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One day when Marek was going back home, he noticed the boy who stumbled and dropped everything he was carrying with him - piles of books, two sweaters, a baseball bat, gloves and a small pocket recorder. He came to him and helped to pick up the mess, and because, as it turned out, they went in the same direction, he helped the boy carry some things. Along the way, Mark learned a bit about him - his name was Bartek, he loved TV games, baseball and history, he had a few problems at school and just broke up with him a girl.

They reached Bartek's house, who invited Marek for pizza. They spent the afternoon together watching television, making fun of it and chatting. In the end, Marek went home

They saw each other from time to time, ate lunch once or twice. In high school, they met sporadically.

Finally, the last day of school came. Bartek asked Marek for a moment of conversation. He asked him if he remembered that day when they met for the first time.

"Have you ever wondered why I brought so many things home that day?" You see, I emptied my locker because I did not want to leave a mess. I had sleeping pills in my pocket ... I wanted to commit suicide...

but when we spent some time together, talking and laughing, I realized that if I killed myself, I would miss those moments; those and so many others that were to come. When you helped me to collect my books that day, you really did a lot more...

You saved my life ...

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Very great story showing good friendship between friends! And good friend can save the life of friend. Good writing!

I also like the big SUN over the ocean in the last photo. The colors of the sky are very magnificent. Great shot! ;)

My Dear Sis, I love that story so much because in my life I had a fantastic friend which I couldn't help, not because I didn't want to but because he didn't share with me that particular feelings. I still remember his smile and jokes. He was full of life and one day he didn't appear.

My heart was broken forever.

I found out that he was in love with a girl, but she did not reciprocate his feelings. He was ashamed to talk about it and that's why he never told me.

He remained forever in my heart, he was 14 years old.

Although I was so close, though his eyes were laughing at me, I did not really feel his pain, I was 15 years old. :(

Thank you and bless you.

The lightning effect is looking gorgeous!

Thank you my friend:)

Beautiful image wonders. Greetings a hug!

Thank you my dear,

I hope that everything is ok ? :)


Nice picture .

Great story! The sunset is fantastic too!

Such a great post you have shared love to read that one :)

Oh, how nice to hear that my lovely friend :)

Hello margaretwise!

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I love that story. We all can make a difference without even knowing it, can't we? Great photos.

Yes, we can my Dear. :) Thank you

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