing, miserably. If posting garbage up to center stage just to pretend to be popular truly worked, then explain to me why the Joe's and the Jerry's of this world earn less than myself and many others when they attempt to earn organically. Massive followings of misled noobs was a good idea?

The guys who sold the idea of boosting garbage to the top slot and misleading new members into thinking they are popular so they follow along and maybe vote, are all the proof you need to know the idea is bunk. If it didn't work for them, it won't work for anyone.

Besides, much of the SP required to actually make some money is delegated away. There's nobody left to vote. It's a system that eats itself to death.

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"Oh. But there's a demand for it."

They'll say.

Yes. Just because there's a demand, that doesn't make it a good thing by default. There's a demand for crack cocaine. Do you smoke crack cocaine? Do you think since there's a demand for crack, that makes it a good thing?

A long time ago I wrote a post and made an educated guess. I compared the bidbots to crack cocaine, long before bidbots became an epidemic. There were only a few then and I said, watch what happens to this neighborhood. Allow these bots to take over, and the neighborhood will fall apart in the same way it would if crack cocaine took over.

It wasn't a bold prediction. It was common sense and it came true. Look how many people moved out. Look at what happened to the property value. Look at all the junk around here.

A crackhead steals your money. Why? Because they need a rush. Bidbots are much like gambling; users get a rush. An addict is an addict. When you focus on and cater to only those in society who seek a quick rush, they'll end up using more and more, they start chasing the dragon, trying to get that first rush they experienced all over again, but it never comes, they keep going and going, destroy everything, take all your money if you let them, cause grief to everyone in their path, then die.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Why Did You Have to Blow Your Brains Out Grandma.jpeg

2/8/2018 - I tried to help.


And it doesn't matter to me if you don't like that style of writing. Thousands of people all tried to say the same thing, a million different ways.

Something to think about: Now we have these tribes; communities popping up everywhere. If a current vote seller/bidbot operator ran one of these tribes, do you think they'd allow just anyone with any old shit post to buy their way up to the trending page there and make a mess of it?

So, don't hate the player, hate the game.

Only two options?

Coke or Pepsi is all I get?

I've already made it clear, I don't hate the player.

But if I hate the game, that means I just turn into a statistic and become one of the thousands of other people who left because they were sick of this madness.

Do you really want that? I don't want that.

And I don't follow this bi-polar approach to society where I'm only given left or right, up or down, Coke or Pepsi, high or low, black or white, red team vs blue team. Not for me.

You got your left hand and you got your right hand. Extend them out to your sides as far as you can reach. There are your two options. Feel like you can fly? Which one do you want? Keep looking. Back and forth. Which one do you want to use? All you can see is all you get? What's that thing in the middle that you can't see? Why not use that? Hmm?

NoNamesLeftToUse - Do Something.png

I don't want to leave.

I want to be here to see what happens.

I'm breaking a promise I made with myself.

I'm so sick of hearing it, reading about it, all this stuff I said, I'm so done; it's OLD. I didn't and don't want to talk about it anymore. I want to see change.

I want to see people wise up, learn from these mistakes, and start taking proper care of their investments so MY investment doesn't go any further down the toilet.

Am I asking for too much?

I put every ounce of life I could spare into this project for nearly three years.

I've been burned, shit on, trampled, on the brink of losing my fucking mind and I'm diving in headfirst for more.

If you can go out there today and do one thing for yourself and one thing for three others we're already in way better shape than we were yesterday.

They can hardfork the blockchain but they can't hardfork our brains. Instead of waiting for someone else to push the button, give you the go ahead, and say it's all clear to start acting like you give a crap again...

Why not start today?

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All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"And this ends that chapter of my life."

Images © 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


I can't start today, I started 4 days ago. Cheers!

Good to hear.

The irony is that I can't publish original images unless I pay some bid bot to get my rep back up above 10.
Catch 22 isn't it.

My remaining hope is in the tribes. Our stakeholders have shown us they do not value content on any level.

They are not helping to build, fight abuse or protect the investment in anyway.

I powered up everything I got until about a year ago. Now I am holding my account steady. I know that everything I do here will be devalued.

Not just by the bidbots, that is only a small fraction of the over all problem which is...

