Magic of Crystals - Mystical Moldavite

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Today the Crystal I am going to write about Moldavite, it's said that this one arrived from an outer space millions of years ago when there was a big bang in the universe. It does not have the normal crytalline structure like the other odd crystals, but due to its metaphysical properties its deemed to be a crystal.

It's believed that approximately 10 to 11 million years ago a giant meteorite hit the earth and when this happened the surrounding rock metamorphessed into a glass like non crystalline structure and this infused the power of cosmic energy into mother earth which resulted into the ultimate Moldavite

New Doc 2017-11-12 (1)_2.jpg

When I was doing my studies on Crystals and the very first time my teacher mentioned about this particular one, instantly there was an attraction and I wanted to have one of my own. As its said when the student is ready the teacher appears and so is the case with crystals, the crystal only comes to the user when it sees there is a purpose for them in their life. So for years I was unsuccessful in getting one, but a few months ago it just happened instantly and my little wonder finally came to me as a blessing.

As you will see this image you will see the transparency of Moldavite, also you will see the unique formation of this one which is so unlike other Crystals.


The properties of Moldavite is that it helps us to integrate at all levels. It creates an overall well-being for oneself. It helps us to raise our consciousness, assist us in accessing higher dimensions and at the same time keeping us grounded. It is very very important for everyone to be grounded cause that is where the physical reality exist. Moldavite assist us in raising our vibrations to higher frequencies. When we are able to raise our energy vibrations to higher levels life automatically happens to us beautiful and smooth. We become much more receptive to the universal energies.

It helps us raise your awareness, and with that we feel detached from unnecessary drama and mundane issues of life. It helps one with physical and spiritual integration which is what we all aim for as an ultimate in our physical lives.

New Doc 2017-11-12 (2)_2.jpg

Absolutely a NO to be used for children.

Moldavite use is purely meant for spiritual growth hence one should use it in meditation on Third Eye Chakra.

The very first tine I used it in my meditation I almost felt like I was floating, it gives amazing spiritual experiences.

If you are on the path of reformation then Moldavite is one best crystal for use.

It's a rare Crystal not very commonly found, hence when you buy it ensure the source is genuine.

Source of the Image- All the images are self clicked and personal.

Thank yoy for stopping by and reading my story of Moldavite.

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You have so much knowledge about crystals, thanks for sharing.


Thank you @positivesteem. I can very well say these days I am living on Crystals. I just love their energy, they are so much a part of me.


Good morning @nainaztengra

I absolutely love Moldivite! I believe the meteor hit somewhere in the Czech Republic! Sad that it will eventually become nonfindable! I find that when I hold my piece I can feel this crawling up my arm feeling! It taps you right into source! If I hold malachite and Moldivite it’s intensified! I am new to Steem and seeing this post of crystals just made my morning! Thank you!


Wow dear @nikkicole its so nice to meet like minded people. By what you are saying it means you are more attracted to Green color crystals, which means you are on the path of attracting abundance in your life. The Cosmic energies are working perfectly with you by balancing you on the physical and spiritual planes. Following u now.

Wow..whether it is high value


Yes @boyasyie this one is a bit on higher side :-)


yes of course, thanks so much

Nice article my friend. I was not knowing all this about crystal and this Moldavite. I wish you the best in this way ;)


Many thanks for your review and upvote my friend. Means a lot to me. I am too passionate about crystals and engage into crystal healing therapies as well. Take care and have a great day.

Beautiful Stone! Thank you also for the information on the stone-- fascinating :) upvoted!


muy lindo!! :) dejo mi voto amigo


Many thanks although i didn't understand the language:)

Amazing...really so very brilliant of you to share about these crystals, One Great & Informative post. You are a Crystal Expert !!! That's really very interesting!


Many thanks Amit for appreciating my posts. You r a great steemitian as well.


