Why Does It Hurt When I Pee And How to Find The Mirror Of Infinitive Magic?

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Good question my beloved Frank Zappa, dream lover of my teenage rebel years! Oh well, it is a kind of silly question in some ways but don't you know those moments when not only your pee hurts ? Your whole body is in pain of all nonsense you have to deal with on a daily basis. 

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In statement and in practice, Zappa was an iconoclastic defender of the freest possible expression of  ideas. And most of all, he was a composer far more ambitious than any  other rock musician of his time and most classical musicians - Source allmusic.com Biography

Trust or not to trust? 

Every-time you open your heart one little bit too much, a hurrican of madness and confusion is crushing your believe in trust, pulling you into some comedy of life? Shouldn't we laugh out loud at least 10 times per day, instead of spinning in circles all over again? 

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Why Can Anybody Still Hurt My Feelings Anyways

Don't you detest those family issues, if you have any and senseless competitions of egos on and on. The same old stories with your parents, relatives, some friend & relationships and the shadow dance with yourself. 

Nobody can trigger those weak spots as much as loved ones can do. They continue poking your scars or maybe its me who let it just happen? I wonder when is it enough, when does it end? When is the time you don't have to feel guilt to think selfishly about your own well being first. 

When is the devine order in place? 

Find the light because only pure love is the answer, not hate, not intimidation. 

Brighten your day with the Peacock dance ! Its all about the "right wiggle". 

Why Does It Hurt? 

I don't know! We might look for troubles on purpose and just another story of drama game because we still didn't learn our lessons, yet. How many more runs towards the big walls to finally understand that harming yourself doesn't get you anywhere but in a dark hole or maybe you finally could find that magic infinitive mirror, the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness. 

We could just know our infinitive nature without thinking.    

Freedom of Emotions

We deserve to treat ourselves with gentle pleasure and unconditional love, endless forgiveness. I have to admit that I am still confused not knowing how to handle people I should care about, out of some moral duty, those who continuously hurt my deepest wounds with a twisted mindset I cannot relate to. 

There is no need to argue or resist, just accept if you really strive for your own infinitive freedom, the kind of magic of complete emotional detachment.

“There are two infinities that confuse me: the one in my soul devours me; the one around me will crush me” or  “One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.”   
 ―     Gustave Flaubert     image source 

Each morning there is hope, it would come that day.

At the bottom of my heart, however, I am waiting for something to happen, with the eyes upon the solitude of present life. The wide horizon is opening up, carrying those chances with the wind, beyond the rainbows towards a peaceful sound. 

All overall life is exciting and good as it presents itself in many shades and colours.

RocknRoll forever!    

Zappa jumped in my mind. The eccentric man and one of many musical heros of my teenage years as mentioned already above. One of those musicians I could listen to when I felt the blues, down to the  emotional bottoms of my gypsy free spirited soul. I do listen again and as loud as you can image. Classical and mathematical music. The flower of life! 

Thanks to @kevinwong for your inspiration futuritic tunes and photo 

This track is awesomely wicked ! Seems like Frank Zappa is reborn and shows us the future sound of the other side of the rainbow bridge 🦄🌈🦄 - Mammasitta

All is in devine order as long as you wish for. 

Infinity, Magic and Freedom as Jude Papaloko said today. Thanks dear friend for life!

Lets be happy instead of peeing pain!




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wow , what a nice surprise to see you . Thanks so much

I do not get a word here - but as I adore you lovely gorgeous attractive lady @mammasitta and remember Zappa from being crazy but sometimes cool I upvoted :-)


Explore his sound ! You will be kept in wonder :)
Thanks for being so charming Uwe


I know his great sounds :-) - I was just not ready yesterday to understand all text, now read over and over again and thankful for this!


Das freut mich aber sehr! I am thankful for every sunshiny day , beautiful music and my new steamian friends 💃


Super - ich poste gleich mal was zu Sonne und Sunshine - heute ist doch SunThursday


Na bitte 🌻

Frank was the greatest! I had the Phi Zappa Crappa poster in my kitchen!