A lack of vision
too much stake in the wrong hands.
no commitment to content
no connection between those making the decisions and those using the product.

I can't shill what I would not buy. I am holding, but I can't in good faith tell anyone to buy steem.

Steemit Inc is going to sell another 800k steem next month.
Haejin is going to self upvote
So is transisto, and traf and kevin
Many others too.
Now add the bidbots on...
Yep, I can't buy Steem and I can't ask anyone else to either.

It's clear now, this damaging behavior, when combined, with proof all around highlighting how destructive it is; it must be intentional. I refuse to believe they're moronic, even though it appears that way on the surface.

I can easily find a few outsiders who would be interested in something like CCC. Now if only the small time shit posters could at least respect the tags, try a little harder, earn a little more, grasp the business side of things, stake, and help set the standard for the next generation instead of bringing along the I don't give a shit attitudes they got from some of the folks you mentioned there.

Yes, on CCC I am moderating and we spend a lot of time doing it. One challenge we are facing is undoing the shit that was allowed previously.

Help us out by pointing out any problems that you see. It is my fav. Tribe and I would even like to market it.

I'm doing SPORTS and yes, making people understand that 'previous work' was bad and upvoting your 'sisters' comments 50 times in 5 mins is bad sportsmanship / bad for the tribe, is hard work.

Some tribes don't like the idea of a little centralisation, and they will fail imo. As as Steem has proven, people can be shit and as Mr NoNames discusses, crap in the shop window is no good for anyone.

Arts and entertainment is valuable. Having a variety all in one place is even more valuable. The product doubles as marketing, when shared outside to bring clicks in. Traditional marketing also has a broad range.

I've been generating a shit list and if I need help cleaning things up, I know where to go.

Spot on.

For a place that has so much potential, I feel we accomplish very little. I honestly don’t know what the solution is but I’m kinda with ya in the ol’ buying Steem department. I was fairly hung ho over the past year plus but it’s hard for me to justify putting more money in with what has been going on...or lack thereof.

People genuinely do not seem to give a shit about content at all here. I’m just going to keep trying to slowly build my nerd community and one day hope we are large enough to support each other and thrive. But yeah...I’m not as optimistic as I once was which makes me a bit sad to be honest.

A tribe could be a plan. Numbers are low at present and I see many tribes pretty empty or full of scammers but if you got your airdrop right... I wonder if CCC - #creativecoin would be suitable for these weirdos who like to dress up? :P

Yeah the end goal is to have a separate hub or place to call home. I think having everything lumped together can hinder things. I brought a friend here and they weren’t a fan as they said the feed was too jumbled. So maybe a tribe could work.

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lol... While it is creative... I think they should make the weirdo tribe. :) (all in fun)

I can’t wait to show off Asher’s cosplay pics. He didn’t want me to show anyone but I can no longer resist. He is a part of the “weirdo’s”...don’t let him fool ya.

Coming soon to a blockchain near you...

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This... is getting interesting.

Will make it worth your while....


When he went to save Princess Zelda.

lol... While it is creative... I think they should make the weirdo tribe. :) (all in fun)

Hey!! can I be a co-founder of the weirdo tribe?

...or the pauper janitor at least? };)

Yeah, have you considered a tribe for your group...? It's a niche for sure

I'm a follower of #NewSteem and I hope you'll stay with me.
And yes I feel the resentment towards OldSteem too - even though I haven't had a history as long a yours, I've been here for quite a while too nowadays, seeing the leechers leech.

I'm trying to stick around. That's all I can say about it. Those leeches... It would suck to have that reputation, and then come try to earn more.

Leechers suck, you're absolutely right.

So isn't it rather fitting I'd fill the post with blood...

I still haven’t found the button that exchanges reputation points for value. 🤔 So what’s that reputation worth—how does it stack up in the wallet? SP-check. Steem-check. SBD-check. Reputation- No check.

Self buyers, clean your glasses—ready? They’re not really your friends if you’re paying them to hang out with you.

"According the the trophy I bought, I'm the best blogger in the world!" Said an idiot, somewhere, to nobody.

I meant to tell you nice post. Something must’ve happened between my anti-lookatme-bankruptcy rant and making sure I didn’t vomit on my shoes.

