The Positive and the Negative forces within

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Have you experienced this that your Heart wants to go soft and smooth but the mind is creating all the possible havoc.
Well last few days exactly this is what is happening with me. My Heart keeps sensing good energies around but the devil mind keeps attacking it again and again trying to bring it down.

My Sister and her Family were here for sometime. Me and her are poles apart, almost in every aspect and she would very rarely agree to anyone. Quite fixed up in her mind. They are gone now but some conversations between us has been disturbing me. Also lately some disturbances with some friends around have been playing on my mind and disturbing me a lot.


I know it is very irrelevant for me and my heart keeps going out but then suddenly the mind pops up with all the ifs and buts and make the scene look ugly. I feel the energies of my home has also become very heavy with so many people being there for a long duration. I definitely need a space clearing at the earliest, but I am feeling a little lazy. Next month we are planning to shift to a new house so I am thinking just for few days I do not want to put a lot of efforts on this place. I guess regular meditation for the next couple of days should calm me down. I am also tuning into a lot of music to clear the vibes. But the problem is I am having too much anxiety which keeps me off track.

This keeps happening to almost all of us where we know the stress we are taking is a waste of energy but still we keep holding on to it.
If we keep holding onto it for a very long time it can be destructive for us, so best is to let it pass by taking conscious efforts. I am trying my best and I know in a matter of few days I will be done with it completely. I know in the bargain I may be standing alone, but it is ok to stand alone rather then to be with fake people around.

I keep feeling very disturbed and the thought keep popping up all the time, this is something that I want to overcome and come to a state of peacefulness, I know what I have to do but it's just that emotions are splurging out very strongly at this point of time which I need to take charge of and control.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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I hope that you find a little peace and the energies align again soon, so you are feeling more yourself <3

Thank you my dear. I am already out of it now. It was a quick internal fix 😃 and I am feeling so stupid now to have got bogged down by it so much.

In these circumstances I keep telling myself nothing is permanent and let the bad vibes pass away.
All the best. You know you can do it

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Yes, that's what I have been constantly pushing myself to. Thank you for the concern

nyc project. i like technology. so beautiful your post

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What Technology and what project. If you do npt have time to read the post please do not spam it with irrelevant comments

Not sure why or it is story of every home, I always notices sisters never stand at one point. I pretty enjoy watching my sister's arguement 😉....any way the best part is to do what your heart say...and let the destructive thoughts not to overcome your heart

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hahaha....sisters yes most of the time have that love hate relationship. True, we need to listen to our heart more then our mind. Thankfully I am out of the phase now :-)

Energies can definitely linger. I remember visiting the twin towers memorial in NY city and the “heaviness” of that site is so repressive its amazing. I wasn’t right for a day or so afterward.

As for the mind - that constant need to calm and quiet it from looking for ways to bring you down might just be your ego looking for a way to deter you from your heart. Don’t let that ego get the best of you ;-) it loves finding ways to take you off track and make you doubt yourself. Don’t let it...

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Oh my god what a sight it must have been. I remember such a thing happening to me when I was in Egypt. We visited one of the ancient chambers where they used to busy people. I just did not feel comfortable in that place and after I was back from the trip also for a long time I felt that uneasiness.

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