Space Clearing- How important is it?

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This is something where most of us don't pay enough attention.

What do we exactly mean by Space Clearing?

To think of it in very simple words it means keeping our surroundings clear and yes that's what exactly I mean when I say Space Clearing

Sounds very simple but yet lot of people literally struggle with it. My meaning of Space Clearing goes a lit bit deeper here, which you will soon discover as you read through.

There are times when we keep accumulating things in our space, no matter whether we are using it, going to use it or never going to even touch it.

Well its very very important to clear up the outside space of ours on a regular basis by removing all that is not required, de-clutter our homes and keep things only that are in use. On a regular basis we need to check for things in our shelves, cupboards, storage spaces and anything that has not been used for a very very long time, that means it is not required and can be removed.

Now lets see why is it so important to clear up our space.

Storing excess stuff in our space or having things cluttered up in one space untouched and unused for a very long time blocks the energy flow. By clearing our space we will allow the energy flow to happen smoothly. Blocked energies create obstructions and obstacles for any new to flow into our life. By clearing our space we will allow the new to flow in by releasing the old.

A cluttered space also talks a lot about the personality of the person. We will not go too much in-depth on this. But generally you will find this type of a person more messy all around.

The day you clean up your house and remove the unwanted you yourself will see how light you will feel on that particular day. You will feel so fresh and lightened up.


Now when we say space clearing it does not only mean external space clearing, it also means clearing the space within with all that is cluttered and that does not serve any purpose to us.

Daily consciously Check out for your thoughts, emotions, see how you feel when you reflect on them. Do you feel heavy, light, good, unpleasant. If any thought that does not make us feel good means it is not required in our space and needs to be cleared. It is the same as outside, when you release the old and clear up the space you allow new things in to our lives.

We allow the universal energies to work in their best capacity by being more receptive, an open space within and outside of us allows us to manifest our highest desires and we ourselves allow our thought forms to shape up easily into reality.

We all reach the finishing line and along the way we all create, express and experience ourselves. The sooner we realize that and make it real in our lives, the more inner peace we attain.

There's a Law of Attraction always at work. If we are in a sad state we will attract around us depressed people, if we are joyful we will attract happy people arround us. What goes around, comes around. So what you feed your mind with, will decide what life wants to give you back. You feel chaotic within, you express chaos outside in your life. You have your space cluttered up, you feel the clutter in your life too.

By clearing the space outside and within both you feel light hearted, healthy and abundance flows into your life easily and effortlessly.

Thank yoy for stopping by and reading my blog on Space Clearing

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Message delivered. Nicely written. I like how you Generalized the Space Clearing in every aspect be it life, home, society, or relation.
Hoading is a mental disorder and surely the worst way of living.

Truly the most important place where the clearing is required is our minds

I so love this piece of writing, @nainaz, thankyou so much for spreading good vibes 😘

Thanx dear, I m glad my message is bringing in some value for people

beautiful swans

in your place, what time is it?

Hi @nainaztengra , so good to see your new posts. You have this magical ability to keep your mind clean and organised. Your ambitions well formulated. I truly admire you.

I wish I had the chance to meet you in person!

Upvoted your wonderful post !

Nice article @nainaztengra. I have believed in this for years. Space inside and outside reflects each other. I look around me and I see so many memories. I think those things are the hardest to part with. My Mom was a collector of things so my sister and I became more selective about our space.

So true dear @trulafountaine, there are few things in our lives which hold strong memories and they are difficult to path with. What i feel is once in a way if you are going back to them its good to have them and they wont be blocking your energy space either

Thats a very powerful concept you are sharing here. It is true that when we create space we get more to fill the space. We need to get rid of what is not helping us. It is as simple as giving out clothes that you don't wear or even letting go of the people who have left then things begin to happen. I love the post. I have just followed you.

Thank yoy @arnoldmusa90 for echoing my thoughts. Whether its people, things or situations if they are not of any use for us, its best to get rid of them. Following u.

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Welcome my friend. Keep on sharing great content

If the photo was little clear it catch up the more attension,
@nainaztengra your content was awesome. you Doing great work, you spellbound the small point that has very intense meaning.

  1. This is kind of social awareness from outside and
  2. Its good but when we look into deep the clearing-cleaning things will help us and our surrouding people because when we cleanup the unwanted-dead stuff from the house gone and where we livein the aura-energy instantly changes, cleaness brings the positivity in surroundings. 🙂Thanks. Small point made the sense alive. 😉

Yaa @atishdarpel this image got a bit hazzy. Its very important that everyone understands that cleansing and cleaning is not only required for outer space and physical body but equally at emotional and mental level

thank you for your post!

Learning Space Clearing, either at a course, or online, will help you locate areas of disturbance, you then have a choice, a) move your bed, or b) apply the simply process taught in the Space Clearing workshop and clear the disturbed energies. Simple and powerful, this process can be learnt by all and employed to create a more harmonious home or work environment.

Yes @umairkhalid very rightly said. How you manage and arrange your space impacts a lot on your life. If you just do a simple thing of clearing up the space also will create a harmony in your life

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