Anyhow, that’s what I meant—the nice post part, I mean.

Well. Okay. Thank you for admiring my post.

Because of tags being used as the entirety of categories I’m really glad they increased the number of tags as it means I can use and browse community/tribe tags and subject/descriptive tags.

But these days now that I’m well past observation mode and am more interested/invested I’ll cheerfully downvote tag spam as well as plagiarism (which was previously the only reason I’d downvote).

It’s pretty much a given that the tag spammers will gleefully jump on tagging everything in their pathetic desperation to get as much as possible, then we’ll get to laugh at them when they get downvoted and/or ignored 🙃

(Yes I’m an unrealistic optimistic idealist 🤣)

This was meant to be a comment reply, I’m not sure what partiko did 😱 (suspect it thought I hit the post reply if they were too close together)

Yes, don't be afraid to keep the place clean. People will eventually learn to stop leaving their dirty plates in the sink. The token stackers are typically leeches, so at least they make their intentions incredibly obvious, and then one knows to avoid upvoting.

You got your left hand and you got your right hand. Extend them out to your sides as far as you can reach.

We must set the example for others. We are hear to touch two or three or more. Complaining does not cut it. Positive proactive love does. Good articles ...and artistry as always.

Self starting and motivated to get shit done. Always a win.

First of all, beautiful art, really cool.

Secondly, in my opinion you are absolutely right about the bid bots and other crap that has been going on Steemit. I think it is not worthy of my time to post on it, so I stopped, if I blog about something I use Steempeak, but that almost never happens unless it is about Steemmonsters. Steemit is only getting more and more ridiculous, so why even bother?

That said, I am grateful that I have discovered Steem through Steemit. It made me discover Steemmonsters, which got me into discord and that's funnily enough where the real conversations happen (maybe because there is no monetary incentive?). The monsters community is full of interesting and caring people (of course there are some d*ckheads, just a lot less) and Steemmonsters has shown the full potential of Steem and what I think it should be all about: the backbone to build powerful apps that bring something extra into people's lives. With tribes that could be the same, but you need strong and driven moderators who are willing to be the foundation of the tribe and put a lot of their time into it because they are passionate about it. Thanks to tribes I am now sort of a whale on Splinterlands and I know that's far off from being a whale on Steemit or in terms of any real monetary value, but it is a community I care about and so I am driven to manually curate posts who use the spt tag in the right and wrong way. Besides that almost all of my Steempower is delegated to projects I believe in like actifit (because I support anything that makes people move), steemhunt (I met those guys at Steemfest and they are some of the smartest and driven people I have ever met), steemmonsters (ofcourse) and airclinic. My 'Steem' vote is ridiculously low (0,01 cent) but by choosing to support the communities I fully believe in, my Steem experience is something I really love and am proud of. All the best.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

A lot of people stopped. The bots make it so the worst work can rise to the top, and the best gets buried. There's no way I'm paying a 'toll' either. They made the mess, I'm not paying them to get out of it. That would be much like giving your lunch money to the highschool hallway bully so you can get to class. A lot of folks don't realize, all one has to do is stop paying the toll, the problem goes away. They're not selling 'visibility' because nobody wants to look at the trash rising to the top. They're selling the bullets used to shoot themselves in the foot.

I like this place. I still see a wealth of potential in all of the developments. It's easy to become distracted by the 10% that goes wrong. 90% is still good, or getting better.

I feel ya @nonameslefttouse.

A year or so ago my vote was worth 15c, ok not a lot but it was worth something, like you an artist I started to use my 15c on posts that I thought deserved that upvote.
I only tend to browse though the art section of the feeds as this is what interests me, I like to see what other people have done, normally pencil to paper as I am old school.

Things got a little strange, people started begin for up votes from me and been the soft hearted person I am I gave them to them.

The same people took the money and after a short spell they left the platform with 0 in their accounts.

Nearly 2 years I have been on here, I have met some great people on here and in person on steem promos and even meet ups and some of them have gone as well.

There needs to be a change, we talk about steem ink needing to do something to make this place better but I am also for us helping the eco system.

I try my best to help others, but at the moment my account seems to be getting weaker and it doesn't seem to matter how much I power up my account.

