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A few days after the opening of their dance studio in Corsica, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet answered the questions of Télé Star. Still loving, the two lovebirds confided that the next step in their relationship would be to have a child. Non Stop People tells you everything.


Between Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet, it is the story of a magnificent love story. It is first chance, or the production of TF1, that decides that they will trample together the tray of "Dance with the stars". Couple star of season 4 of the famous dance show, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet win the trophy with the hand. The alchemy born between them in just a few weeks is obvious and they even end up kissing at the end of one of their dance, live on TF1. Four years later, the two lovebirds are still together. They even married in June 2016. Professionally, they do not leave each other since they have just opened together their own dance studio in Corsica, in Ajaccio.


In short, between Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet is great love and they already have an idea about what happened next. Interviewed by Télé Star, the singer and her dancer said they were seriously thinking of expanding their family: "Later, we want to expand the family, yes, he or she will take his first steps in our studio" Grégoire Lyonnet, joined immediately by his wife: "It is the next step". Alizée is already mom of a little Annily , aged 12 and born of her love affair with Jérémy Chatelain, former candidate of the "Star Academy". In short, there is still no cloud to report in the skies of Alizee and Gregory Lyonnet.

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