Scammers: an animation

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We all know the spamming that has been going on. Thankfully with flags and splendid folk taking the fight to them all is not lost.

I was quite disgusted the other day however when someone spammed their link on a comment thread on someone post saying they needed money to buy their girlfriend an engagement ring. I checked the post and the photo they had put up of their girlfriend was bloody Liv Tyler!! They got a swift flag up the chuff.

The cheek of it. It gave me an idea for an animation though so not all bad!


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There is so much

But I just need 465537746458 dollars for to buy a ring to my girlfriend. She deserve it, she is so beautifull. Look at this photo we have from last week... even if she was a bit sick (reason why she have this color) she looks amazing.
Liv and I.jpg
If you are agree I can send you my bank account.
God will pay you back!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Can you send me your account number? oh what a you accept bitcoin my friend? extend my well wishes to your beautiful wife... upvoted to send in my support and wish you guys well

hahahahaha my BTC wallet is 123MygirlFrienDiS100TImesPreTTythanYourS456
Thanks for your support :D

Ok, I sent some mooncoin to the above adress my friend...hiyaaaaaaaaaa

:D lol!

Hahaha my bud...hope you enjoyed the mooncoin...

a masterpiece!


was your GF happy with this photo? or is she off steemit? LOL
"a bit sick" - hilarious bro

She is now in perfect skin color condition :D hahahaha

Lol! Best comment ever haha!

:D ;)

Wow, I am wiring the money to you right now!!! :0D

wahahahahha this is so funny and so is juan's comment wahahaha
they asked you for mow ney to buy their gf's engagement ring? FFFF
what's next - mow ney to get her CS next time?

Yeah, it was mad, I was thinking. Fucking hell, I am sick of begging posts, then I noticed the picture and thought, I know her... The cheeky mofo!!!

i get you
am off to bed
i sent you a chat instead of a tweet :D
night night !

Wayhay, Iam just awake and was in bed early so will check it out in two seconds!

Ha ha ha , very funny gif.
Shooting Down many ID Theft.
They still never learn.
May need a Nukes on it. If I can afford one.

I hope you can get a nuke from somewhere dudester!!

Are you sure it wasn't Dave Gardner?

Oh shit, I acted in haste!! Such folly!!!

I actually didn't know who he was, but the power of google has educated me.

I had to google it too. Its flipping magic that google malarkey :O)

OMG! You just made me spit some cola on my new laptop!
Now I need a new letter F and G... Please send me some .....
Great animation! I so wish I could make those things!
My hat is going off for you mister!

Lol, who uses those letters anyway! ;O)

Cheers man, my eyes are a bit spinny after it! But it was fun!

Hahahahah good one again from you ......shoot all them spam and scam posts...

Sounds like a feasible plan ;0)

Absolutely Milord....

Liv Tyler?!! No kidding...I don't think you can even raise here the kind of money to buy her an engagement ring!! Good animation - he deserved to die!!

I thinkk he did too!! It was so bizarre cos he could have chosen any old pic and instead chose someone famous!

Jolly good, @meesterboom! I love it!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you for sharing! It is great to see leaders like you use this platform to help better Steemit!

I wouldn't go far as to say leader but thank you very much!

Definitely a leader, don't be getting all modest on us!

Pffft, I scoff at the idea!!

hahahahhahahaha :D engagement ring :D lol :P lol i wanna buy my self food for it :D

At least thats more genuine!!:O)

hahahha lol :D hell yeah :D


haha seriously awesome Anim @meesterboom. Love it! freaking spam-scammers should be extinct 😃 followed you and upvoted. looking forward to more crazy cool post from you sir! 🙌

Hey hey!! Cheers mate! I enjoyed this one :O)

Hilarious. Love the animation. Karma is obviously already on the spammer's trail. LOL

Thank flippity for Karma!

Another smile inducing animation ☺️

Cheers muckeroo!

I NEED $300 TO BUY A RING! Hilarious hahaha

Hehe, it was nuts!

This is awesome, just shoot them LOL

Shoot them to heck!!

I love your animations, they always cheer me up :)

See that for me is the best reward :O)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Can you lend me $300 I need......a....... give me a minute hahaha


Yeah sausages I like the expensive ones haha

I happen to have a very expensive one you could try? Xx

I don't like chipolatas :)

It's beefy!!

Fighting scamers and spamers is a great deal we should to protect this amazing community
thank you for the support

And thank you for watching! :OD

Fantastic work on the animation.
What if he really was dating Liv Tyler? lol
Excellent writings man, keep them coming!

If he was I am sure he can take it lol!

Sure will!

It's a good thing it wasn't real, imagine her feelings when he describes how he got her engagement ring by spamming the crap out of a bunch of innocent Steemians, so romantic!

She would probably be like yeah fuck them, its my turn to go on and scam for soemthing!!

Maybe these dear steemians can get me that boob job!

Yeah!! Boob job begging!! Now that's a post that is crying out to be made!!

Every time I hear Liv's name, this comes to mind- might be as annoying as the scammer, LOL!:

Hahaha, I want them PJs!