Gotta do everything we can to support the community builders, and those could be anyone willing to stake instead of take.

I'm facing the same problems. I'm spread thin, can't do much with the vote any more, and there's fewer and fewer people around with actual SP to use to help pick up the slack. Just a vicious spiral downwards and most are doing it just to earn a token they're clearly helping decrease the value of due to their behavior. It makes no sense whatsoever, it's been said a million different ways, two million different ways is too late.

I'm all about powering up, I have no intention of powering down.
I came to the steem blockchain with nothing and the tokens I have in it will stay in it for as long as steem is a viable currency.

One of the things I would like to see is more people stay and keep their currency in steem, just because it goes up to $10 doesn't mean we should sell.

I can't see the point in blogging for two years to waste it on powering down for a couple of hundred. to me it is a waste of time to be putting in to the platform to loose my stake.

I have invested my own money in to steem, I have bought some a couple of times, with been unemployed it is kind of hard to save enough to buy, I do try but sometimes we find it hard to feed our family and that has to come first.

I have been wanting to get a takeaway off the ground in my local area, we put down a deposit on it, we as me and my business partner wanted to accept steem as one of the payment types.
Unfortunately we have had to postpone the opening due to structural damage and the landlord wont let us trade until it is safe to do so.

Once that is up and running I am hoping to sink more into steem, as I love this place I have made friends with a lot of people, some have gone now due to their own reasons, but I am still here and I don't plan on leaving.
One post a day normally, sometimes two and I have been known to go a week to 10 days with out posting due to holidays and things like that.
Some people just go and don't even explain their reason, this makes me a little sad as you think you know someone and then up they go.

If more folks powered up and only sold small amounts when the value peaks, people would be earning more. So many cash out, then expect everyone else to vote, then complain when they don't earn. They're not running their blog like a business and it kicks them in the ass.

I take lengthy breaks. I often leave the internet for a few months, completely. Just to rest and get other things done. Life happens.

I once powered down, the only reason was to get some printing done and that was for steem, I used the money from steem to have some 8 foot banners printed up and I placed them over main roads near where I live.

I agree with you, if you hold the price of steem will rise as there will be less in circulation just like sbd, when steem drops below a certain price then they stop prducing sbd, hence why sbd is at nearly a dollar each.

I'm still going to power up as much as I can, I just don't know how long steem can keep going with how low it keeps dropping. I just hope that it doesn't come to an end as that would be gutting.

I was doing this for seven cent steem. There's a lot of potential here and I'm going to keep working and keep pushing that potential, as best I can.

I never saw it as low as that, When I joined 2 years in august I can't remember what the value was but I know my upvote was worthless, I met @tumutanzi and he change that by been my one and only supporter for a long time. he made me see steem for what it was, not just with upvotes but with talking to me in person too.
I still chat to him every now and again via whatsapp as he has gone back home to china.
I couldn't thank him enough tbh, he is a great guy. he spread the love and introduced me to what the blockchain stood for to him. and it made sense to me too.
I would like to have more voting power then I could possibly pay it back to others like he did to me, but until my power increases my 2c upvote is all I can do.

In the past I've ignored trending. Going to hang out there more going forward.

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Most days I can't look there. The tribe trending pages can be quite decent though.

Who else is going to clean up the place?

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Ned's just this guy, you know?

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We grains of sand shall make a heap!

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That moment you realise that you left an L out of personally!

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An incomplete laugh to make you feel better.

Is the red-head guy with the little man in his cheek that is pointing at the butterfly in red-head guy's throat a new one? I don't recall it. And what about the push-button guy, did you intentionally give him those subtle horns?

Cheers to new chapters. New chapters are always so fresh and crisp and unexplored.

I think red-head guy came from a post most overlooked. Somewhat new but not totally new. And of course I put those horns there, I'm an artist.

Lol. What was I thinking? Of course you did. If I had made it I certainly would have too...and whatever else people find.

Some of the craziest things I actually do hide, most folks never notice, it seems. A quick glance is never enough.

I think it would spoil your fun if someone did spot those things :)

Pulling a fast one is quite fun, yes indeed.

