Steemit - @Tribestemeup bi-weekly Question: If I could Teach / Show everyone in the world one thing; what would it be?

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Once again time to address one of the @Tribesteemup bi-weekly question, which is again a profound one and makes one do some Soul searching.

If you could Teach / Show everyone in the world one thing; what would it be?
(something that has a huge impact on the humanity)

With this question, there are many things that come to my mind; but the instant one that popped up is;

"Compassion & Kindness"

At the pace we are moving there are many things that we have started overlooking in our general life, which is not only for others but for self also. Everything starts with I, Me and Myself, Everything within us and around us is Energy. So what is it that we want to spread out in the world? For me Kindness and Compassion is at the top. Kindness and Compassion not only for others but for self also. Because if we cannot be compassionate towards our own selves, then how can we be compassionate towards others.

Kindness and Compassion is the foundation of our well-being. We have Social, political, religious differences all the time around us. It is fine to have different opinions on these subjects, there is no harm and there is nothing to fight for right and wrong. If we can reach out to each other with compassion we can tackle the problems of greed, power issues, corruption and so many more erupting out of these differences. Majority of the people have turned focus outwards; people are running after power, money, status, fame which are all momentarily pleasures and to gain all of these there is a heavy price paid. If we can bring our focus to the moral ethics and inner values of life we can tackle the basic problems of our today's world.

These are very small words, but when one imbibes it in themselves they can move mountains. It is not easy to show kindness and compassion towards some of the heinous acts that happens in today's world, but a war for war and terror for terror has never solved any problems. Rather it spreads out the energies of hatred and fear more and more within people. When one reaches out to another irrespective of their own battles of life that is the time when true humanity comes into picture. The joy that one can bring to others with their compassionate and kind behavior is beyond words.

In one of my Spiritual classes, we had to keep making this affirmation.
"I am the Mother to this entire World"
A mother's love is always so compassionate towards the child, but it will never be the same for others. The feeling of Love and Compassion is there in Abundance but it just varies from person to person when it comes to showing it. If the same mother can show the same amount of Compassion to everyone in her life and around her; imagine how beautiful the life will be for her and for others as well.
And if every single person can do the same; this world will be a heaven to live in. Heaven and Hell is all here created by us humans. We can alter it whenever we wish to with our actions and behavior. To reach to this stage one needs to tackle with the destructive and negative emotions and bring in mindfulness in everyday's life, blooming one inner values.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Love this and def agree on the mother's love. Compassion is getting harder to come by in our over zealous and 'me me me' world.

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That's true.....the world is getting selfish and greedy

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A mother has the supreme power that give us life and help to survive...

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I had been longing for other's compassion and kindness for me because with the kind of situation that I am facing everyday I really needed all the love that I can get @nainaztengra
It is hard to live in this life without others helping us especially in the times that we are most weak and vulnerable.

Sending you all the kindness, compassion and best wishes to you @cryptopie 😊❤️🕉 🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️compassion opens the door for deeper connection

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Lots of Love and good vibes to you my friend. May peace always be with you

Lots of Love and good
Vibes to you my friend. May peace
Always be with you

                 - nainaztengra

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Teaching compassion and kindness is HUGE. A worthy contribution, my dear, to a great question. Well done.

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Thank you my dear. Truly if everyone can have the same feeling we would be living in such a wonderful world

I love that "I am the Mother to this entire World". Beautiful thoughts and post <3

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yes compassion and kindness, these things are so important, to show first to ourselves and then to others, what a world we would live in x