Omg I had and still have a silly crush on him


People underestimated what an amazing musician he was (he was handsome too...he looked a lot like me). What I loved was his sense of humor, he made fun of the hippies and they didn't get it...they thought he was laughing with them!


Handsome and smart ! Indeed ! A perfectionist ! Unwashed mesmorised by his creativity

I'll put here to quotes of another hero of my youth together with the Mothers of Invention and Captain Beefheart. FZ Thank's for so many good trippy trips.
"Without deviation progress is not possible."
"Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex."

Frank Zappa


Here we gooo ! Zappa is more on his time than ever

@peacekeeper Thanks so much for resteeming my little story getting off some steam :) with the help of Zappa


thats so sweet and kind of you ! I just followed you . Thanks much !

I spent many hours listening to his album "Overnite Sensation". He had great musicians in his band including violinist Jean Luc Ponty.

I've watched his sons version of the band with Steve Vai on giutar... Amazing! Maybe you can still see "him"live if you get a chance.


@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


I could not imagine my youth without the influence of those intelligent musicians I discover all over again.
Must be true that we rewind life. I am back in my teenager stage at 58 and my mother is like a 4 year old at 92 . Hahaha!
Zappa blasting for my morning coffee and nobody complains 🐲

When I upvoted this post, the payout was at $3.03 with 333 votes. Then I made it at $3.04 with 334 votes. Waiting for something to happen myself too, I decided to do a YouTube search for Frank Zappa 33. I came upon a vdeo about Frank Zappa's cover of John Cage's 4'33". Didn't know it was part of Frank Zappa's repertoire. Went looking for the original. Finally ended up getting the TED talk about it being a piece of art rather than a work of music. It made it quite interesting emotionally and in thoughts for me for the last half-hour. I won't go through the details, because it's part of my own personal mental journey, and so too long to explain, but what I meant to say is that it feels like I often tend to get bored in life, and at some of these times I can't help myself but to go out looking for something random on the Internet to make things interestings. The thing is, when I fall on synchronicities on the Web, there is always a part of me that judges it to be less authentic than in physical life, and that's when I start to question what is behind the veil made of codes in front of my eyes & enjoy the trip. Am I the center of my universe, or of the Universe?


Wow! This was a wonderful comment, reading with my morning coffee.
You are a part of my sunshine in the Grey today.


By the way ....I love the message of numbers

Frank Zappa was definitely a genius... his vision and ideas were beyond many people's understanding, I suppose... I thought he was great!


Simply amazing to grow up with his mastermind. being raised in Vienna I was always a fan of classical music. He was the Mozart of his time for me.

AllMusic Review by François Couture [-]
The date is October 28, 1968. The Mothers of Invention are playing the Royal Festival Hall in London. Frank Zappa has booked 14 musicians from the BBC Symphony Orchestra to accompany them during the first part of the show. He had been writing chamber music pieces in the hotel rooms he visited and wanted to try them out. He strung them together by devising a psychodrama he called "Progress?" This was meant (and indeed turned out) to be a one-time performance, so he made sure to record it. He released the whole thing as Ahead of Their Time 25 years later. The first half of the disc is comprised of the "play." A faction of the Mothers want to play conservative concert music. Don Preston advocates progress with his avant-gardist electronics. He and pianist Ian Underwood battle it out while other frivolous characters (played by members of the Mothers) intervene. It must have been a lot of fun to watch (and it was filmed; parts of it appeared in the movie Uncle Meat), but some of the more visual scenes translate poorly on record. More important is the music itself, which definitely points toward the score to 200 Motels -- it even includes "Holiday in Berlin," which will eventually become a central theme of the film music. The second half of the CD presents the rock part of that night's concert. All instrumental and very focused, it presents Zappa's best tunes from 1967-1968, including the complete sequence that includes "Let's Make the Water Turn Black," "Harry You're a Beast," "The Orange County Lumber Truck," and "Oh No." The sound quality is far from perfect, but this is a crucial document that fans of the '60s Mothers will enjoy.