A Respectful Thank You

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This was my home for many years. Now I don't even feel comfortable sitting in my old chair.

My reasons for leaving are my own. What once was will never be the same. If things don't work out for me, it won't be because I failed, it will be because I tried.

Trials and tribulations. Since day one when I started here, way back in September of 2016, the experience here has never been easy. I didn't leave here because the road ahead looks difficult. I'm not turning around. Simply moving forward.

The future is uncertain whichever way you go. In life, here, there — everywhere. You'll never know. Go with your gut. Sometimes it'll make you sick. Sometimes it'll make you hungry for more.

It would be nice to be able to thank everyone personally. I feel like I've met thousands of people here over the years and it might take a long time but everyone played an important role in my life here. Big or small, you did something, that meant something.

I've said thanks to everyone many times, as a group. I didn't take anything for granted. Even though I feel much of what I worked for here is now gone, I'm still grateful for the experience. Learned a lot about myself, life, other people. That is all very important.

I'm not dead. I simply moved away. If you're sticking around here, just know, my door is always open over there.


That's where I am and you're more than welcome to come visit.

I'm breaking one of my rules. I said I wouldn't come back here. This message isn't really about the platform or the politics. It's for this long list of followers who might be looking for me someday. It's for the friends I made. It's for the people who enjoyed my work. I truly enjoyed entertaining you folks for nearly four years. Thank you for the opportunity.

And thanks for everything else. It will not be forgotten.

My experience here will always mean the world to me. Leaving wasn't easy.

If you're sticking around here. Good luck to you.


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See you over there.

I will still be around here for a little while at least because, I enjoy being part of the split in direction, and how each develops. It is an interesting space and rarely easy, but as someone who has been very involved at the top layer for so long, I see it as part of my journey to transition slowly and deliberately.

I do not want my exit to feel forced by anyone other than myself to leave - this is opt-in and out. I have come to terms and accepted this is no longer the home I was building it to be, but moving city doesn't mean having to burn down the old.

I'm not interested in burning it down either.

I don't feel forced out at all. I made up my mind. Decisions are never easy. I'm not following anyone. I passed up plenty of other opportunities in the past so I could stick around here. This time I'll try something new. If it doesn't work out, I think it was time to retire anyway. But I'll give it my all. First week went pretty damn good.

See you there my friend.

It is going well, and I think that the velocity of change here is enormous - and not going in a great direction - I am interested in seeing how people adapt, cope, scream and shout or just leave here. Humans are fascinating.

I thought I'd be interested in watching, and I do glance from time to time when I'm here to do wallet maintenance. I've been through enough.


Censorship isn't cool either. Nor is being in support of censorship, for a vote worth nothing.

I've said too much.

Humans are fascinating.

Sometimes I think you are maybe Vulcan? Did I say that once before to you?
I can't say I focused on your ears too much while in Krakow.

I have dwarf ears I think, too big for my head :D

I will look more closer given the chance next time... if there is a next time!

Im seeing it now as an extra opportunity being handed to me. The tronsteemit wont be the steemit i want but it will still be a place to make some money so i will post on both. My delegations are earning me income in both places.so why stop that. I just saw that someone posted an appics post onto hive so im exited about how to do that.

Yep. That. Pretty much sums it up...

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

Hi there @creativeblue, as it stands at the moment I am planning to do a "slow migration," over the next six months or so. I will maintain a presence on both chains for a while with the intent of watching what the new Steem organization manages to implement, and what direction they take Steem/Steemit. I have 3+ years and thousands of hours invested here, and recent developments fill me more with sadness than the sort of rage that seems to be filling a lot of people with a desire to "burn the building down."

But we will see. I expect I will have a lighter schedule here, and use "over there" as my primary home base. UNLIKE many, there will be no cross/double posting... each chain will get unique content from me.

Just be honest, you are milking the rewards here just like you have always done. And by the looks of it, you are milking them over there as well with the help of your friends.

I think "milking it" would be submitting content like this:

You post 2-3 times per day, getting your auto votes from your buddies, on a platform you said you were leaving no less. That's milking, but that's just what you do and what you have always done. You are probably the worst milker on here over the past year to be honest, but you don't care. I am sure you will continue your milking ways on hive.

on a platform you said you were leaving no less.

I said I'd be around for some time several times at least.

To milk as many rewards as you can. Thanks for making my point. You are exactly what is wrong with steem and hive. Pay for your new house like a man, by working, instead of milking rewards on here.

I will definitely be keeping up with you "over there," and am doing my own version of following my own compass forward; meaning a slowish transition that also does not involve "shitting on my old home just because I have a new one." My plans may — or may not — change or be expedited depending on what happens with current management here.

I really like that final piece of art, BTW!

That art was produced a long time ago, when I was thinking about quitting. It's nice to be able to leave here and still have a place to go.


a rebirth of sorts.
i think ive had 4 quits over my 3ish years XD
a mid-steem crisis? xD

I obviously have no idea what is going on - see people leave, do not know why. I have always been the one that are on outside of drama and fights, I just do not understand it.

Yes I had a feeling there would be a few who don't know what's going on. It was more than just drama and fights. This technology was designed to withstand certain pressures but there was one opportunity to attack it from the inside and someone took that opportunity. People tried to stand up for the place and defend it for weeks. Got nowhere. It became a pointless political mess. So basically a majority of the people who built this place packed their shit and made a new place. Some remaining members here thought they were only losing people they didn't like, but instead they've lost those people and a lot of the infrastructure along with plenty of investment.

Isn't it just sad where people and money mix there is always chaos - I do not understand people going through life caring only about themselves and chasing money.

Is peakd and Hive two separate platforms??? How are they different and which one is better?

@enjoywithtroy, PeakD is the equivalent of Steempeak on the new fork of the chain.

I'll continue posting on both platforms on the next 13 weeks as I like to have some comparison but I'll be looking to get back the money I spent buying up STEEM last year so powering down in the interim.

As a musician, I want my music to be heard by people, not just auto upvoted (although paying for gear and music services is something that would benefit) but the userbase just isn't high on either STEEM or Hive so platforms like Spotify are where the new fans are (sadly it is like the Tinder of music apps).

See you wherever I suppose, I'll be floating around - looks like Steem has/will hit a "system reset" in light of recent events.

I enjoyed your work, our conversations and I wish you well.

You can still enjoy it. Unfortunately I think the chain went down for minute...

Post censored in 3...2...1....

Maybe try the countdown again.

It is a very sad day for many.

Every start is also a farewell. Farewell to something else.

Your last post said "Goodbye." Now "Thank you," what's next? "I'm at the door already?"

@nonameslefttouse seems to like his old home that he can't leave without looking back.

Thank you for having more class than just about everyone else who has left for the other place. This is despicable:


Especially from THE top witness.

Be realistic. Majority of the people who left were a silent majority and stayed out of the riff raff.

No, the vocal minority are the ones who left, and tried to burn the place down on their way out. It has become clear that they cared more about their 'job' as a top witness than anything else.

By the way, interesting response from you after I commended you for showing class, unlike most have done.

Go put out the fires.

You normally have a lot to say on here, it's interesting when you can see someone is right (that you don't want to admit), you have little to say.

Go find something productive to do with your life.

I appreciate the effort they make for the community.