Are you in or near Las Vegas August 9-13? If so, let me know and lets hang out! I'll be at Def Con 26 this year!

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Are you going to be in or around Las Vegas August 9th - 13th?!

If the answer to that is yes, please get up with me on here via comments or via encrypted memo message in my wallet if you'd like to communicate privately/securely. If you don't know how to do that, all you have to do is put a # before your message in the memo field when you send any amount of Steem or SBD (0.001 SBD is what I recommend). If you do that, your message will only be readable to the recipient, so if anyone else views the transaction on the blockchain, it's all gibberish! Cool, right? Yeah, it is. If you need help doing this for some reason, let me know and I'll help you out.

Anyways, if you're going to be around Las Vegas anywhere between August 9th and August 13th, let's meet up, make a post about it, and earn some Steem! And of course, participate in all of the debauchery that Las Vegas and Def Con presents us with the possibility of participating in. I've never been to Las Vegas before, nor have I been to Def Con, so I'm pretty excited about it. I'll be there with my good friend @wakeupjohnny.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on things to not miss while in Las Vegas? Anything crypto-related stuff? Any Def Con related stuff?

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Let me know what's up in Las Vegas! Better yet, come hang out with me! The wife, @kotturinn, will be at home holding down the fort for me while I'm out and about.

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Oh, shit. I had no idea about that hashtag thing with memo messages. That's pretty neat, mang.

While I'll be busy trying to get our life packed up for the move later this month, I do hope you can enjoy yourself and have some fun at this event, dood. Seems like you've been pretty excited for it for awhile now. Consider maybe twisting some nipples or smacking some ass cheeks while you're there for me. Nothing wrong with some proxy nip twists, mannn.


Yep, you can do it! Encrypted communicationz on the blockchain! Easy as pie.

Haha, if I did any of that, the wife would put me in the ground upon arrival.


Just tell her it's for me and it's totally platonic on your part. Make sure to tell everyone no homo and look like a jackass too, just to be extra safe. I think she'd understand, man.

Safe travels and have fun! :)
If you decide to go again next year, let me know. Hopefully I can go then.


Count on it, man!

Seriously in Las Vegas, i couldn't reach their but i hope to reach their and see whats new crypto on Aug 9-13th @matt-a . All the guys may be going to las Vegas they have lots of fun and one different lifeto see.. hope so all will enjoy more.
Afterwards At least share one idea what will be their crypto about at Las Vegas @matt-a

By yours,

If you could be there for an additional week then Blockshow Americas 2018 event is going to be held there on 20 and 21 August.There is going to lots of crypto related activities going to happen there.
Hope you have a great time time at Def Con!Enjoy

I'm like two million miles away, from Vegas really, so much for the world being a global village I feel so sad right now 😫😫😫

Good i read this post, i am new here and dont even know how to write a memo message. Any tips for a newbie?

why don't you take your wife to Las Vegas, to have fun there ..


She didn't want to go, and she is staying home to watch the house and our pets. Def Con is a hacker conference and she isn't into that kind of stuff. After I get back, we're going some other places :-).


Oohh, you don't want to go on vacation to my area of indonesia. @matt-a


I actually know quite a few people in Indonesia. I plan to visit there someday, around Jakarta.


oh yeah in the area where you visited Jakarta.

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