The Importance of Maintaining the Validity of Satire in Politically Troubled Times, or I Am Smarter Than You and Want You to Know It

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source: tell you what google I'll source you when you cut it with the censorship of the internet. you don't got a pdf of the collected works of cg jung (and only the esoteric alchemy ones are missing) but got whatever fucking airport thriller you need fuck out of here fascist silicone cunts go make a fucking app (that really has no snap anymore eh) (I would love to make an app)


I just thought about somebody scanning or transcribing whatever piece of shit book they like and spending hours on it and because they're norms they don't even reflect they're just really pleased that the spellcheck session lasted shorter than expected hahaha they're glazed over cattle eyes and shit hahaha holy shit. Hm. Unrelated but I'm kinda starting to worry about me and my emotional state. By 35 I'll be mad as a god damn hatter man, I've lost any ability to feel shame already but I digress. Bill Burr has a really good, fitting joke for this I still might steal in a later edit but I like that guy and think he deserves credit for his work. That and it was in his latest special on Netflix don't feel like I can get away with it.

Past few years I've been intermittently watching as the humiliating circus of honest to god morons trade venom over the cause of "social justice" on both increasingly radical sides. I feel absurd in 2018 feeling the need to preface a post with denouncing sexism, racism and discrimination. I'm also not a fan of genocide.

I'll primarily be talking about "leftist' views cause I consider them mine as well and you shits are making me look bad.

I won't be shitting on the "right" side of these arguments because most essentially already shit all over themselves.

Also I do recognize this is all abstract to me and people personally affected will naturally have a more emotional outlook.

First I'd like to say this genuinely, the human race has very few redeeming features. Concepts like equality, justice, democracy and charity are sacred to me, and if you use those noble ideals to spread division and hatred you should be truly ashamed of yourselves. The discussion is so simmering in toxin and bile I can't imagine any would be activist is feeling very empowered. Likely because if they mildly fuck up their life will be ruined. And you damn well knew what you were standing for.

I'd also like to say if you're a self-identified Nazi in 2018 I don't even know where to start and I'd be fine with you catching a couple in the gut (gives you time to think about your profoundly stupid life choices as you die painfully).

I realize there's aspects to being a woman or a minority I'll just never get (upper middle class and white baby rolling 20s), but the disturbingly irrational rhetoric from the left is past gross and mean-spirited into possibly dangerous territory. Note I hold pretty much every classical "leftist" view being espoused, which is why I'll mostly be talking about that. This shit is important. Really important. You're taking things that should elevate the human race into the realm of "possibly worth a fuck" and instead wear your principals like accessories, for aesthetic purposes only. Your values are meaningless because the were adopted, pre-packaged and repeatedly reassured you were right. And only apply to easy targets. You think with the mass influx of feminism there would be some talk of the amount of misogyny in hip-hop (just the most popular genre on earth not worth a look) but hahahahaha I literally can't imagine the amount of preemptive apologies of any blogger that tried to cover this topic. And then you utter, complete fish mongering slop shit people actually give sexually frustrated "Nazi's" justification of the supposed oppression of the white male conspiracy by literally talking shit about "white males".


As a white male I will never be able to discuss beating women while also sounding fantastic backed by a soul riff. I just can't be cool enough. Pretty much every every other race of male has a better chance of pulling this off, except asians. Unless they know martial arts, I can see Bruce Lee smacking a broad. When'd people stop saying broad though. God dammit can't you see the internal struggles of a white man at play? I'm fucking with you my life is exceptionally easy but the blatant hypocrisy does undermine anything else of value you may have said, and is completely unneccesary. Doesn't even hurt anybody's feelings. If somebody dismissed me in a discussion re:race relations because I'm a white male I'd just feel bad for whoever has Thanksgiving with you.

"what do you mean white or dark meat dad"

To be real for one sec Juicy J stays the fuck out of this. He has a life pass on everything from being a part of "Stay High" alone.

I mean are these grown men and women that actually can't grasp that grouping an entire group of people and judging them based on associations with their sex or skin color is racism and sexism. That's a definition of the things you supposedly hate but actively do.

