What's happening: Dancing to a different beat - #1

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Yesterday was a rainy day – today is no different. The impudent :-) rain was pouring down so loudly – I woke up before the alarm. Nevertheless, I was in such a good mood – I am inclined to say that I am not sure why but I do know why. I will explain later. I even shared my nice mood with fellow Discord-ians with whom I was chatting. No, I was not celebrating anything – I just made a choice to be consciously positive and believe it or not – I am paying close attention.

Now this morning I woke up to more rain. You guessed it – I am still in a good mood. I decided that today will also be a great day – no matter what. However, my children getting ready for school and everything in my environment is testing me. I want this wonderful countenance to stay with me. I am still paying attention to how I would normally react – “don’t do it”- I tell myself. I will not pretend that this is easy, but maintaining this attitude and not reverting to my normal behavior makes me feel real good.

Most people who know me would say – “MoMoGrOw you are always happy and cheerful so what are you talking about.” However you know that can never my daily reality. There are always those thing in life “that rub us the wrong way”.

You would have probably cracked up laughing if you saw me yesterday morning. I was dancing and singing to oldies but goodies. The first one being - “The rain is coming down" by Ernie Smith, then “Purple rain" by Prince and lastly " Have you ever seen the rain" by Credence Clearwater. The rain was on my mind but I was not complaining.

Despite my good mood – I realise that I could not settle down to write a new post. I posted a poem but that was written from the day before for a @stach Spoken Word Contest. I need to write at least a post a day – for my Contest “Grow with MoMoGrow” – however I normally write only when I feel like. I need to create a new habit. I am working at staying cheerful so I will add this to the list.

It is all about choices

  • I made a decision to think about what I am thinking – to take control of at least some of my thoughts.
    Yes I know - we supposedly have about 60,000 thoughts per day – most are subconscious and most of them are the same as the day before. Therefore I am tackling the conscious ones that affects my cheerfulness.
  • I can decide what I want to think and focus on joy and happiness. I cannot be happy at the time but I can choose how I react to anything in my external environment that will affect my joyful internal state.
  • I want to create a new temperament not just a trait -so something has to change. The hardest part about change is to not make the same choices and think the same thoughts as always – because then nothing new will happen. How I am now is like programming – so de-programming which will be discomforting when trying to change to something different. I know it is possible though – so I am working at it.
    Have you ever seen someone walk on fire? Or pick up a hot pot? Well, they move into a different state of mind in order to do what seems extraordinary. We can do it too.

There is enough in the environment to focus on which could immediately create a negative reaction or emotion. Sounds familiar?
Old emotions would be triggered and then it’s back to square one. However, one can chose to change one’s focus. Old emotions are called that because they are due to past events. So triggering them would mean constantly living in the past. Who wants to live in the past – the focus should then be new thoughts, in order to create a new state of being. Easier said than done – but it is possible.

I am constantly reminding myself that no-thing or no-body in my environment is going to trigger me. No thing or body should have that power over me. Not even that someone that cuts me off in traffic or even my normally sweet daughter who decides to scream about everything because she cannot find her new pen. These are just tests - just smile and let them go. Yes it is hard work but I get to keep my sanity and continue to work on my goals. I am sticking with it – remember practice makes perfect.

Soon, being in a good mood will become my thing. By the way, I am working on this for a while. That is why my happy state yesterday was not just by chance. I am making progress - yippee.

I think you know what is coming next; To work on my resolve to write a post every day. It seems easy enough but I became accustomed to mulling over an idea for ages and only posting when I felt inspired. Now I need to change if I want loyal followers. I am writing this post now and sharing this story - so I am working on it. I am developing a new habit so this will become a routine - soon enough. The same principle as above applies – I need to change my programming.

There is a lot more that I could say but I think you get the idea. I would love to hear what you think.
You do not need to turn on music in the morning but it is helping me dance to a different beat.

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I am gonna use sparrow as a testnet..lol..i remember him tryna piss you off but then you turned it around and made him your friend. We all have the power to our happiness and we are the ones that has the key to it..Nobody does it better like us...It is nice setting this kind of example and as it sure works for you so will it work for others. State of the mind kind thing. Happiness rues regardless of what may come or happen


Haha- sparrow - I try not to take things personally 🙂 . Yes we are masters of our own fate - these sayings are nice and true. Yes - even when sad things occur - it is how we handle it that will matter. True happiness rules indeed.

