Why On Earth Would I Move to Acapulco?!

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Acapulco, Mexico

Why would I ever consider living in the 4th most "dangerous" city in the world?

Let me tell you this; if I was just a tourist vacationing in the area, there would be absolutely NO draw to live in Acapulco, Mexico. But I've had two of the most amazing psychedelic experiences of my life there. I also have a community that I am in love with. Last but certainly not least, Anarchapulco, the most incredible annual anarchist conference I have ever attended is located in Acapulco (if you couldn't tell by the name). My experience here goes far beyond the fleeting feelings and experiences tourists have. I have a deep emotional connection to Acapulco. I continue to leave my heart there.

My first psychedelic experience was back in February of this year with the Vine of the Soul known as Ayahuasca (which now hangs around my neck, as I've devoted my entire life to this mind-altering medicine). It was the first experience I ever had with Mother Aya, and the experience itself is almost indescribable. During the ceremony, I realized how beautiful the human experience really is, and how it should not be wasted being unhappy. I realized how beautiful life could be if I faced my fears head on. Because this was where I initially met the spirit of Ayahuasca, I was inclined to develop a serious relationship with Acapulco.

It's not just the psychedelic experiences that draw me to the land of Acapulco, the community that resides there makes me feel safe and loved. They have played important roles in my healing process I'm currently going through. From flying me down to Acapulco, to just being all around supportive, they have always been there for me. My wonderful friends, Nathan and Lisa Freeman made it possible for me to spend yet another week in Acapulco this year to make the very important decision as to whether or not I could seriously picture myself living there. My soul sister and fellow psychonaut, @erikaharris, also resides there. She is one of the most passionate people I know, and it's an absolute joy to be in her presence.

Another AMAZING psychedelic experience with MDMA (also known as Molly) ultimately led me to make the final decision. MDMA has been my substance of choice during 2016, and has been incredibly therapeutic for me. The night I took Molly, I had the pleasure of meeting most of Acapulco's anarchist community. The people here are genuinely empathetic and truly do care about the well-being of their tribe. They have the most beautiful souls I've ever head the pleasure of meeting. I have never had friends who helped me through a difficult time quite like the Acapulco community has, and I will forever be grateful to them for that. I really do feel a sense of home and safety when I'm around them.

The MDMA session was incredibly powerful and therapeutic. It was the first time this year that my heart felt light again; all the anger and pain was too heavy for my heart to carry any longer, and I was finally able to let every ounce of that emotional baggage go. Since that session, my heart has been light, and only light. I find it significant that I was able to find that kind of therapy in Acapulco. I took it as yet another sign that I do indeed belong there.

It is not an easy decision to move to a new country. I spent days talking out the pros and the cons with the community, truly wondering if I was strong enough to make the leap. Of course, they eventually helped me come to the conclusion that I'd be comfortable and safe. We went looking for places I might want to live, and after finding the perfect home, I was sold. Everything is falling into place, and nothing can get in the way of the strong emotional tug between me and the energy of Acapulco.

Truly, Acapulco is not as dangerous as the mainstream news makes it out to be. I have never felt in danger in Acapulco. In fact, I feel safer in Acapulco than I do in the United States.

Challenges used to be terrifying, but now they're exciting to me, especially ones that involve a language barrier. I'm driven to learn the language faster so I can connect with the locals. For me, if I consistently break out of my comfort zones, it makes my life worth living. I will not let fear stop me from tasting the pleasures that life has to offer, especially when those pleasures now include a very real possibility of opening an Ayahuasca retreat.

So if you're wondering, it is officially official. I am moving to Acapulco in January of 2017, where I will join my people in the quest for freedom! I hope you'll join us for Anarchapulco 2017, and get a sense of what Acapulco is all about. We'd love to see you there!

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Can someone help us find a home in Acapulco? Ideally we'd like a modest house with at least an acre or two of land up in the mountains surrounding the city. I've heard of legendary bargains for rental prices there. [email protected] or 262-806-8031 on Whatsapp. Getting tired of the inflated prices in the US, police state, lost opportunity.