You are Welcome, Nainaz.
Truly grateful to you too, for being a SUPPORT!!!, Always!!! :)


You were right just loved your post ♥

I found this part particularly interesting =D

It's believed that approximately 10 to 11 million years ago a giant meteorite hit the earth and when this happened the surrounding rock metamorphessed into a glass like non crystalline structure and this infused the power of cosmic energy into mother earth which resulted into the ultimate Moldavite


Thank you dear @andyluy, truly the universe is miraculous and there are so many interesting facts to know

MI friends it's great to see your post and the way you have described about that crystal but at the same time I would say I am connected to spirituality and I had never find those things that you had told her that we need some kind of instrument like crystal to open the Chakras


Definitely dear @funatoz, chakras can be worked upon with meditation and a lot of conscious living. But Crystal work is not only meant for Chakra balancing, though it does work very fine. It aids to speed up the process due to its high sensory attributes. Crystals help to balance and amplify the energies in our space, so not only the Chakras but it works on your overall space. Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as humans or some at even high levels and hence they assist us in combatting the vibrations of all lower energies and blockages within us, they can work to restore our cells and organs to their optimum functioning levels.
Well people who are completely focused on the spiritual path will definitely not need any assistance including crystals and I am with you on that. But I do enjoy working with them because of their higher vibrations :-)

very nice article, like always!
Have a good day!



Many thanks buddy. Means a lot to me

@nainaztengra , my dear teacher and adventurer. Thank you for sharing this post!

I would love to hear more about your experiences with this stone, please!!!!



Dear Elena thank you very much for the honor you give me, not sure if i deserve it.
Its been more than a month I am using it. I lie down and keep it on my forhead and then i am transported to an other level of consciousness where i feel the entire universe moving around me. Its a beautiful sight.

Wow, this is amazing, thanks @nainaztengra


Many thanks dear. Am following u now.

excellent post, I invite you to stop by my blog, greetings


Thanks dear. Am following u now and will surely have a look at your blogs.

Very interesting! I am not familiar with this crystal but I like that it has these abilities to help with heightening the vibration so meditation may be easier. We finally set up a dedicated meditation spot in our house, perhaps I should look into getting one of these.


Wow @topkpop, its great to hear that you could set a place for meditation. Its very nice to have a fix place as the vibrations amplify when you constantly meditate in one place. I wish you all the best on your path. I am sure Crystals will be a part of your life soon.

A very informative post thanks for the info my friend


Many thanks buddy for taking the time out to read my post.


Always a pleasure to read your post s

I never would have guessed that was considered to be a crystal. Very good information!


Very true, this particular one has a very unique structure with unique powers as well

I got my moldavite a month ago and have it around my neck on a silver chain. It is very powerful.


Thank you @ran-a-banana for sharing your experience, I am sure you are enjoying the experience :-)

Very interesting post. Do you buy your crystals in-person or do you buy them over the internet? How do you know for sure that a crystal is really what someone says that it is?


Hey @chefsteve, I never buy it online, only when I get to hold it in my hand and feel the vibrations I will buy. Yes you can easily get fooled in crystals hence its advisable to buy from genuine sources, people who are exclusively dealing in crystals will not fool around, they'll give you genuine stuff. Luckily in my travels i get my hands on some of the most exclusive ones.

Very interesting @nainztengra! upvoted, resteemed and followed you. Thanks for educating us on a crystal that I did not know about before.


You are welcome @sallykwitt. Its my pleasure

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Wow such a powerful crystal this is. Should I use it if I want to improve my love life and overall sense of well-being?


No my dear, this is absolutely not for attracting love. For that you use any one of these Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite or Morganite.
I will share one trick with you
Place a rosebud or rose petals, few drops of rose essential oil and a rose quartz crystal in a bottle, keep it at your bed side. At night burn a pink candle anointed with rose essential oil. It will work on your love life
Bedore keeping the crystal in bottle for 3 days initially hold the crystal everyday for minimum 20 minutes in silence and set whatever intention you want, then place it on your heart for another 10 mins and after 3 days u can do the bottle trick.
Wish you loads of love and happiness


Sounds great. Is rose quartz readily available? I need to look around for it. Also, is there any alternative of this crystal in case I cannot find it?


Rose quartz is the most easily available. If u dont find that then Rhodochrosite. :)

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Amazing post. .

Why not for children?

My daughter wants one now! :-)


Some of the crystals have very high level vibrations like this one and children do not have the capacity to manage such high vibratuons hence ita not advisable. Some of these crystals helps you integrate with the higher universal energies, children will not know how to handle these variations


Thanks, we'll see if we can find any here in Bangkok. It strikes me that its vitreous quality makes it fairly easy to fake - I've seen many fake meteorites here.


Yes its very much possible to get fake ones hence its advisable to pick up from a reputed shop dealing in crystals

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Very nice!
I used to have some moldavite earrings. I think I'll get a nice moldavite ring.

Sorry I missed the 7 day window of opportunity to upvote your post...