Yea man... think if people stopped using this site as a getrich quick schwme . Poshing shit when they could just use it like reddit... we would all be rich.. imagine if ppl searched here instead of ither sites for info... pathetic

That's some of the old crypto crowd riffraff. Some of them aren't able to grasp the true potential. Way over their heads. Of course, Steem is far more than just some kind of reddit like app. The main hub should set the standards though, and be able to show the world the potential. Allowing people to use exploits, and not patching the holes... that's not how you run a business.

True. Sadly though... the difference is. The people kill it not the blockchain. If noone votes or delegates or promotes with the services then by all means but...?

Even just peoples intentions... posts only pretain to how to make a return off of your steem when i made more off of 1 comme t then i have off of 150 delegated sp...

Most ppl would never take the time to comment on this post afyer 7 days... and thats why this platform cant grow

Here's hoping you get more people thinking outside the box :)
Awesome conclusion!

I doused the box with water and now it's melting. Soon I step on box and make squishy sounds!
Don't ask.

You just explained human behavior 😬

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Did you know: Humans can learn.

Too bad 80% of the population don’t care to do so 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

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Still buying votes, Charlie?

Of course, how else people will see my posts? 🤣

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HA! I knew you'd be a good sport about it.

Maybe you should try not shit posting?
Ha! Again! I'm just joking bud.

Where are people there will always be many ways to the desired goal, unfortunately also doubtful ways. This is how the truth looks like, namely very different always depending on your own situation.

Yes. And the one who takes performance enhancing drugs will always be known as the fake. Everything they ever did will mean nothing. That's a terrible life to want to choose to live.

I have read your post and yes, it has a lot of truth in it, I will not judge anyone I'll just tell you something for example here on CCC, it is a site dedicated just for creativity, I received an airdrop and I sold it, I am being honest I cannot prosper here for the reason that I am just not creative, I cannot even write a good post I usually forget what I was going to say. For example you made a great post here and I agree with most of your points, but I would not have been able to write it because I am not creative, you have that gift, you can actually write. I am the sort of person, and this is I think the case of the majority of Steemians, who occassionally has a good idea or two but can't express them in a clear and pleasing manner in writing.

I am being honest I cannot prosper here for the reason that I am just not creative,

You threw away your opportunity to get paid to be entertained. You don't need to be creative in order to prosper. All you needed to do was stake the tokens, vote for posts, earn curation rewards, and have fun enjoying the entertainment.

I can still read and be entertained, it is not all just money.

Right. But you had said you couldn't prosper. I was correcting that. You could prosper. You simply chose not to.

OK I meant I couldn't work with this tribe because I am not creative, and wouldn't it be kind of funny if I were to become "richer" than people who are really creative? You see if you think things down to the end you just might come up with a different perspective. I find people here will go with the first impulse, a very natural thing, something I also do, but when you think things through you might see things in a different light. To me CCC is for creativity and the people who are creative are the ones who should profit from it. As for tribes the only one I think I can be an asset is on Sportstalk, as I do know football and pool and have actually played both well even though not professionally.

The creatives can't profit without the support of those holding CCC and voting with it. You wouldn't become richer. There's a 60/40 split and you'd get a share of the 40, not all of it.

You need to think about this more. If you were writing on Sportstalk, but everyone sold their tokens, how would you make money?

I've been here nearly three years. I think it's genius people can get paid to be entertained, all while those who entertain get paid.

I get what you're saying. I'm also trying to teach you what you're missing.

Yeah, I'm feeling what you are feeling.

I've been here almost two years, and I powered up everything I made. Everythinggggg. I have never cashed out or powered down. The only times steems come out from my account is for donations, charities, contest prizes and give aways.

But people just dont seem to care enough. I'm tiiiiiired.

I commented daily. Like 50 comments every day, and they are not the "THIS POST IS NICE!" comments. I make an effort to read what's being posted and to reply meaningfully. 24,000+ comment/post counts now, and for what?

The ones that take and take and take don't care

And I'm tired of giving

Just, just exhausted and empty and wondering why I'm still here doing the things I'm doing :|

It is tough to find that reason to carry on. The ones who seemingly don't give a crap keep moving forward, monetarily, while the rest of us who actually work, and try, seem to be going in reverse. The 'tribes' and communities seem to be helping improve things though. They've offered a fresh start, though some still want to try to trash it.

