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RE: Dr. TLK _ My 2018 Diary_ Feb 25th, 2018_ 40 days Divine Love and Healing Challenge

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Wow. This is a story worth sharing. Now you are mining the heart @theleapingkoala. I cannot just drop a comment and leave from this page. I have so much to say but will only write a few positive things here. I believe you and your father and brothers are all connected. Men may never realize the effect of what they had done and the wounds they caused. The power of forgiveness is necessary to heal but all of us are lacking in this. It seems that you found power through following the Yoga chant. This is something I heard of before but I wonder what power you have unleashed. I hope you will be guided with peace, love and joy and completely healed.


Thank you my dear @mineopoly for your kind words.

I started to write about my story but couldn't continue. I think I need to heal first before writing any further :)

I have been on a healing journey for the past 10 years. After much contemplation, self reflection and digging deeper to break the boulders of fear, hurt, pain and anger, I can see the results of peace and happiness starting to pay off since last year and even better this year.

I still have a lot to do, but I am more peaceful and have more understanding of myself and more faith in The Universe (God).
But I must admit that the effect of this chant has been pleasantly surprising. It is making me feel more positive, hopeful and somehow opening my heart for love even more.

In a way, I feel that I stumbled upon this chant because I was ready for healing. And because I am open and receptive of God's healing power (regardless of the source or language), the chant is working :D

Hugs with lots of love :D<3

@theleapingkoala. You don't need to write everything today. I notice one thing is that those who are being healed can heal others. You got my prayers.

Thank you my dear for your prayers. They are needed and appreciated :D

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