I'd like to be on the ground settled in and participate in the Anarchapulco as a vendor in the spring. Maybe I can get the CloakCoin folks to buy a booth there that I could man. I imagine having a house, a barn, a fence, land to grow vegetables on with solid Internet (I'm an Internet Engineer of sorts). A beautiful view of sunsets would be a big plus as we like to watch the sunset in bare feet to absorb information.

Hi @maceytomlin,

As an anarchist, I've read your story here with considerable interest. Your accounts of using various substances and their apparent therapeutic effects on you are fascinating.

I find myself somewhat pensive about the difference between the ayahuasca (natural) and MDMA (artificial) and wondering about the risks, particularly, of "manufactured" substances.

And then, even with the ayahuasca, I find myself wondering about the "truth value" of your conclusions from your experience. I discovered and read this informative article which seems to support the idea that there may be significant therapeutic value to its use.

Thanks for reporting your experiences. :)

[email protected]

Have you seen these videos?

Hi, @churdtzu,

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to bring these vids to my notice. I've just listened to both and found both of them to be highly informative. You've blessed me with considerable additional insight into what Ayahuasca is.

My pleasure.

Thanks, it was great to watch these. Looking forward to learning more.

It’s not wise to be an advocate for psychedelics north of the border, that’s for sure! This is a fantastic move. This is not a word I use lightly but the idea of you opening an Aya retreat is AWESOME. At this rate nearly all the people I respect will have moved there before I do.

Hallo Macey, you are young and free, I would just do it in your situation.

Keep it up

If you fell convinced, then just do it

Congratulations Macey! The best decision I ever made was leaving the USA. We look forward to meeting you at Anarchapulco this year. High Five for choosing to make the move.

Although I agree that Acapulco doesn't seem to be so dangerous for most people (especially Americans) who live there, it is still a city plagued by gang violence and poverty. Part of me wonders if the libertarian/anarchist community could have a positive impact on the city long term and help restore it to (or even surpass) its former glory.

what's adam doin lol?

Looks nice, stay safe!

Wishing you the best, Macey!

So awesome seeing you again. Am really happy for you.

Sounds like a great idea Macey. I'm loving the Netherlands

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I suppose. It'd just be so much more constructive to leave a comment, explaining the perceived problems with a text or an idea, which then would spark up conversation and so on.

I'm looking for places to move to out of the USA. Soon as my youngest child turns 18. I'm outa here! I will have to take a trip here and see if it's a good fit. I wish you lot's of joy in your new home!

So glad you are soon coming home, @maceytomlin! Super excited to work and play together ;-) LOVE YOU!! xo

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Moving to Acapulco? What about Freedom Ranch?

Seems like ancaps are taking over Mexico, what with the growing communities in Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. I'm still contemplating moving that way at some point too. :) The states are just NSFL anymore...

Oh, and that ayahuasca ceremony was my first psychedelic experience too. :) I didn't meet any telekinetic ETs, though...

Are you doing your post in HTML. I suspect you missed a close of the

for the picture before this sentence: It is not an easy decision to move to a new country.
Before the 4th pic, the text are left justified but after that the text are center aligned. :-)

Hi Macey. Good lookin out for bringing psychedelic science into the anarchy shpere where it belongs. talk about enjoying the ultimate freedom right?
that outfit... 'mazing


It always fills my heart with joy when I hear (or read) foreigners talk about Acapulco (my hometown) with such love!

Even though I've yet to attend an Anarchapulco meeting (I found out about it too late to attend this year) my life has changed for the better. For example, I had no idea Bitcoin existed, didn't know about Ayahuasca (if you can believe it :( ) among other mind-liberating concepts.

I look forward to meeting the Anarchapulco community to exchange ideas and to also do good for my hometown, it needs it desperately!

And regarding the violence and all the media hype, the only "danger" Acapulco has to offer is that you'll want to stay here! ;)

We too are moving to Mexico in October in hopes to stay forever. We start out with a month in the Yucatan then head to Acapulco which is where I have always gone. Never felt in danger.

I simply adore you. <3
I cannot wait to see you there. <3