I enjoyed this read..one concern. I don't care that crackheads are stereotyped, but the word addict is often used as negative description.Addicts are people who need something do due something being missing in them naturally or having being taken away from them by possible traumatic events. A chemical imbalance exists that makes regular life hard to live. Addicts(not all of course) are just people who have a hard time living and seek for a release from whatever pain that consumes them.
This is just my point of view. I think if we as a society could change our mindset from being judgmental to having more empathy for the struggle other humans deal with, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
Never QUIT.

This post wasn't about addicts, but I get it, okay?

I know, I don't mean to gloss over the rest, which I read.I also took no real offense , just engaging on a topic that is close to my heart.

We did indeed say it...


Who knows though. It looks like it is starting to look up

Yes, it was said a million different ways. Things are starting to look up, but I needed to put that behind me.

Like Satan, he is best out behind you too. I approve

This should freak everyone out...

I don't hate the bogus self-help guru shoving everyone else out of the way so he can take up three or more trending slots, daily, to earn less than I did in nearly three years of working, just so he could milk ten times more rewards out of the pool than I ever received, in half the time, and pretend to be popular, all at once.

About the same time, same feeling. I wouldnt say hate the game not the player. That removes all personal responsibility.

I started flagging those 3-4 pricks taking the trending page day in day out.. Got sick and tired of them. So fuck em. I wont be stopping any time soon.
Im at a point i dont give a damn anymore. I got my 6-7k Steem and im happy with that. What will make me happy now is if those pricks get downvoted to the ground.

That would be exciting to see. I've been there downvoting before. They sure like to play the victim card. That one dude seems to be too busy building a cult to care.

Basically everyone dislikes those guys. It just takes someone to get the ball rolling. Not saying im that guy.
Im just saying, fuck em, ill stp when they stop.. 😁

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Dude. I'll never forget the day I was trying to teach you some important math. LOL!

Every day is a learning experience for all of us. 😉

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All I was trying to say was nobody deserves that much money for your work. The problem goes away the instant everyone makes THEM work for their money.

Bid bots are a problem, will it get better, I don't know, but people can choose not to use them. Of concern lately is the increasing number of allowable tags on some sites. This is also not going to do the real content creators any good. This is also going to hurt the ability of people to find content they are interested in.

Steempeak has increased the number of tags allowed. I feel that the tags should still be limited to just the 5 tags, but with the growing number of communities some of them want more tags to be available, all that is going to do is mean that the money hunters will be able to tag all the communities and never have to use a tag that will indicate what their post is about.

Pretty soon, tags like #Fiction, #Writing, #Painting, #Funny, or any of the other batch of tags I rarely use will be empty, maybe then one day I can write a poem and have it show as the one sole entry on the Trending page for #Poetry.

So this may not be a bad thing for the content hunter. It should make it pretty easy to find categorized content, problem is when they start allowing more and more and more tags to be used. Soon the highest bid bot payee will be able to brag about being on the trending tab in 8, (or more) categories instead of just 5.

If people realized they'd make more if they didn't shit post and tag spam nonsense, do it right, life would be good. They shoot themselves in the foot. I'll downvote the junk and I don't mind if they lose more than they bargained for, because learning is tons of fun, for everyone.

Sometimes it takes a few hard knocks before people learn. Such is life. I do hope that not all the scot-tribes increase the number of allowable tags, I looked at #newsteem tag trending not a single one of the first 5 trending post have #newsteem as the first tag.

If steemit, and if the scot-tribes want a real trending page, then the post need to be based on the first tag, not the second, third or last tag as an after thought. If Someone wants to be on the trending page of #Fiction, #art, or any of the other tags, then that should be their first tag, that and only that tag is what the trending page of a tag should represent.

I doubt that there are any specific tag Trending pages that the first five post even show the specific tag for that trending page as the first tag of choice. If that makes any sense

I just want to be able to tag properly, and select which tribes are relevant. Normally I wouldn't be able to legitimately pull off four tribes like this. It's all relevant though. Speaking about the arts, to the art community, and the struggles of being an artist that needs eyes to succeed, and how talent gets flushed down the toilet on Steemit and replaced with nonsense a lot of the times. Business and investing because there's so much damn money on the line here. Entertainment is a huge draw and these investors need to see the potential. Then two added variety for extra visibility since I'm organic and there's no way in hell I'm allowing someone to profit from my work beyond their respectable level of curation reward which I understand is necessary and support 100%.

