Another Mountain Adventure // Friends Trip 011? ^^

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Welcome back in Friends Trip ! Yeah it's been a while but i'm pretty sure you know, it's not easy to manage life ^^

Had fun with first days of the season skiing, back to work in the skishop so I didn't really have time to write!


This was last week just before Avoriaz opening! I posted a 🤳 on @steepshot but didn't really explain it to you on @steemit!


We are going right there & if you follow me for a while we did that a few weeks ago during the beautiful Indian summer & Blog post right here➡️
"On the Ridge"


Scenary is completly different & to be honnest I like it better when it's all white !


A quick hour to walk up as we are getting pretty fit with all the touring ski we have done the last few weeks !


Lil selfie on top with two brands I like for helping me being a better skier!
Beanies Factory, I film for the brand for a few years now & Dragon Alliance, always loved their products & now that the team manager is my neighbourg & good Friend I love it even more!

Didn't shoot photos of the downhill cause you know it was so much fun to take the camera out ! ^^

If you want to watch moving cinema footage I let you check my last video & first episode of my winter webserie right here➡️

So proud to be part of familys like:
@curie, @c-squared, @steemitbloggers, @dunite, @dcooperation, @travelfeed @steemskate & to get upvoted by 666 others peoples on this video was unexpected & I want to thank to you all for the love! :)

Have fun reading this 🙌
Have a great day!



Man I miss skiing. Only really did any downhill in my teens, but always loved spending a day on the slopes. Need to get my kids out there this winter. Thanks for sharing the photos!


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Whoop whoop 🙏
Merci beaucoup ! it's amasing Man,
First time skiing for your kids? That is one reason I want kids ^^ to live those days when they have fun so much fun with you skiing :)
Thanks again,
Have a great day 👌!

Hi @mylifeisnotbad! I really enjoyed your post. You take the reader on an adventure and support that with nice pictures:)

I choose to include it into my entry for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest.

The Pay It Forward Curation Contest supports undervalued bloggers who create quality content. I think you are one of them :)

Have a good one

Thanks @mcnestler such a nice comment to read ! I'm really glad you liked it e

Thanks for the curation entry 👌

Have a great day Man !

Sounds like you had a great time and your pictures are wonderful. I really enjoy reading other's adventures.

You were featured in week 37 of @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Challenge by @mcnestler. Keep up the great work.

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