Happy Birthday to me!

in #life4 years ago

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear me-ee!
Happy Birthday to me!

Yep, I’m a whole year older than I was yesterday – I don’t feel any different of course and I’m pretty sure I don’t look much different but society says I’m now one year older than I was thirteen hours ago.


If I consume everything I got for my birthday, I’ll look older, fatter and drunker tomorrow… but I’ll be energetic too!

Merry Unbirthday to everyone else, Happy Birthday to me ;)


Happy Birthday! I've decided I'm going to be 21 again next year!

That's an awesome proclamation! I think I'm going to join you!

Happy 21st to us all!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY michelle.gent

HAppy birthday lass! Yer still a young chick!! :O)

Thank you, I am in my own mind (as you probably figured for yourself in Amsterdam LOL) but in the bathroom mirror it's like: "What the hell happened???" hahaha

That's what I am like in the bathroom mirror, it's a pure liar ;0)

Absolutely! :)

Happy Birthday! I can see my favourite tipple of Disaronno there. Enjoy!

I've just seen my husband's comment too, we are Disaronno mad!

Yep! It's either that or Glayva - oooh yummy!


Happy birthday @michelle.gent hope you are having a great day. Is that a limited edition Disaronno?

Thank you, yes I am!

They've limited Disaronno? Why would they limit it? Must. Buy. More!

Happy birthday! Hope you're up to full on partying again soon x

Thanks Deb <3

I'm sure I will be... not much stops me completely - I fell asleep last night, before everyone went home - this is kicking my arse for sure!

Happy birthday! Looks like everything in the picture will go well together :) lol

Haha! Yes, I think I'm going to enjoy everything, thank you :)

Happy Birthday, enjoy the party!

There's a 30% change that all of your followers were born on another day: (364/365)^441.


The party was last night - we had a Christmas Tree decorating party :)

Thank you <3

I hope to see you in the New Year - another excuse to revisit the celebrations ;)

Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you a very nice and wonderful day! Feliz cumpleaños :)

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Happy Birthday! Look on the bright side - today you are the youngest you will ever be! ; )