Self-help in the tests of life.

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Each person has a test and a challenge, no one has or needs to understand the same lesson. There are people who have to learn to live without luxuries or money problems, others will have to fight against their willpower, there will be those who have to overcome some disease and some others will have to learn to manage their personal relationships. The truth is that no one is saved, there is a test for everyone in this life, no one is saved from them.



Being alive involves having highs and lows, so everyone, sooner or later, we will live changes, that is, we will face crisis situations, highly stressful. The question is to change the way in which we interpret these crises. Only then can we respond better to them.

When we face a problem, we look for solutions in our mental file that have been moderately effective and we try to apply them.

Let's stop feeling angry, scared and anxious, if only for a few minutes. We have to take the time to reflect and begin to write or reflect, what we are doing to you, because life is more difficult. You have to Identify one by one all the problems that are bothering us and that prevent us from enjoying life.

Many times, when that way of living is overcome, so negative, we leave behind mental schemes and get to draw deep lessons from suffering, being a very suitable people to help others, to know of suffering and personal improvement, because you have what you need to overcome the adversities that come your way.

Overcoming the difficulties of life, with the pain and the blows that imply, makes us stronger and prepares us to be better. Each failure overcome increases our way of facing a challenge, that is, it gives us a greater capacity to adapt, readjust and move forward.

The tests may not be easy, but they are necessary steps to finally achieve success. Only when faced with and overcome the tests that are presented, you get a clear and valuable sense of life.

When you imagine that you have solved the problem, you let go of your bad emotional stamina and you feel much freer to find better solutions.

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