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There's a great difference between being happy and cheerful and being really happy. Lol. The kind of happiness you feel that stirs from the inside and made you smile and dance even when the music don't have a jamming beat is what being really happy is all about. You're not happy because you want to show those around that you're cheerful, you're happy because you're truly happy. Such type of happiness is hard to explain and you just don't want it to go away. I truly understand such feeling and your word construction is very great. I hail!


Thank you @resuscitate - you are correct being really happy is an internal thing - it does not matter who is watching. Actually one does not care. Yes explaining this is of happiness is difficult - one must feel it to understand - I am happy you understand.

you are just like me,,,you move into a position of solution when those feelings come. just missed you on the discord I guess... thanks for sharing Momo


Nice - a place of solution is better that the opposite. Will catch u again on Discord - but happy to see u here as always.

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I'm glad I entered your contest, or I would have probably missed this! :-) What you're describing is "mindfulness" which is, in my opinion, the most important thing we can all individually do (or at least try) to make a better social environment for us all. You're one of the pioneers, even if the "technique" is as old as mankind almost. We live in times where this has become more important than ever before and I thank you for promoting mindfulness with yet another beautiful post. Thanks @momogrow :-) <3


Aww thank you. Mindfulness is the new buzz word and as u said the technique is as old as humans - I guess. Indeed I am endeavouring to be mindful of my thoughts - it helps me but also those around me -so indeed society in general benefits..

hehehehehe now i want a rain medley of songs to dance to also!!!
don't forget Rain - by Madonna :)



Aww I did not think about Madonna - but that is a nice song as well. Listening to it now. :-)

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It was nice having you join us in PYPT today! I hope you can come back again, and maybe become a regular at the podcast! 🙂



I enjoyed the show @thekittygirl - I will definitely be back and hope to be a regular. Thank you.

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I wouldn't say much though cos it looks like you've said everything needed to be said.

Concerning the ability to be happy, I solely believe that right is yours, you have the right to make yourself happy. No one else can.
Concerning making a post by force to keep in Touch with the contest I will advice you don't become a slave to your inventions. Be free with yourself. You can freestyle, contest and challenges abounds which you can put in for and they are amazing, am prescribing #freewrite.


@botefarm - indeed happiness is truly from within. You are right I do not want to feel burdened because I need to make a post - on the other hand I also like to create new habits if they are helping me achieve certain goals. you have given me a great idea though - I will #freewrite today's post.


Greatly expecting you over there, do me a favour, tell them I told you about the #freewrite. There's no referral bonus so relax.

Hey dear, this is very great.

I agree to your view on our thoughts. It is not really easy trying to control it. I remember when all I used to think back then was on romance. It was not easy changing it to better ones.

I was once a pessimist. I hated everyone and I thought I could never be happy. This was throughout my childhood. I would wake up daily and because of my decision not to be happy, i won't be. I had to change my mentality by fire by force as an adult.

Nothing new would happen when you have not changed your approach to life.

I really appreciate this dear. We need more steemians like you who would come to inspire us with wise words daily!!!


@chiknows I truly appreciate your feedback - it is a great motivation- thank you. I understand - it is so easy to think negative but as humans we sometimes find it so hard it so hard to flip it around and just think positive. The good thing however is if we learn from our past like you did - then try to make changes - that is so uplifting. Thanks for sharing this.

I am so glad I did not miss this. The network was so bad, and I am glad I made it.

I love the image and the caption of the lady dancing in the rain that you used. It is really inspiring.

It is not easy being hopeful and happy as a result of all these shits going on nowadays.

But then, happiness is a choice and I now chose to be happy.

We are what we think. I believe that when we inspire ourselves to always dwell on the positive things, then we are on our way to being happy.

I understand how you feel about having to write everyday now. Lol... I also plan to write regularly now, and I must comment that it has not been easy so far!


@ogine - I am glad you made it too. There are a few contenders for the first prize. It is funny I saw myself as that lady dancing in the rain - I have gotten soaked a few times and just loved it but only because I was on my way home - I would have minded if I were going out (lol). My daughter on teh other hand - run into pouring rain and just enjoys it no matter what. I want to be more like her.

Another way of exercising the body is dancing. Thanks for this great post


Thank you. Aww indeed- a fun way to exercise and my favorite.