The only spam I like is fried in a pan and layered into a sandwich.

I have to confess, it can be quite the tasty treat!

Lovely animation :D
It's hard to tell if a post is sincere or not sometimes! Atleast with spammers it's really clear and you can just flag the heck out of them.

Yeah, I like it when it's clear cut!

ahahha, this is great! and violent... ahha

Hehe, I like a bit of violence in the animations!

that's why i love anime.. hehe

Same here! :0)


Look! there's a cool awesome guy. LOl
Love this. :) Nice work. @meesterboom

Cheers @bontonstory! I loved doing it!

Darn it! If I only thought of Steem as a solution, then I wouldn't have needed to work my ass off and use the hard earned money I gained to buy mine. Drat! Curse the heavens! Next time I'm soliciting on Steemit first, that's such a brilliant solution. Positively brilliant!

Wayhay! That cowboy looks like he could be a recurring character in your animation! It would be interesting how he and HF19 would get along in case that bucket of bolts ever pops back haha!

That would be interesting! An epic battle perhaps! I quite enjoyed drawing the gun. I wanted an old six shooter type of thing!

Thats it, solicit first make actual effort later!

Thats it, solicit first make actual effort later!

That's how we roll on Steemit ;)

Ahh shoot! Yeah! I forgot to comment on the gun! It looked amazing! Really looks like those six shooters of old, especially with the unli ammo. Bullseye, dude! You hit it right out of the park!

Hehe, Cheers man. You know I like to score! In the end it's all about the bang bangs!!

Ha! Love the cheeky little wink your dude gives at the end of the animation.

I am genuinely shocked at the gall of some people. Almost impressed actually... I would never have the balls to say and do some of the stuff that people do while spamming and scamming!

We get a lot of people in town asking for a "bus fare". I gave a woman some money one time, and 45 minutes later she was back asking me again! Weren't you supposed to be on this bus by now lady?!

The audacity! Haha!

Those ones are quite common in Glasgow. I have had many a confrontation with one dude in a crap suit who assures me every time the he cannae be a beggar because he is wearing a suit lol. He had asked me about a million times!

Lol! Well 10 out of 10 for the guy for effort haha!

It's a terrible suit, It offend my eyes!! :0)

Then to hell with the guy and be damned!! :)

My thinking exactly!!

The internet is full of spam and scams. Good work with your termination efforts!

We need net guns!!

hehehe cool animation. which program you used for this? wouldnt mind trying it out myself :)

Cheers mate, it's called Flipaclip, an android app. It's really cool but it is time consuming to do them!

UH I bet it is...that's exaclty what kept me away from animation all these years...

You might be in for a similar experience then! Still. It's worth a shot!

I have been following the works of Patrice, Sherlock, spammaitor, and the things he reports are surprising, but this is what tells us the most.
They are becoming more caressing, you can not believe.
Very good animation, that's the least that can be done
Excellent work dear friend @meesterboom
Have a great day

Thank you @jlufer. I hope you have a fine day yourself.

It was a poor show for the fellow to be trying to con us all so. A new low indeed!

Lol. Gotta give that dude some points for creativity though after all the follow for follow comments.

Well, it certainly was inventive. If he had only used some random pic though he might have made out of it!! Stupidity never wins!

ah ah ah....................


Looks like I'm a little late to this party LOL. I love your animation :D I think there's a new sheriff in town!

Lol, there is!!

Pew Pew!! You handle those peacemakers pretty well :) Carry on LOL

Lol, fast firing!

lol, I was accused of spamming today and I felt like scamp...
by the way I need some SBD to get my girlfriend a new snowboard... just in case someone wants to help...

A new snowboard!! Why of course! I have just sent you a pile!

Love it :D

Well I've seen a guy who posted his introducemyself post more then 30 times...

So make sure to flagg his posts:
I flagged him already, posted this in the SteemSpeak chat, but you have way more followers then me so make sure to reports him.

Wow, I will check it out. thats plain ridiculous

Yes, the worst part is, I was just about to upvote his post and write a comment, but then I was like, lets check his account first. Then I saw that...

So strange that I almost got tricked into upvoting his post, there should be something to avoid this from happening, but atleast we can flagg :)

It's true and it looks like this pets have been well flagged now. I hate it when they try and dupe people. It's a hiding to nothing

Beer? Or boom speech? hahahaaa, pets, love it.

Good lord, sometimes I despair of my phones autocorrect! What the heck did I mean?

Wait!! POSTS!!! His Posts have been well flagged!

Hurrah, although pets was good. Perhaps we should start doing that for bad behaviour, punishing peoples pets lolo

That sounds perfectly reasonable! And also saying that like yolo? hee hee!!

Oh lolo is a thing!! It's defo a thing. The kids in the street are all like lolo when a plain old lol just won't do!!

LOL !!

ha ha ha... The animation is too good man!!! made my day ... rofl!!voted!!

Cheers mate!

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What they will not come up with))
I can't stand spam!

Me neither, it's outrageous!