The fact that it is extremely unlikely I'll be suffering any discrimination in the near future due to being a white male doesn't make it not racist. Not based on any moral principle but, y'know, how words and definitions work. How do you type that and not immediately think "oh nah that is exceptionally incorrect". Fucking boggling, idiotic and nonsensical, depressing, and such a fundamental failure of the most basic fucking human intelligence. (Like that whole not being sexist or racist thing you fucked up in the most absurd way possible). The reason this even matters to me is equality isn't supposed to be a fucking round robin. If you condone any form of discrimination against a wide group of diverse people based on skin color, well, you're racist you mongoloid and are actively contributing to the cycle of hate and resentment. And don't dare call yourself an activist. Or do. No one's listening.

Like you know why Martin Luther King was such an effective force for social change? Not just his smooth but firm voice or dope name, but the realization that irrational hatred, naturally stemming from fear, will never be quelled by additional hatred in return. People generally don't like to say "Yep I just got a visceral searing hatred for certain skin colors, no logical validation needed!" When confronted, people will grasp at absolutely anything to validate themselves, obviously including insults or aggression regardless how justified. That's why he got the shit beat out of him and his crew on that bridge or whatever. Because people do tend have a least a little decency in them and when faced with a group of peaceful protestors viscously fucking beaten simply cause they wanted to be able to vote, their legal right, without having to do a fucking shuck and jive beforehand: there is no validation. It's wrong. Objectively. And when equality becomes something that is the neutral, default sane opinion (yes it should've happened already but you're on steem dude you've seen the idiots we have to work with) that's when I can finally release my mixtape. And something about discrimination, like it goes away. Q4 2018 telling you.

Is it fair to tell you to swallow abuse from trash and be expected to rise above it? No. Nope. Not even vaguely. Pretty fucked up actually.

There's no "but" coming sometimes things just really suck.

Also were I Muslim I can't help but feel I would be slightly insulted by my entire religion being infantilized to some under-dog story of those wacky third Abrahamics , who will NOT DARE simply be asked to extrapolate on how they see the unfourtunatley (from our view) archaic aspects of Islam and western integration. Muslim dudes on Bill Maher don't get to talk, seeing as they're a minority they are not fit to debate a inevitable moral issue between two cultures, in the west white women do that for you. If we allow our brown friends ears to even catch intonation of this problematic (literally anything) they will surely die. Bitch they took out Constantinople. Literally wiped out the Holy Roman Empire. The majority of the stars we know of have arabic names cause they saw the shit first. Great periods of progress from the birth of traditional chemistry to the exploration of alchemic esoterica. Yes, they are rapidly shitting their multiple beds currently but they clean up nice. Robert Lionheart fucking knighted Saladin after fighting a fucking crusade against him cause game respect game i guess (or capacity for seige warfare). That's literally white people's favorite sociopath showing mutual respect to Islam's favorite sociopath (fuck I have such a good punchline here but its a bit too far [just think on it a bit itll come]). That happened in the 1100s boys, they shit in like straw toilets and got their shit together more than us. Even after it got all coagulated with straw. They know the game, but the Janissaries went full bougie and they're kinda taking a bit on the rebound. I'm sure they can handle the complexities of balancing their faith and western civil principles without your help.

"Culture" is not a retort. For example, if your culture involves the normalization of violent rape then punishing said rape victim with an honor killing your culture is barbaric shit (I know that doesn't encompass the entire Islamic population or anything close to it.). It is repugnant. How can you possibly take offense to people not being down with the rape and mutilation of innocent women. Why do you possibly think there is any grey area here. I'm honestly unsure of the population's cognitive abilities as without exaggeration, there is often literally no line of logical or emotional guidance. Debate has been replaced by a race to imply moral degregation and justification is for old people.

The point is racism, sexism and all that shit sucks. It is exceptionally easy to argue even, based on the ancient argument of "maybe we stop being malveont twits". So why are you making a complete mockery of your cause? You're already right. But holy fuck do I wish I wasn't on your side. Because if this shit keeps up I don't think we'll be winning much longer.