You make sense though. Simpler organization that works.

The fact that you're still here and still posting says a lot about your dedication and willingness to continue the growth of this platform. The tribes are adding niches to Steem that I believe will result in higher quality posts... for a while anyway. Once Steem value rebounds, it'll be like old times again. "Dear sir, upvoters please?"

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Follow follow? That's another bogus trick I called out early. I wrote a post and somewhere inside I mentioned how all of these people asking for follows because they'll follow back will compile a list, then sell resteems. NOBODY follows those scammy resteeem services, but people are gullible, so they pay.

Always a fan of your writing. :)
Don't stress it, like, what's done is done you know.
Keep posting strong.

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Looking forward to the days of what's done is well done.

What a sad post. 🙄 I wasn't here but I'm sorry.

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It can be seen as depressing, yes. Struggles with either make you stronger, or crazy. Both have their benefits.

Totally agree. Been through enough of them myself to know. Being an empath though I do feel your pain. One wants to help but it's hard when those you're helping are betraying the trust. 🙄

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It's difficult to find a way to be both a team player and compete with your team at the same time. There's something I've always known though and it helps put up a shield. It's the fact only a friend can stab you in the back. It stings a little less when you know it's coming.

I hear ya man. Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary on steemit. Instead of feeling proud or joys of accomplishment I feel exhausted and wonder why I'm still doing it.

Posting nearly everyday for three years....content that is value add. Doing the weekly show on MSPwaves teaching people about crypto and investing....it's been alot. I'm drained balancing that and life.

That's why I'll take breaks. I know I'll spend a lot of time working here. I enjoy what I do but it's also tiring; then add life. Easy to burn out.

That reward feeling of accomplishment, which is added to and on top of the actual monetary rewards, Steemit doesn't have that anymore. An organic trending post? Ya right. Not going to happen. Imagine being an author and knowing in advance your book would never make the best seller lists. Imagine being a musician and knowing in advance your single will never top the charts. Where's the drive to want to succeed? It's gone, and that's why so many left. That's what the vote selling took away. 'Success'. The chance at doing something awesome combined with the appreciation of the general public. Nearly gone. The tribes are helping bring that back.

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This is appreciated.

You got 29 dollars in votes because your friends have a lot of SP, I see why you don't like bidbots, if they were gone you could return to whale circle jerk voting getting all the rewards.

Fuck you.
Screenshot (632).png

Dan wasn't even here back then. You're licking the balls of whales. You'd gladly pay them to vote for your work so they get 90-100% and you get NOTHING, you dumb fuck.

Those aren't whales on that chart.

I'm not a whale, you dumb fuck. How would I get included into some kind of circle jerk when my vote isn't worth shit compared to theirs? You don't think those 750 posts I published, with a shit ton of work inside each one has nothing to do with why I did well? Fuck you, fucking bottom feeder.

Go away.

You are so fucking stupid. Don't you think ALL of my posts would have the same value if I was involved in some kind of circle jerk bullshit? Are you on glue? Paint maybe? Sniffing the paint? Can't see enough of what's right in front of you to truly know what's going on? Gotta come here and accuse me of some bullshit to make your bottom feeder fucking nobody self feel better? Good job buddy! You're a moron!

Scroll through years of my blog. Show me this fucking circle jerk. Those fucking circle jerkers don't even have comments under their work, just money. You think I'm them? You're fucked in the head. Probably the most fucked up fuck up I've met here so far. You don't know shit. It's a goddamn blockchain with years of my history here. Go have a look you dumb fuck.

The post itself clearly states I had used my earned stake to find and help noobs, not vote for 10 rich people and get 10 rich people votes in return. The post itself clearly states I've been taking the organic approach since day one. And it's common sense, if you're here and active for three years, you're going to make some money and the people you knew early on who also started with nothing will have money as well. You're fucked in the head if you think I'm going to turn my back on people I've known for years, just because they have money. As if you expect me to hang out with bottom feeders like you who have no ambition to ever do anything great with their lives.