Dr. TLK _ My 2018 Diary_ Feb 25th, 2018_ 40 days Divine Love and Healing Challenge

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Dear all,

As I have been contemplating my life lately and reading books on spirituality and healing, I came across a spiritual chant or Shabad Gurbani written by Guru Ram Das. It is used as part of Kundalini Yoga teaching

This chant is called So Purkh.

How it is done?

This Shabad Gurbani is supposed to be chanted by women to enhance the masculine energy in their lives. It is said that If chanted 11 times/day for 40 days it will give the following benefits

Spiritual benefits of chanting So Purkh

1- Enhance the positive energy of the chanter.

2- Heal the chanter's wounds caused by men in her past and clear her masculine karma

3- If a woman chant it for specific men in her life, she will raise their spiritual energy and help them get over their difficulties

4- If a woman chant it for her difficult partner, their relationship will get better.

5- If a single woman chant it for the purpose of finding a partner, she will find divine love.

6- Some women started finding benefits after 7 days and continued to benefit until the 40th day. Some other tried it for longer periods to find their divine love (up to a year) and they did.

Personally, being a spiritual person, a curious person and having been a researcher, I planned on trying it. I have been chanting it for the past 2 days (23 Feb 2018). It is such a sweet chant and it makes me feel positive whenever I hear it.

Healing my past

One of my desires chanting this Shabad is to heal the hurt caused by men in my past (mainly my brothers and other men that I had relationships with).

As I have been contemplating lately about my life, I found that the trauma I experienced because of the way some of my brothers treated me and the way I saw them treat their wives, has affected me deeper than I thought it was possible.
I found that I can't feel safe around any man and so I was trying to find a man to feel safe with. This only led me to men that were looking safe from the outside, but were unsafe to be with in reality. I ended up attracting men who hurt me more and made me feel less safe to trust and open myself.

I am not even sure if I know how to have a normal relationship with a man. I seem to chase away those who are really nice and can't seem to feel at ease around any man that want to have a relationship with me.

It took me long to find these facts about myself. So, now I want to heal the past to be able to move forward to a happier and more peaceful future.

My experience after 2 Days of chanting

This morning I dreamt of my diseased father. He was standing in a very beautiful garden and was holding large air bubbles in his hand without them bursting out from his touch. Then suddenly a bird fell dead on the ground. My father knelt and picked the bird up then put it on top of the air bubble. The bird became alive and flew on top of the air bubble...

Will let you know how things go in the next 38 days 😁

You may want to believe in it or not. But imagine if each woman chanted this Shabad for the men in her life (past, present or future), how much we could change this world by healing it and raising its positive energy through divine love.
So, if you decided to follow your curiosity and try the challenge, find the link to the mp3 chant by Tera Naam. Also, don't forget to let me know your experience during this challenge 😁

So Purkh

The best chant I fond online is performed by Nirinjan Kaur. Here is a youtube link

Here is a link to the words in Gurmukhi (the original language) written in English letters and the English translation of the Shabad Gurbani


Final Notes:

1- I have written the pronunciation of this Shabad in Arabic letters. I find it easier to follow the complex pronunciation using Arabic letters than English letters. So, if you speak Arabic and want to try it, let me know 😊

2- It is so much fun to chant in a language different then our own. Makes me feel I could understand and connect with that language, teheheh 😁

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

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Many thanks for visiting, commenting and upvoting 😊


Dear Doc, I think that the answers you look for lie within yourself and it's just a matter of rediscover them. Unfortunately It's not easy to make peace with the past and with those traumas with deep roots, often reconnectable with the family. We need to strive and live in the here and now, free from the conditioning of events that are no more, aknolwedging our inner power. If a chant is good to help you channel your strenght, let it be and sing It.. but remember that the chant in itself is nothing and the true power of creation and regeneration surges from inside yourself and not from rituals. With love ☺️

Thank you my dear @f3nix for visiting and for sharing your wise and encouraging words with me :D

If a chant is good to help you channel your strenght, let it be and sing It.. but remember that the chant in itself is nothing and the true power of creation and regeneration surges from inside yourself and not from rituals.

You are absolutely right. I am happy to read your words because they remind me to focus on the intention behind the chant. The chant is a way to keep my mind into thinking of healing and finding the answers inside myself, instead of thinking about problems or old wounds.

I greatly appreciate your supportive words and your visit.

Hugs with lots of love :D<3

My pleasure dear friend. This happens in all religions..items and rituals are ..items and rituals.. you nailed it. As a Catholic I can wear a medal but the medal is nothing without the meaning that I give to that ..I wish you the best in your healing process from the deep of my heart <3

Wow. This is a story worth sharing. Now you are mining the heart @theleapingkoala. I cannot just drop a comment and leave from this page. I have so much to say but will only write a few positive things here. I believe you and your father and brothers are all connected. Men may never realize the effect of what they had done and the wounds they caused. The power of forgiveness is necessary to heal but all of us are lacking in this. It seems that you found power through following the Yoga chant. This is something I heard of before but I wonder what power you have unleashed. I hope you will be guided with peace, love and joy and completely healed.

Thank you my dear @mineopoly for your kind words.

I started to write about my story but couldn't continue. I think I need to heal first before writing any further :)

I have been on a healing journey for the past 10 years. After much contemplation, self reflection and digging deeper to break the boulders of fear, hurt, pain and anger, I can see the results of peace and happiness starting to pay off since last year and even better this year.

I still have a lot to do, but I am more peaceful and have more understanding of myself and more faith in The Universe (God).
But I must admit that the effect of this chant has been pleasantly surprising. It is making me feel more positive, hopeful and somehow opening my heart for love even more.

In a way, I feel that I stumbled upon this chant because I was ready for healing. And because I am open and receptive of God's healing power (regardless of the source or language), the chant is working :D

Hugs with lots of love :D<3

@theleapingkoala. You don't need to write everything today. I notice one thing is that those who are being healed can heal others. You got my prayers.

Thank you my dear for your prayers. They are needed and appreciated :D

What a lovely post.

I relate to what you're saying about men and how there's something about needing to fix whatever's pushing us their way.

It's nice you're finding something to help. I'll wait to see how you get on with your results.

Love the dream :D

Anj :)

Thank you my dear @anjkara for your sweet comment and support :D

Aw you're very welcome :D

Interesting. I will go deeper into this weekend. Thank you for the information @theleapingkoala.

Are you on Discord?

Let me know what you discover when you research about it deeper :D

Yes, I am on discord (The Leaping Koala#4561). Not very active, but I will respond if you drop me a line there :)

I love that your father came to you with such a powerful message and sign to show you -- bringing the dead bird back to life! @theleapingkoala So much symbolism! Peace and love, my friend!

Thank you my dear @ninahaskin for visiting and for your comment.

I was amazed by my dream as well.
The most that made me very happy was seeing and knowing that my father's soul is in a such a beautiful and peaceful place. He suffered so much before his death and I could not visit him since I am residing in Canada and can't go back to Saudi. So he was sick and died without seeing each other even once.

Thanks again :)

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