But the other side are literally Nazi's so.

Nah I know there's reasonable conservatives with no love for Nazi's. Obviously. Unfourtunatley that strange thing they prop infront of wood boxes and then he attempts (and consistently fails) at making sentences is the head of your party and nation is giving yall a real bad look, like you got your bangs brushed straight down on your forehead like a goddamn deviant, but your other politicians not having the moral courage to denounce him is actually much worse. Shit happens, asshole in the Whitehouse. Continuing to defend him simply because you don't want those smug liberals to "win" is profoundly sad however. This isnt about right\left anything, its about the huge asshole in the Whitehouse. Talk about guns later dummies.


So you know how if you read that regardless of how you feel about the issues glazed over you just feel tired, vaguely gross, and just an air of "you know what - yeah sure fuck it. fuck it".

Well the actual point will come in pt 2 talking about satire, irony, its cathartic and self-reflective properties, proper political weaponization of humor, joy and rebellion and avoiding the emotional burn out of this crap.



I'm so happy to see this. So far, out of everyone on the whole blockchain, this is the first time I've seen a genuine article (haha), written by a real person for something other than click bait. I appreciate you.

I think there's a few pretty cool people around, though naturally we're all socially stunted so have each claimed our small section of steemit and ramble (in)coherently to bots and avoid text contact

e: actually thats mostly just me, i encourage you take a good look around explore (top right), plenty of passionate weirdos on here


Nah man, you're the first with an ounce of passion I've encountered in nearly a decade. Night mode is pretty sweet though!!

me shucks nah I'm just emotionally imbalanced is all kicks a haybail papa said passion is for queers, drug users or both and I just don't got that "it" factor

Personally, I'm a drug user and demisexual (meaning ... romantic but asexual I guess?). So I have lots of passion I guess.

Sincerely not trying to be a dick, but wouldn't a demisexual just kinda be a person with friends but not down to bone said friends? Or is the whole sex thing just a "nah" for you but retain normal feelings of affection to member of whatever game you're into

Don't burn yourself out with identity politics young man, there is no left, there is no right, and the nazi's were ended in the 1940's, life is for living and for fun.

I don't intend to, I lost my point quite quickly on this one (I should likely bother to edit or atleast reread my posts if I'm intending to make a point lol). However this posts failure plays perfectly into the conclusion as an example of regardless of intent how unproductive the current discourse is.

Getting sucked into the same trap I'm shit talking is rather humbling though (and also... genuis? no. mildy clever if it had been intentional tho!)

I will have to let you be the judge of that, shine on you crazy diamond, as pink floyd sang.

I'm holding back a few thoughts, while I agree on thisone.

No need to hold back, I'm intrigued and also am genuinely curious about how others view... everything really. Also criticism is welcome, desired actually.

Again ... this is the sign and mark of a Good Man. (woman? Doesn't matter).

I'm a dude just really like pink

Yes .This news is great @mitthradiumn

Great post!

We just don't care anymore, about time politicians had to deal with some assholery, they've dealt enough of it out to us. It's not about "smug" liberals it's about taking the country down into the globalist fest of haves and have nots and deciding we are dispensable for globalist agenda's quest for cheap labor. Not gonna happen, people in westernized societies are starting to wake up and are working to turn the tide.

Let me be short about this for now:
The sadness of making big money with big bullshit is everywhere.
Just don't spend one penny on bullshit, then you make the biggest difference.

Don't spend money on bullshit gotcha, but what about when it comes to making money off of bullshit?

Thats indeed a good question... And a good problem... As long as making bullshit is in balance with spending time, and the greed to do so. Then it will not stop. Catch55?

All I know is I could be playing like Doom VR right now but I'm not. There are people among you on the streets who made five figures off of a thing called Dogecoin. It's called that as a cute misspelling of "dog".

If you're still convinced reality's train tracks are infalliable, or evenly properly maintained, I dunno what to tell you man.

Get your dog a lambo.

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